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Over 100 Naxals escape from Chhattisgarh jail

Posted by Indian Vanguard on December 17, 2007

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14th November Protest Rally in Kolkata

Posted by Indian Vanguard on November 22, 2007

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Video from Nandigram: CPI(M) cadres fired 5000 bullets

Posted by Indian Vanguard on November 17, 2007

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Salwa Judum: The visible cost of a hidden war

Posted by Indian Vanguard on September 17, 2007

List of women raped and hacked to death by Salwa Judum goons,CRPF and Naga Battalion and State Police Forces

List of people killed by state police, Naga police, para-military forces and goons in the name of Salwa Judum(Partial)

List of villages burnt by Vigilante Gangs of Salwa Judum, CRPF, Naga Police and State Police Forces(Partial)

For full coverage on Salwa judum Click Here!

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Public Rally against Salwa Judum in Dantewada

Posted by Indian Vanguard on September 17, 2007

You Tube

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Maoist Leaders arrested in Mumbai

Posted by Indian Vanguard on August 21, 2007

Mumbai: The Maharashtra Anti-Terrorist Squad on Sunday arrested two top Naxal leaders from Mumbai.

“We have caught two Naxalites, who were in Mumbai, from the top cadre. It’s a prized catch,” Maharashtra DGP, PS Pasricha said.

The two Naxalites – Vishnu alias Shridhar Krishnan Shrinivas, who is a member of the politburo and the Maoist Maharashtra state secretary, and Vikram alias Vernon Gonzalez, a Maoist National Committee member – were arrested from the outskirts of Mumbai after a 15-day operation.

“We have recovered six gelatin sticks, one hand grenade, revolvers and cash from them besides tons of incriminating documents, CD’s and pen-drives,” Pasricha said.

But Vishnu and Vikram’s lawyer Mahruk Adenwalla claims that the two have been framed because of their interest in Salwa Judum or the people’s movement.

“How can a person walk on the street with all the arms that they claim to have caught from them? They are being framed for being involved in people’s movements and opposing the government on various issues like SEZ,” Adenwalla said.

The police claim the men had made the city a base for their operations but the stories of their arrests do not match. While the police claim to have arrested them from Govandi, Vikram says he was picked up from Andheri.

And that’s not all, third degree methods applied on them were apparent when they took off their masks in court. “Third degree has been applied and they have been tortured,” Adenwalla said.

As the case comes up for hearing on August 23 the bigger question is that is Mumbai under the Naxal shadow or is it an effort by the police to nip the growing Naxal tide.

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Documentary films and Videos

Posted by Indian Vanguard on August 18, 2007

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Blazing Trail: A Journey Through the Indian Revolution

Posted by Indian Vanguard on June 6, 2007

An awe inspiring video documentary from the Red areas of India. This film documents the emergence of the Indian revolutionary process, coming as it is in a world of struggle, mass upheaval, rebellion and revolution! This film includes footage of the Vietnamese people’s defeat of the US imperialists, the victory and success of the Chinese People’s Revolution and massive street rebellions shaking the citadels of imperialism. It shows the overall dialectical development of revolution, both in the oppressed and oppressor nations, shaking the imperialist system’s foundations.

Today in India, the communist forces are stronger, united within the Communist Party Of India (Maoist), leading the Indian revolution by developing People’s War. A must own for anyone who is seriously considering a whole new world.

This movie is a saga of heroism and sacrifice in the face of a brutal enemy masquarading as the World’s “largest democracy”, foundations are being laid for a New Democratic India

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The truth of encounter : An interview with SPO sarpanch of Santoshpur

Posted by Indian Vanguard on May 26, 2007

Early we have posted a report on Fake encounters killing in Santoshpur.But Police were tried to project it as a real encounter.The following video is an Interview with the SPO Sarpanch who was involved in the capture of the innocent people were killed by SPOs and police later

English Translation:
Q Please tell on that day what time did you start your journey from here ( towards the village)
A : From here, we started at 0430. 0430 we went from here.

Q: So what happened after that?
A : When we went their, there were Sangham people. We caught them. When we surrounded them, one slipped away.

Q After that ?
A : One slipped away, we got hold of one and were returning with him. We saw a party was coming from the other side. The party took us back. They called us back.

Q : Second party, was it a police party
A : Yes

Q : What happened after that?
A : After that the second party came, the police party from Cherpal side. We waited for that party. They brought Sangham people with them from wherever they got and then after bringing them in the village killed them

Q: How were they killed?
A : by axe

Q: How many people were killed?
A : 6 people

Q : 6 people were killed, so who were the killers, police?
A : SP0 people

Q : SPOs killed them. So you didn’t stop them that they should not be killed?

A : We asked them not to kill Sir. We said they are our village people, we need to save them. But they said who are you to save them?

Q : So the killing was done only by SPOs ?
A : DF ( District Force) people were also there.

Q :Why were they brought to Santoshpur to kill ?

A : That I don’t know sir. This is known to the second party Sir.

Q : Villagers say some of them were collecting Mahua?
A : Yes Sir, some of them had baskets with them. They also had mahua in those baskests.

Q : These are the people who were killed
A : Yes

Q :So they were Sangham members or Mahua collectors ?
A : One or two were Mahua collectors. Rest were Sangham members

Q : Rest were Sangham members ?
A : …( silence)

Q : What is your full name
A : Gangaram Emla

Q : You are from Santoshpur, what is your post there?
A : I am the sarpanch of Santoshpur

Q : Are you sarpanch or a panch
A : Sarpanch

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Bihar supports Private Armies

Posted by Indian Vanguard on May 1, 2007

Patna: The dismal law and order situation in Bihar is known to everyone. And it is this abysmal state that has prompted private builders and contractors to hire self-styled private armies for their protection.

There are many self-styled ‘armies’ in Bihar, which are run by local unemployed youths of the village. The state government seems happy with this initiative.

“It’s not possible for the police alone to protect the whole of Bihar. This initiative is good,” said Nitish Kumar, Chief Minister, Bihar

The gun-toting men dress up in causal clothes and call their group Ugrawadi Virodhi Manch or the ‘anti-terrorism squad.’ This self-styled private army protects the private construction companies from criminal gangs and naxals who come hunting for their pound of flesh.

“Ever since this army has been formed, development work is gaining momentum. They protect us from local goons and extortionists. We are also getting cooperation from the village people, police and the villagers,” said Ashok Singh, contractor.

“We’ll retaliate if naxals attack us. We will go to any extent for development,” said Sachita Singh, member of the ‘anti-terrorism squad’.

Development under the shadow of guns clearly shows people’s desperation for development at any cost. And this time, they are not resting all their hopes on the state machineries but are themselves taking the lead and are lending hand to the government.

Out here, the answer to the menace of gun culture seems to be more fireworks.

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