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Archive for November 10th, 2007

CPIM continues terror, Two more Killed 30 injured In Nandigram, Mamata Resigns As MP

Posted by Indian Vanguard on November 10, 2007

Saturday 10th of November 2007 A gun battle in West Bengal’s troubled Nandigram area Saturday killed two people and injured scores, prompting Trinamool Congress leader Mamata Banerjee to resign as MP. The ruling communists meanwhile flayed Governor Gopal Krishna Gandhi for blaming the government for the situation.

Banerjee announced she had sent her resignation letter to New Delhi and simultaneously threatened to launch crippling statewide protests from Monday as West Bengal inched towards a crisis situation.

The echo of the unrest was felt in Kolkata, where leading citizens, including filmmakers Aparna Sen and Rituparno Ghosh, assembled at downtown Esplanade, near the state secretariat, and expressed solidarity with the people of Nandigram, where opposition to takeover of farm land for industry is refusing to die down.

A photojournalist covering the latest violence told IANS that a middle-aged villager, Sheikh Rizaul, was killed in the firefight. He also saw another woman, identified as Shymali Manna, brought dead to a Nandigram hospital.

Both belong to the Bhumi Uchched Pratirodh Committee (BUPC), a Trinamool-backed group spearheading the movement against land acquisition.

In Kolkata, West Bengal Inspector General of Police (Law and Order) Raj Kanojia confirmed the death of Rizaul. ‘Several people were injured but I can only confirm the death of Rizaul now,’ he said.

Reports from Nandigram said the CPI-M men opened fire on a procession of BUPC killing and injuring people.

‘One after another bullet-ridden bodies are being brought to the hospital. The police are inactive and using batons one people who demanded retrieval of the bodies since the CPI-M cadres are preventing them to collect the bodies,’ said a shaken Bijoy Chowdhury, an award-winning photojournalist who said he had shot gruesome pictures.

Saturday’s violence began in Nandigram, in East Midnapore district, at around noon between activists of the CPI-M and the BUPC.

‘The battle started in Mahespur area. The situation is serious,’ East Midnapore Superintendent of Police S.S. Panda told IANS over phone from Nandigram before he went incommunicado.

Dipankar, a journalist of Tara Bangal news channel, was witness to the crossfire. ‘There is a hail of bullets. I can see an injured person being taken to hospital on a motorbike,’ he told the channel.

Chowdhury said: ‘The situation is grave and the CPI-M is plundering village after village. You have to see to believe it. Bullets are flying everywhere and blood is splattered all over the place. The police are mute spectators.

‘I can see four people with bullet wounds being taken to a Nandigram hospital,’ said Chowdhury.

The CPI-M has barred the entry of media and human rights groups to Nandigram at different points.

‘I have never seen such a situation. This is war,’ said a shaken Chowdhury, who managed to give the CPI-M the slip and enter Nandigram.

‘The CPI-M is saying that the Maoists are entrenched in Nandigram. But where are they? It is all CPI-M men mounting an onslaught on their rivals,’ he said.

Meanwhile, CPI-M state secretary Biman Bose termed the governor’s statement on Nandigram as ‘unconstitutional and partisan’.

On Friday, Governor Gandhi had termed the manner in which the villages in Nandigram were allegedly recaptured by the CPI-M as ‘unlawful and unacceptable’.

‘The ardour of Deepavali has been dampened in the whole state by the events in Nandigram. Several villages in Nandigram are oscillating from deepest gloom to panic,’ Gandhi said in a nearly 700-word statement.

‘At the time of writing, the most accurate description for Nandigram is the one used by our home secretary, namely, it has become a ‘war zone’. No government or society can allow a war zone to exist without immediate and effective action,’ Gandhi had said.

While Trinamul chief Banerjee was quick to welcome the governor’s strongly worded statement as courageous and a just observation, the CPI-M accused Gandhi of bias.

Social activist Medha Patkar, who was allegedly assaulted by CPI-M activists on Thursday way to Nandigram, dubbed the area a ‘concentration camp’.

She and several others were on a hunger strike in Kolkata’s Esplanade area. Magsaysay award winning writer Mahasweta Devi also joined Patkar in the protest.

Filmmakers like Sen and Ghosh along with several other leading artistes announced a boycott of the state-organised Kolkata Film Festival (KFF) that was scheduled to begin later in the evening.

‘If we can protest for Rizwanur Rahman (the youth found dead after marrying the daughter of an industrialist), why not for the Nandigram people? If the CPI-M can attack a person like Gopal Krishna Gandhi and call him biased, then we are all biased and partial,’ Sen said from the platform where Patkar was fasting.

‘The CPI-M is firing on unarmed villagers belonging to BUPC. They have killed at least 50 people,’ Sen said.

Over the past week, the CPI-M has launched a massive offensive against the BUPC in Nandigram and regained its lost bases. Their cadres entered village after village and allegedly torched houses belonging to the rival groups.

While the CPI-M maintains that peace is returning to Nandigram, rights activists say otherwise.

Violence in Nandigram has claimed 32 lives since January, when the region flared up over proposed land acquisition for a special economic zone (SEZ). The state government scrapped the plan later in the face of stiff resistance.

However, a turf battle continues in Nandigram between the CPI-M and the BUPC in the run-up to local body elections in May next year.

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Bengal RSP Minister decides to resign over Nandigram

Posted by Indian Vanguard on November 10, 2007

In a jolt to the ruling Left Front, West Bengal PWD minister and RSP leader Kshiti Goswami on M decided not to continue in the Budhadeb Bhattacharjee cabinet and sought his party’s permission to resign over continuing violence in Nandigram.

”I want to resign because I cannot accept what is happening in Nandigram. We have been deceived by the CPIM. One thing is being said, another thing is being done,” Goswami told reporters here.

”According to out party rule, I have to tell my party that I want to resign and have sought our secretary’s permission to do so,” he said.

Asked what he would do if the RSP refused to accept his resignation, Goswami said, ”Let me see what the party does.”

Goswami said, ”I protested against violence which has been continuing for the last ten months and the government had received enough time to act, but the government was not sincere.”

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CPM`s Nandigram recapturing unlawful: Governor

Posted by Indian Vanguard on November 10, 2007

Kolkata, Nov 10: In an indictment of the West Bengal government and the ruling CPM, Governor Gopal Krishna Gandhi on Friday termed “unlawful” the manner of recapturing of villages in Nandigram. Meanwhile the CPI(M) has slammed the Governor over his remarks and has called for an emergency meet in the state following which there will be a press conference.

In an indictment of the West Bengal government and the ruling CPM, Governor Gopal Krishna Gandhi on Friday termed “unlawful” the manner of recapturing of villages in Nandigram. “The most accurate description for Nandigram is the one used by state home secretary that it has become a war zone. No government or society can allow a war zone to exist without immediate and effective action,” Gandhi said in his statement.

“The manner in which the recapture of Nandigram villages is being attempted is totally unlawful and unacceptable,” the Governor said in a release amid reports that the CPM has forcibly seized most areas in the village where the party is battling against the Trinamul Congress-backed Bhumi Uchched Pratirodh Committee (BUPC), which is resisting farmland acquisition for industries.

“Even as of 4 pm on Friday, I have received calls from responsible persons in Nandigram saying that several huts are ablaze. A large number of villagers have taken refuge in the local high school in Nandigram bereft of food and personal security,” he said.

“A large number of armed persons from outside the district have, it is undeniable, forced themselves onto villages in Nandigram block 1 and 2 for territorial assertion. Thousands of villages have consequently been intimidated into leaving their homes,” he said.

Referring to the attack on social activist Medha Patkar and her supporters on her way to Nandigram on Thursday, the Governor said the treatment meted out to Patkar and her associates “was against all norms of civilised political behaviour”.

Gandhi said he found it unacceptable that while Nandigram has been ingressed with ease by armed people, on the one hand, political and non-political persons trying to reach it were violently obstructed. He said the ardour of Diwali has been dampened in the whole state by the events in Nandigram.

Pointing out that he had been in touch with Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee following talks with leaders of parties, including Trinamul Congress Chief Mamata Banerjee, the Governor said he had requested the state to take immediate steps to check violence.

Ironically, the day the governor pulled up the government for the violence, CPM patriarch Jyoti Basu sang a different tune, saying peace was returning to Nandigram. Basu said there was no need to hold an all-party meeting over clashes in the village.

“It is a good news that representatives of the BUPC and our men (CPM leaders) went to the meeting (by the district administration at Nandigram on Thursday). Senior administration and police officials were present and peace is returning,” he said after the CPM state secretariat meeting here.

Meanwhile, Siddiqulla Chowdhury, general secretary of the Jamiat-e-Ulema-e-Hind that participated in protest rallies against the land acquisition, was arrested with 30 aides on way to Nandigram.

Bureau Report

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Rituparno boycotts film fest to protest Nandigram

Posted by Indian Vanguard on November 10, 2007

Bengali filmmaker Rituparno Ghosh followed compatriot Aparna Sen and boycotted the 13th Kolkata Film Festival (KFF) to protest against the violence in West Bengal’s Nandigram and the Left government’s “inaction”.

Ghosh communicated his decision through the Forum of Artistes, Cultural Activists and Intellectuals (FACAI). The festival began Saturday.

“Ghosh communicated to us that he would not attend the festival to protest the Nandigram violence and the silent role of police and the administration as people were being brutalised and killed there,” Ajanta Ghosh, spokesperson of FACAI, told IANS.

“He said he was not on the forefront of the Nandigram movement but had always supported the cause and would not be a party to a festival organised by the same government that failed to act and protect the lives of the people,” Ajanta Ghosh quoted the filmmaker, who has made the Aishwarya Rai-starred “Chokher Bali”, as saying.

Rituparno Ghosh, whose film “The Last Lear” starring Amitabh Bachchan and Preity Zinta is slated for release, has been writing in a Bengali daily against the land acquisition attempts of the government since the protests started in Singur in Hooghly district against a Tata Motors small car project.

The film festival will see 247 films from 56 countries being screened. A section of the city’s film fraternity is keeping away to register their protest against the Nandigram violence.

The city’s cultural world is divided into two camps – one is spearheading a movement against the government’s policy on Nandigram and Singur as well as the violence in Nandigram. The other is defending the communists.

The festival is organised by the government under the patronage of culturally inclined Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, an ardent film lover.

“I refuse to be a part of the festival in the backdrop of the Nandigram violence,” Aparna Sen had said earlier.

Among other noted artistes boycotting the event are playwright and film and serial actor Kaushik Sen and playwright Saoli Mitra.

“This is a kind of self-censorship as we artistes are taking our own decision driven by our own conscience. With a person of Aparna Sen’s stature boycotting the festival, the message would be loud and clear,” said Kaushik Sen.

“We cannot attend a festival organised by a government organising the Nandigram violence,” said Saoli Mitra.

Nandigram has been hit by increased violence since over a week with the ruling Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) launching a massive offensive against the Trinamool Congress-backed Bhumi Uchched Pratirodh Committee (BUPC) to regained lost bases there. CPI-M cadres have been entering village after village and allegedly torching houses belonging to the rival groups. The BUPC is opposed to acquisition of land by the government for industry.

While the CPI-M maintains that peace is returning to Nandigram, human rights activists and political opponents dispute this.

The death toll in violence in Nandigram has risen to 32 since January when the region flared up over a proposed land acquisition programme for a special economic zone (SEZ). The government axed the plan following stiff resistance.

However, a turf battle has continued to rage in Nandigram between CPI-M and BUPC.

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Naxals move to cities

Posted by Indian Vanguard on November 10, 2007

Times Now’ has acquired a top secret Intelligence Bureau report that says that the Naxals now have a systematic urban plan. The report indicates that the Naxal groups are advancing beyond their usual training and breeding grounds and moving to the cities.

The report cites SEZ unrest as a fuel for Naxal activity and that Naxals are misguiding displaced migrants in cities towards extremism. It’s not an urban plan that involves the regions known to be the red corridor but that newer areas are being explored. For instance the mineral belt of Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal are being seen as new targets for Naxals. Economic corridors surrounding Mumbai, NCR are also on the radar. What is most alarming is that the Naxal units are now stepping up on their intelligence gathering and techological upgradation.

The IB report indicates that Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai are being looked at as breeding points. Naxals have apparently set up seperate units for gathering critical intelligence.

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Centre sends 1,000 CRPF personnel to West Bengal

Posted by Indian Vanguard on November 10, 2007

Saturday, 10 November , 2007, 18:43

New Delhi: With sudden spurt in violence in trouble-torn Nandigram, the Union Home Ministry on Saturday decided to rush about 1,000 additional Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel to West Bengal to deal with the situation.

“Considering the overall situation in the state, the Central Government has decided to make available one battalion (nearly 1,000 personnel) of CRPF to the state government,” a Home Ministry spokesman said.

The Home Ministry had asked the state government to make optimum use of the state security force personnel who are familiar with the local language and terrain so as to achieve the desired objective of restoring peace and normalcy in the area, he said.

Full coverage: Farmers vs SEZ

The decision to send additional force to West Bengal comes after Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil received a request from Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya recently in the wake of fresh incidents of violence involving a number of casualties.

Sources in the Home Ministry said the security establishment was keeping a close watch on the situation in Nandigram and was in constant touch with the state government, asking it to take “urgent steps” to restore normalcy in the area.

Bhattacharjee sought CRPF deployment for Nandigram on October 29 during a telephonic talk with the Union Home Minister.

The Communist Party of India (Marxist) had asked Bhattacharya to ensure deployment of CRPF to restore peace and normalcy in Nandigram where activists of CPI-M and Trinamool Congress-backed ‘Bhumi Ucched Pratirodh Committee’ are locked in a tussle over acquisition of land for setting up an SEZ.

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Aparna Sen asks people to fight for Nandigram

Posted by Indian Vanguard on November 10, 2007

Saturday, 10 November , 2007, 19:49

Kolkata: Eminent filmmaker and actress Aparna Sen on Saturday called on the people of West Bengal to fight for the cause of Nandigram just as they did in the case of Rizwanur Rahman.

“Like we protested in Rizwanur’s case seeking a CBI probe into his mysterious death, we must also do the same in this case,” Aparna said while joining social activist Medha Patkar and others at Esplanade here.

Full coverage: Farmers vs SEZ

Cautioning the Left Front government in West Bengal, she said, “It may be running the state government, but the state is not its fiefdom.”

Likening the state to a slaughterhouse, she quoted from a Bengali poetry, saying, “This bloodied slaughterhouse is not my country.”

“For our democratic rights, we must fight,” she said.

Sen was joined by filmmaker Rituparno Ghosh, writer Mahasweta Devi and Medha Patkar at the agitation venue.

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Jharkhand:Maoists launch poster war

Posted by Indian Vanguard on November 10, 2007

Dipankar Bose

GIRIDIH, Nov. 8: Maoist extremists have begun a poster campaign in Giridih district of Jharkhand, and Jamui districtof Bihar.
The campaign has been unleashed against the growing influence of the Grameen Suraksha Dal (GSD) or the village-level protection force formed by the villages of extremist-ridden Giridih.

Former chief minister and Koderma MP Mr Babulal Marandi, who is also a resident of Giridh, was one of the main persons behind the GSD’s formation. Maoists have been threatening him and his family members for a long time for their support to the movement targeted against the extremists.

The first round of posters was put up in Chatro Main Market on the night of 1 November, when a group of more than 50 extremists warned GSD members. Reports have been received about a second round of posters being splashed in about seven villages of Deuri block and three villages in Jamui. The posters, this time, have not only warned the GSD members but have also asked them to surrender before Maoist cadres.

In Chilkhari village of Deuri block, armed Maoists in the guise of CRPF personnel had fired indiscriminately on a crowd gathered to witness a cultural programme on the night of 25-26 October.

Through their posters, the Maoists have also expressed their condolences to the families of the “innocent” people, who died in the Chilkhari killings. They have termed the casualties as “unfortunate”.

The orders of surrender of GSD members in front of the outfit, only re-establishes the fact that the Maoists run a parallel government in the remote areas of Giridih, especially areas along the Bihar border. Frequent jan adalats (public hearings) are being organised in these areas. Deuri residents feel worse after the posters have come up.

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Nandigram Burning Thousands forced to flee, situation worsening

Posted by Indian Vanguard on November 10, 2007

* Thousands Forced to Flee from Nandigram,Activists Under Arrest
* Memorandum Submitted to Governor of West Bengal
* Dharna begins in Kolkata, Two Day Protest Fast to Commence Tomorrow

Nandigram is under fire and scare. On the festive days of Kalipuja, the light emerging from the land of Martyrdom is not of the lamps women would light in their ‘badis’ (houses) but from the burning houses, put on fire by cadres entering village after village and occupying land forcibly.

The r eports coming from the land and the citizens as members of the Bhumi Ucched Protirodh Committee indicate that AT LEAST 20,000 FAMILIES ARE MADE TO FLEE FROM THEIR HOUSES IN SATANGABARI, SAMSABAD AND OTHER VILLAGES which are either demolished or looted. We met Taslimadi in Kapasberia with Minudi, who have taken shelter in their relatives’ houses. But the tears in their eyes and choked voices brought to us the pain and anguish for being made destitute and homeless which could not be hidden. While thousands of families and more than a lakh people have shifted either to the schools and other public buildings, or to the open grounds where huge camps are set up by the committee where most of the people are being fed, if not left hungry.

Tens of people, from the villages that laid their lives for land in 2007, the very year of remembering of Gandhiji’s Satyagraha, the Martyrdom of Bhagat Singh and 150 years of the Sepoy Mutiny, saw their victory in the cancellation of the Chemical hub to be brought on the lush green land in Nandigram, East Midnapore. But that was not all. They are facing worse of the battles, a war.

Beyond throwing small bombs, firing across the Khaals (naalas) and rivulets, demolishing 60 houses in Satangabari (May 2007) and such other attacks threatening and targeting villagers; boycott of labourers and hawkers going to work and customers going to nearby market is also a serious concern. Resistance to this also became violent, as people and some of the supporting social and political activists claimed that they could not survive without it.

A new phase began, with steady increase in the large number of persons, known to be Harmad Vahini, CPI (M) cadres, and an open attack on the houses and villages and also persons, started in October. Persons of both sides seem to have been killed but no one is sure of the final tally. The information from the area was in parts and parcels and delayed but now it’s clear that CPI(M) cadres from outside the area, as they are identified with goons, have been marching, beating, hitting ……. forcibly occupying territory. News conveyed and flashed clearly indicate that Satangabari, Samsabad, Sonachura and few
other villages are partially or fully vacated, occupied and houses looted and damaged, even burnt. Beyond this, the total picture of the fight going on among the unequal forces is not coming out but it’s certain that unlike what is presented from the ruling quarters in West Bengal, there is no infiltration of Maoists that has caused all this. There may be a handful of activists belonging to various ideologies ‘Gandhian to Maoism’ reaching Nandigram, but we have not doubt that the battle was started, led and is carried forward by the local residents, women, men youth and children included.

We know that hundreds and hundreds of families have been left without livelihoods who are only crying halt to snatch away their land, asserting their rights but also appealing for peace. They, in thousands, are innocent, they are challenged but they are committed even to lay their lives but not bent or submit. They are beyond party lines, accepting the leadership of Bhumi Ucched Protirodh Committee with representatives of villages’ communities, peoples’ organisations such as Gana-unnayan and Jana-adhikar Raksha Samiti and also local residents representing SUCI, TMC, PDCI and Congress as parties and Jamait-e-Ulema-i-Hind. This must be understood by all.

What is going on in Nandigram is undemocratic, criminal and also inhuman. People on both sides are losing lives while property and livelihood in the area is irreversibly damaged. This is unacceptable.

The West Bengal Government has been repeatedly appealed by various organisations, to control the situation by compelling the CPI (M) cadres to withdraw the siege and stop forcible entry and occupation, but to no avail. THE POLICE, INCLUDING SENIOR OFFICIALS, SEEM TO BE INACTIVE AND APATHETIC AS PER ORDERS AND UNDER THE POLITICAL CONTROL OF LAKSHMAN SETH, MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT AND CHAIRMAN OF HALDIA DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY.

It is all these which necessitates an urgent intervention by not only the Central Government, the Home Ministry but also the Constitutional authorities and the National Human Rights Commission, to say the least.


We, representatives of Peoples’ Movements, Paschim Banga Khet Mazdoor Samiti and New Trade Union initiatives, NAPM, APDR, Forum of Artistes and Intellectuals, Teachers and Scientists’ forums, representatives from SUCI including Tarun Sanyal, Sunondo Sanyal, Tarun Naskar, Sujata Bhadra, Meher Engineer, Amit Bhattacharya, Debaprosad Sarkar(MLA), Anuradha Talwar ,Swapan Ganguly and Medha Patkar, decided to visit Nandigram on being invited through repeated calls and messages from the people facing the onslaught.

Yesterday, November 8th 2007, we proceeded towards Nandigram accompanied by tens of policemen and officials, who warned us of security problems but also assured us of being there to protect. On their conveying to us a possibility of having a dialogue with the Chief Minister or Chief Secretary in the Government, we agreed to hold the dialogue after visiting the area and assessing the situation there. We took the Haldia route instead of the route we took earlier, where CPI (M) cadres had stopped us.

We reached Kapasberia More at about 12:30 p.m. A gathering of 30-40 CPI (M) cadres with Red flags stopped our convoy and started shouting abusive slogans against us.

Interestingly the police pilot car leading the convoy stepped aside and made way for the goons so that they can have a free hand on us. A few cadres specifically targeted Medha Patkar, Tarun Sanyal, Debjit, Deboprosad Sarkar and Meher Engineer as well as a few media persons in other vehicles.

They started attacking Medha Patkar with fists, violently pulling her out of the car by holding her hair and Sari. They broke the specks of Debjit and partly tore the clothes of Sunondo Sanyal. They also broke the camera of a media person.

All the while, the cadres were encircling all the cars (except the police ones) and breaking the glass panes, shouted abusive and filthy languages to all of us. Even at this point, police chose to be silent spectators who are watching some fun for free. Five vehicles were able to turn back and move a few yards.

One sumo car (WB 02H 4402), carrying Meher Engineer, Amit Bhattacharya and Hindustan Times reporter Alok Banerjee, was severely damaged and the passengers including Alok Banerjee were badly beaten in this unprecedented act of violence by CPI(M) terrorists. The driver somehow managed to move forward towards Kapasberia School where the local residents gave the passengers first aid.

Medha Patkar and others began to stage Dharna on the Kapasberia bridge and had a protest sit-in for 3 hours and more. We handed over a letter addressed to the Superintendent of Police and asked to make way for our visit to Nandigram and to book the attackers under law.

Local residents came out in large numbers and showed their support and solidarity towards us and to the struggle of common people of Nandigram and condemned the CPI (M) attack on us. They also condemned the deliberate and directed police inaction. Subsequently we lodged two complaints with the local Mahishadal Police Station, one relating to breaking down of the above mentioned Sumo car, and the other regarding the physical attack on Medha Patkar, Deboprosad Sarkar (MLA) and others by CPI (M) cadres. We returned to Mecheda for further action where Medha Patkar and Tarun Sanyal addressed the local residents.

* We condemn such undemocratic and criminal tendencies by the ruling party and demand as free and concerned citizens of India as well as representatives of peoples’ movements that we should be allowed to visit Nandigram where more than a lakh people have become homeless and need our immediate support and relief.

* We are shocked by the apathy, inaction and both direct and indirect support of the police to the CPI (M) hooligans, indicating a break-down of State Machinery resulting in non-availability of any channel for security and redressal of grievances of common people.

* We urge an urgent intervention by the Governor of West Bengal as well as the Union Government of India to open up Nandigram by ensuring withdrawal of siege and stopping outsider-attackers from entering Nandigram.

* We demand that peaceful defenders of Human Rights’ belonging to known Peoples’ organisations should be allowed and protected and their entry to Nandigram area should be facilitated.

* We hope that all concerned and progressive citizens, civil organisations as well as political parties will protest against the onslaught on Nandigram, forcible occupation of their territory and violation of basic human rights and civil liberties, compelling the Constitutional authorities and government to intervene in this battle between the State and people for freedom, democracy, right to life and livelihood.

Latest News:
1. Three People including Sadikulla from Jamat-e-Ulema-Hind, Schoota Das and Samar Das, have been arrested while going towards Nandigram today.

2. Activists and intellectuals including Medha Patkar met the governor today and submitted the memorandum to ensure the freedom of the people of Nandigram and also the protection of their Constitutional rights.

3. People across India have written to the WB government condemning the attack and the situation in Nandigram.


Press Conference


Sukhendu Bhattachrya – Sanhati Udyog/NAPM
Anuradha Talwar – Paschim Banga Khet Mazdoor Samiti/NTUI
Sujata Bhadra- APDR
Tarun Naskar/ Dilip Chakraborty- Forum of Artists and intellectuals
Meher Engineer- Teachers’ and Scientists’ Forum
Shyam Bihari Singh- Janata Dal (Secular)
Kartik Pal- CPI (ML) Liberation
Shaktiman Ghosh- National Hawkers’ Federation
Amit Bhattacharya- Prof. Jadhavpur University
Gautam Sen- Intellectual
Medha Patkar– National Alliance of People’s Movements

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Siddiqualla Chowdhury arrested on way to Nandigram

Posted by Indian Vanguard on November 10, 2007

Kolkata (PTI): Jamiat-e Ulema-e Hind general secretary Siddiqulla Chowdhury was on Friday arrested along with 30 others on their way to violence-hit Nandigram.

Chowdhury and 30 others were arrested at Kolaghat, about 70 km from here, for breach of peace on NH 41 when they tried to force their way towards Nandigram breaking police barricade, West Bengal IGP (law and order) Raj Kanojia said here.

Chowdhury, along with All India Minority Forum president Idris Ali and the others were taken to Kolaghat police station.

Criticising the police action, Chowdhury said he and the others were going to provide relief to the people who were driven out of their homes and lodged in relief camps at Nandigram.

“We demand removal of Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee and imposition of President’s rule in the state,” he said.

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