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Maoist leader in police custody

Posted by Indian Vanguard on November 21, 2007

Cops nab dreaded Maoist

Bokaro, Nov. 20: A special task force of policemen here arrested the senior zonal commander of Maoists, Dhiren Da alias Mahru, at Chaura (Kasmar), 45km from here, today.

Wanted by the police of six states for 16 years, the rebel admitted having killed more than 106 persons, including two dozen policemen in 47 cases.

He was nabbed by the special task force led by inspector Vijay Kumar after his mobile number was intercepted by the deputy inspector-general of Bokaro Anurag Gupta, following a tip-off from a Maoist youth about Dhiren’s stay in Ranchi, Bundu, Sambalpur and Sundargarh recently.

Dhiren, who joined the red brigade at the age of 17, said: “I joined the organisation to change the social system which is being run by the bourgeoisie clan. No doubt I killed several innocents who came in our way. But I became highly successful in Orissa.I do not repent joining the red brigade.”

Cases which the Maoist spearheaded includes two dozen cases of police killings and arms loot of Kisinda, Naktali Dual, Jujumura, Jamunkira, Charmal and Sambalpur, in which more than two dozen policemen were killed.

He also led a Bagodar mass killing in 1998, Churchu policemen blast case in 2000, in which 13 policemen died and dozens of arms were looted rifle, killing of six policemen and loot of rifles at Barhi in 2000 and killing of four innocent persons at Ichak I and several others..


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