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Terror in a microcosm – Taipara, Burdwan – the Party GRIP.

Posted by Indian Vanguard on November 17, 2007

The following is an appeal sent by Suparna Goswami. It tells the story of her uncle Balaram Goswami, who has been fighting the corrupt Party machinery through civil and judiciary channels for years, and what that struggle entails. The appeal has been put forward unedited. Her phone number has been removed.


Dear friends

It’s all about another nandigram….we belong from the remote village named TAIPARA ,p.o-khalispur, burdwan….its our permanent residence…though I have not born there…but…We feel we still belong from there…because my its my father’s ,uncle’s, grandparent’s place….

Our house is in end of that village…though all other villagers of that village enjoy electricity… we r in still in unprivileged class…I have little cousins there…they still studying with the help of lamp or hariken..

My youngest uncle, balaram goswami is fighting the ruling party as a civil person…with the help of law since last 8-9 years…but still now all his attempts goes in vein…There is an another example of nandigram…caders of ruling party is all in all there…If they can not support u can not leave their happily..My uncle is abused physically mentally for several times… His family leaves under fear.. We are also suffered mental pressure due to it…

They are succed to take one of my uncle, kanailal goswami into their party..using him as an weapon against balaram goswami…police supports them ..n my corrupt uncle..Before 3 years they attacked n physically abused my youngest uncle Balaram goswami. Lagged criminal cases…police arrest him from kalna hospital and my 72 years aged granny asked help fron different ngos, human rights commission n honorable ministers in writes building…dats also in judicial proccedings..there are several pending cases in season court,high court..

My grany started detoriating…she was in sevior depression… we fight last 3 -4 year…There was no improvement…at last in 15 th September,’07 she set herself in fire n died in B.r.singh eastern hospital,shealdah…

But still now we have faith in & order…we are not able to enter in that who ever wants to know the truth & wants documents..please visit that village. Ask Balaram goswami..u will get…

No one killed my granny… after this if my uncle or anyone of my family dies in this way that will also not be considered as homicide …but is it normal…are we in peace? Ask me…who see all this suffered & witnessed.. How I feel…can you understand my pain… we want peace…please visit these places ..please support these helpless people..

Please please please…………………………………
Suparna goswami


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