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2 Responses to “Visit our site”

  1. usman said

    why ur not updating the site

  2. sripaad said

    Dear sir,
    I have a new technology. it is called lift irrigation with out electricity / any power in puts. The farmers are requested to do structural /civil masonry construction. (or pre-fabricated huge tanks can be installed to save time for construction). In my technology, the out flow water speed and quantity will be equal to the in flow speed and quantity of the original river /stream / water source. For stagnant water sources the cost of construction or pre-fabrication will be more. The out-put quantity of water will also be be less. In my technology, you please calculate the quantity of water out- flow. Is it enough for irrigation for farmers ?.
    If that is not enough, the farmers can store the required quantity of water during nights in one upper level check-dam and use it during days. or if the river speed and the proportionate quantity of water is enough for farming needs, farmers can utilise the water out-put directlywith out storing in checkdams.
    They will be able to save costs spent on electrical equipments , labour ,monthly power bills and other expenditures. They will get non-stop water subject to leakages , structural problems only and if water is available in the original source. This system will earn CARBON-CREDITS FROM DEVELOPED COUNTRIES. This system will get environment related AWARDS also. I request you to get me consultancy fees . you imagine the funds saved on several capital expenditures and recurring expenses. I expect only acceptable consultancy fees after discussions. i need one agreement before disclosing my technology.
    There are many lift irrigation schemes defunct because of non-payment of electricity bills
    you please inform me the takers for my technology . please help me at the earliest. please send e-mail.
    you please forward this message to the concerned farmers.
    my contacts : sripadhan.R., nisarga enterprises, # 2496, kodigehally main Road, opp to sterling park flats, sahakarnagar p.o.,
    Bangalore-560092. Telefax : 91 – 80 – 41735294 (11a.m. to 8p.m. IST) cell: 91-9731441878 (10p.m. to 7a.m.IST)
    Thank you

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