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Melsunka: A haven for Naxals

Posted by Indian Vanguard on November 27, 2007

Tuesday November 27 2007 08:41 IST

Manjunath Hegde
Window2India: Sports News

SHIMOGA: Melsunka village in Hosnagar taluk has neither road
connectivity nor power supply, but people still stay here as KPCL paid
them compensation in instalments after the village became a restricted
area in the backwater of Mani Dam of Varahi Power Project.

Away from the civilian world, lack of facilities and impenetrable
rainforests have made this village an ideal hub for Naxalites. It is
feared that the youth here are slowly turning towards Naxal ideology.

Melsunka village of Sulgodu GP in Hosnagar taluk has 87 families and
they have to walk 18 kms to Yadur to buy something.

They are cut off from the outer world. The only entry to the area is
through Mani Dam, with permission from KPCL.Villagers of Kumribailu,
Ultiga and Melsunka depend on forest products like bamboo and a few
are engaged in agriculture.

After the entry of Naxalites, villagers say that the Forest Department
personnel have stopped harassing them. A village without any civic
amenities, Melsunka has become a favourite hide-out for the Naxalites.
Whenever there is a fight between the policemen and the Naxalites in
Amasebailu area of Udupi district, it is said that the Naxals rush to
Melsunka region which is just a one-hour walk away through the ghat
section. Whenever the police head for the village, Naxals disappear
into the forests.

It may be recalled that a pamphlet was recovered from a camp deserted
by Naxalites near Amasebailu, which showed that they had plans to
blast Mani Dam, which is very near to Melsunka.

However, Hosnagar CIP SK Prahlada said no untoward incidents were
reported from the area so far. Residents of this hamlet do not say a
word either against policemen or favouring Naxalites. Alarmingly, a
couple of Naxalites including Parvati, who was killed in Idu
encounter, were from this village. Police say that the Naxal team
wandering in the surroundings of Melsunka is 'Varahi Dalam', and they
often visit Melsunka whenever they need grain and vegetables.

Interestingly, the village which had roads and electricity 30 years
ago, has nothing but backwater and forests everywhere today. The youth
here get offers from Naxals to join their group.


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