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Archive for December 12th, 2007

CPI (Maoist) Press Statement on State-sponsored Barbarities on Adivasis in Asom

Posted by Indian Vanguard on December 12, 2007

Communist Party of India (Maoist)

Central Committee


Press Statement 12-12-07

Condemn State-sponsored Barbarities on Adivasis in Asom!

Support the Democratic Demands of Adivasis!

All sensible democratic people are terribly shocked and horrified by the chilling scenes of brutalities let loose on the peaceful rally on 24th November 2007 of many thousand Adivasis organized by All Adivasi Students’ Association of Assam (AASAA) to press their very just demand for the Scheduled Tribes Status in Guwahati. The gangster brigade supported by the Congress and its student wing, NUSI lynched more than 12 Adivasis quite openly. Hundreds were savagely tortured and left writhing in terrible pain on the roads in pools of blood. A number of Adivasis also went missing. The infernal scenario of Guwahati once again brings to the fore the perpetually brutalized existence of the Adivasis in India. The CPI (Maoist) expresses its all condemnation and hatred for the ghastly barbarities unleashed on the Adivasis and extends all support to their just demand. It is no secret that the so-called civilized and privileged sections are guilty of such heinous crimes particularly committed on women.

Oblivious are we not to the fact that Guwahati is one of the well-fortified cities India. And the open AASA rally was declared well in advance. It is also a cruel reality that on 24th November the state’s police forces made their presence in large numbers during the rally. Guwahati witnessed premeditated gangsterism with the open complicity of the police forces. TV footages and media reports made it crystal clear that the Tarun Gogoi government of the Congress Party had directly played the criminal role of unleashing all such acts of violence on the Adivasis. The positions of the governments at the Centre and Asom converge in regard to refusing scheduled tribe status to the vast numbers of Adivasi people of Asom.

In the aftermath of the First War of Independence in 1857 when repression by the colonial rulers reached its peak lakhs of Adivasis form Chhotonagpur plateau were transported left for the Dooars, Tripura and in hundreds of tea gardens of Asom. It was the beginning of criminal exploitation of the Adivasis basically in tea gardens. It was also the end of the freedom of those people nestled in the forested lands for generations before the British rule. Later in the so called 60 years independence lives of the tea garden workers have not changed, loot, plunder, starvation deaths and all types of oppression including the TU’s vandalism is rampant.

On 24th November the deprived Adivasis rallied under the AASAA with the legitimate demand of six backward communities of Asom namely the Adivasis, Koch-Rajbanshis, Tai-Ahoms, Morans, Mataks and Chutias to be included in the list of Scheduled Tribes. The irony is that the Adivasis including Santhals are recognized as Scheduled Tribes by the Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) Order, 1950 as amended by Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Castes (Modification) Order 1950, the North-Eastern Areas (Re-organisation) Act, 1971 and the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Order (Amendment) Act, 1976. It is the same old story that Mr. Tarun Gogoi as his party leader promised the ST status before electoral victory and conveniently retraced his step as did other people in power.

No condemnation is stinging enough for the animalistic actions of the pack of goons on that day, who had not only rained lathis, iron rods and all weapons with the clear protection and support of the police. They gang raped many women rallyists and stripped naked a young girl, a Madhyamik candidate. Humiliating women of the Dalits and Adivasis by parading them naked has long been the favoured “penalty” and signature of class and caste domination, particularly in rural India. Now this dominant section in the city of Guwahati tore apart the veneer of ‘civility’ by tearing of the last piece of cloth young girl, photographing her naked amidst wild halloo and devilish cheers, to the glare of prurient onlookers. Thus upper casteist ideology, the culture of the ruling classes, violence and targeting women in particular showed off the ugliest appearance in Asom.

The Chief Minister of Asom has shed crocodile’s tears over the incident and announced a CBI enquiry, a cruel eyewash. The CPM supported UPA government’s state home minister Mr. Shree Prakash Jaiswal has argued that as the Registrar General is not in agreement so those Adivasis will not be accorded tribal status. The supremo of the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha, a constituent of the UPA, a double dealer and killer, has gone further. He not only slurred over but also played down the barbarities on that day saying, “Nothing so serious has occurred in Assam. The media has exaggerated everything.”

The CPM MP Rupchand Murmu-led delegation to Guwahati on 27 November after the violent attack, gang-rape, etc. pointed in the fashion of anti-reservation forces the accusing finger to the “unruly youths” of the rallyists triggering violence. The so-called Left-delegation virtually justified the acts of gruesome attacks propping up such hideous arguments : “….the local residents, enraged by vandalism, retaliated and attacked the Adivasis.” Such well-kneed opportunists entrenched in the politics of preserving and expanding the vote bank also goes to their craftiest best to pass themselves as genuinely bereaved for the brutalized Adivasis. All they have betrayed the interests of the Adivasis and are definitely anti-reservationists, a proven fact of Indian political history.

Adivasis are perennially deprived and distressed in India. The fulfillment of demand of the struggling Adivasis in Asom for Adivasi status is not obviously a solution to their myriad problems of monumental dimension – economic, political, cultural, linguistic, etc. but the struggle for the acceptance of those Adivasis, as STs is a just demand to snatch, in a small way, a position, some facilities, etc.

The CPI (Maoist) stands by the struggling Adivasis of Asom, expresses deep anger against the goons who had perpetrated all violent attacks on the Adivasis on 24th November 2007 in Asom, sends its condolence to the families of the murdered and expresses deep sympathy for the grievously injured and the raped Adivasis.


12-12-07 Spokes Person

CPI (Maoist)

Central Committee

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Victory to the Iraqi Resistance!

Posted by Indian Vanguard on December 12, 2007

Below you will find some articles about the resistance in Iraq and why they need and deserve the support of the antiwar movement. The Iraqi Resistance is a national liberation movement struggling against occupation for justice, peace, and self-determination. And while “TROOPS OUT NOW” must remain the central and unifying slogan of the antiwar movement, raising political support for the Iraqi Resistance is one of the main tasks of anti-imperialists in the movement today.

Voices of the Iraqi Resistance:
Leaders of the Iraqi National Resistance Speak at an International Solidarity Conference

By Kosta Harlan

Chianciano, Italy – An historic conference with leaders of the Iraqi national resistance was held here last week. It was the first time that representatives of the Iraqi resistance have been able to speak in the West. Organizers had previously attempted to hold the conference in the fall of 2005, only to have the Italian government withhold visas from the Iraqi participants after intense pressure from the United States government. The scope of the conference extended beyond Iraq to include the resistance movements in Palestine and Lebanon, as well as representatives from the antiwar and liberation movements in countries from around the world.

(read the rest: )

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Posco block for ‘outsider’ Medha

Posted by Indian Vanguard on December 12, 2007


Bhubaneswar, Dec. 11: Villagers supporting the Posco project today stopped Medha Patkar from entering the area, saying a state should solve its matters without the “interference of outsiders”.

The activist was denied entry into Nuagaon, one of the villages that will be affected by the South Korean company’s project.

Villagers holding placards that read “We want peace, we want Posco — Medha go back” sat on a dharna to prevent her from entering.

“I want a peaceful solution, too,” said the leader, who was allowed in only after police intervened.

Tamil Pradhan, who led the group that stopped Medha, said the villagers had been “requested to maintain discipline and not to encourage outsiders”.

Earlier, the project supporters had asked residents not to speak to Medha when she visited the villages.

Eyewitnesses said a drummer was sent around warning that the family of the person found speaking to her would be fined Rs 5,000.

Undeterred, Medha, escorted by the police, did talk to the villagers but the fear did not go away.

A Medha supporter and convener of the Rashtriya Yuva Sangathan, Biswajit Ray, said a villager who had agreed to put up Medha later changed his mind fearing attacks on his house. In the past, the villagers had even dined with the activist.

She later left for an undisclosed destination. “One could see fear (of the pro-Posco group) on their faces,” she said.


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Maoists attack CPI-M bus, two injured

Posted by Indian Vanguard on December 12, 2007

Maoist guerrillas have attacked a bus packed with around 150 supporters of West Bengal’s ruling Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) in West Midnapore district.

Of the 155 passengers, two were injured while 60 have returned home, police said. The police were clueless about the other missing passengers. The bus was returning from a rally of Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya late Monday.

The incident occurred between Ramgarh and Kantapahari area in West Midnapore, an insurgency hit district of West Bengal, the police said.

One CPI-M worker received bullet injuries in his head while another sustained a leg injury, police said. Both were admitted to hospital.

The attackers shouted slogans and fired at the bus and hurled crude bombs, police said, adding most passengers fled. Maoist posters were recovered from the spot.

India e news

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New grave found in Nandigram

Posted by Indian Vanguard on December 12, 2007

Nandigram: After the discovery of graves at Bidyapit village at Khejuri and Talpati canal, another grave was found on

Policemen inspecting human remains recovered from a grave on December 5. It is suspected that the grave contained burnt bodies of five people killed during the recent violence in Nandigram

Monday near the former Bhumi Uchhed Pratirodh Committee stronghold of Maheshpur in Nandigram, police said.

“We found a new grave at Parulbari village near Maheshpur today. The police and CRPF have cordoned off the area,” superintendent of police, Midnapore (east), Satyeswar Panda said.

“This is a freshly dug grave. We cannot dig it unless we get court orders,” Panda said.

On December 5, CRPF had found five graves from Bidyapith village in the CPI(M) stronghold of Khejuri from where charred human bones and skulls were dug out the next day. The remains were sent to the Central Forensic Science Laboratory for examination.

The CBI had recovered more bones from another grave at Talpati canal at Bhangabera in Nandigram around the same time.

Mumbai Mirror

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Three Died In Naxal Attack In Vaishali

Posted by Indian Vanguard on December 12, 2007

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Tuesday, 11 December 2007
Naxalites attacked Sukki village in Patepur in Vaishali district, some 30 km from state capital. More than 100 rounds had been fired by the attacking group in order to spread panic in the area. According to eye witness the Maoists were more than 50 in numbers and were firing madly. They were looking for the Mukhiya of the Sukki village.

The police could reach the spot only after 4 hours of accident. A dozen of Naxalites with modern weapons encircled the house of the Mukhiya IndraMohan Singh alias Bigul Singh and searched for him. Finding him nowhere they fired insane at others present in the home.
BMP and CRPF has been alerten in the area. Police has taken the area into its custody and various team of police party has been formed, searching the entire area. DIG Arbind Pandey has confirmed the death of three persons and informed the media that bodies were sent for post-mortem. Anil Kumar, KapilDeo and Abhay Kumar has been identified as dead. DGP Ashish R. Sinha has told the situation under control.

Police start hunt for red killers


Patna, Dec. 11: Vaishali district police has launched a massive combing operation after Maoists reportedly killed three persons and injured another in an attack last night.

Police believe that the Naxalites had primarily targeted the panchayat leader of Sukki, under Patepur block some 50 km from here. Adjoining police stations have also joined the search for the rebels in neighbouring villages.

Inspector-general (operation) S.K. Bhardwaj said a special force from Patna has been sent to the spot as there are possibilities of Naxalites targeting Singh’s house again. Mahua sub-divisional police officer Arvind K. Gupta conceded that since the headman was not at home during the attack, he survived, while indiscriminate firing killed three and injured another. The victims are Arun Kumar, Kapildev and Abhay Kant, all between 30 to 40 years.

The Naxalites, who put the headman’s jeep on fire, also asked the villagers to not be afraid, as they had come in “search of Singh”.

The villagers have reportedly said that Singh was targeted because he “dared” to challenge the Maoists and had countered some of their attacks. Police added that the headman had criminal cases pending against him and had engaged into property disputes with many people. Sukki is on the border of Vaishali and Muzaffarpur.


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Massive rally by tribals for separate Gondwana state

Posted by Indian Vanguard on December 12, 2007

Tuesday December 11 2007 09:59 IST

Express News Service

KHAMMAM: After the demand for a separate Telangana, it is now the turn of Gondwana, a seperate state for the tribals.

Demanding that the tribal areas extending from Adilabad to Srikakulam be carved out into a Gondwana state, the tribals on Monday took out a massive rally and held a public meeting at Bhadrachalam.

Tribal leaders like Adivasi Girijana Samkshema Parishad founder-president Sonde Veeraiah slammed the Government for watering down the 1/70 Tribal Land Act and ignoring the recommendations of JM Girglani and Murthy Commissions. He said inspite of the 1/70 Act, nontribals were encroaching lands in Bhadrachalam, Sarapaka, Manuguru, Illendu, Kothagudem, Paloancha, Dammapet and Aswaraopet and were resorting to real estate business.

He demanded that the Government implement the High Court orders on 1/70 Act, which had directed the Government to take possession of the tribal lands alienated by non-tribals in contravention of the Act.

CPI-ML (New Democracy) leader and All India Rythu Coolie Sangham state general secretary K Ranga Reddy wanted rights for the tribals on forest lands. Adivasi Samkshema Parishad state president Datla Nageswara Rao, secretary Payam Rama Rao, district leaders Atram Navin, Sunnam Venkataramana and others also spoke.


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Bhutan: Bhutan jails 30 ‘Maoists’

Posted by Indian Vanguard on December 12, 2007

Nepal National
Sunday 9th December, 2007

Bhutan has sent over two dozen people of Nepali origin to prison on the allegation that they were Maoists planning to launch an armed insurgency movement like in Nepal, a report said.

Thirty people, said to be supporters of the Communist party of Bhutan-Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, received a nine-year sentence each, Bhutan’s official daily Kuensel reported Saturday.

Two of the 30 arrested are high school students. The group is alleged to have stayed in the refugee camps in eastern Nepal, where over 100,000 Bhutanese of Nepali origin have been languishing for 17 years after being evicted by the Bhutan government, and been trained in Maoist revolutionary philosophy there.

With Bhutan facing an election, the government has begun a fresh crackdown on people of Nepali origin, suspecting them of being a threat to national security.

The government media says Maoists have been holding frequent secret meetings in Bhutan to trigger an anti-monarchy movement there, and have been harassing residents for food and money.

Kuensel said two women from the refugee camps in Nepal went to a village in India’s Jalpaiguri town, where they gave training to over a dozen people.

Bhutan’s security agencies are alleging that the exiled Bhutan Communist Party has links with Nepal’s Maoist guerrillas, who fought a decade-old war against monarchy before declaring a truce last year. It has been trying to start an armed insurrection in Bhutan again, security agencies say.

The report blames an organisation, Bhutan Tiger Force, for an explosion in the capital Thimpu, alleging the BTF is close to the Maoists.

The state media said that the police have confiscated Maoist literature and pamphlets from the arrested people.

However, the evicted refugees who have been living in seven closed camps in eastern Nepal deny the allegations, calling it a ploy to block their repatriation.

‘These are baseless allegations intended to prevent us from returning home,’ Bhutanese refugee leader Balaram Poudel said.

Poudel and other senior refugee leaders have been trying in the past to stage ‘Long Marches’ back to Bhutan, but were thwarted by the Indian police guarding the strip of Indian land they have to cross to enter Bhutan.

Over 108,000 refugees have been living in Nepal’s tea garden districts of Jhapa and Morang for 17 years, hoping they would be able to return home one day.

However, hopes started fading after several rounds of repatriation talks between Nepal and Bhutan failed.

This year, the US offered to resettle the refugees in American cities and villages and the first resettlement is expected in January.

Refugees like Poudel, who want to return to Bhutan, fear once third country resettlement starts, the lessening numbers of refugees in Nepal would ease the pressure on Bhutan to take the remaining numbers back.

They also fear that if Bhutan thinks it can get away with the evictions, it will force more ethnic Nepalese to leave the kingdom.

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AP government attacks 75 journalists over Maoist outfits

Posted by Indian Vanguard on December 12, 2007


Monday – Dec 10, 2007 Correspondent
The blatant move of Andhra Pradesh government to use incriminating evidence on the alleged links of 75-odd journalists with outlawed Maoist outfits to gag the media surprises no one. Not only successive governments in the state but also the powers-that-be at the Centre and in other states have, too often, sought to impose arbitrary curbs on the media.

N. T. Rama Rao tried to bring in a Bill to place restrictions on the Press. While imposing ban on People’s War Group in 1992, the then chief minister N. Janardhan Reddy had declared that the police was empowered under the AP Public Security Act to book journalists for giving publicity to Maoists. N. T. Rama Rao and Janardhan Reddy had to beat a hasty retreat in the wake of widespread protests by journalists and civil rights groups.

The latest move is one in a series during the present regime to browbeat journalists who raise critical voices. A few days ago, a journalist was arrested under the Public Security Act for allegedly acting as a courier for Maoists. Only last month, two scribes were arrested in connection with a sting operation undertaken to highlight irregularities in the Indiramma housing programme. Earlier this year, the government had issued GO 938 for prosecuting newspapers and TV channels for carrying baseless and defamatory reports. The gag order was withdrawn after angry protests by the media.

Though initially the Chief Minister, Dr Y. S. Rajasekhar Reddy, claimed that the GO was issued without his knowledge and the signature of the chief secretary,. File notings obtained under Right to Information Act revealed that the Chief Minister and the chief secretary had indeed approved and signed the GO 938 on February 20.

The Constitution guarantees freedom of speech and expression with reasonable restrictions in certain circumstances. Any arm-twisting tactics against the media betray the nervousness of the powers-that-be who are becoming increasingly intolerant of criticism these days. But such attempts to muzzle the media would only prove counter-productive as the late Indira Gandhi realised the hard way in 1977.

The press, described as the Fourth Estate, has to act as a watch-dog on the functioning of the legislature, the executive and the judiciary without fear or favour.

Meanwhile, the AP CM’s Office clarified that “the government has absolutely no intention to put any checks on the media and has always been maintaining cordial relations with the press and media journalists”.

It may be noted that media reports with the headline 75 AP scribes to have Maoist links – YSR to use data to gag journalists has heated the matter. An release informed that the arrest of television reporter, P Srisailam resulted in the arrest of a top Maoist leader.

The CMO also clarified neither the government nor anybody in the government is trying to prosecute or implicate any journalist in false cases. It also denied that the government is planning to use the information to browbeat journalists.

Television Point

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