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Rizwanur Rehman: Priyanka Todi wrote a fervent appeal to her father

Posted by Indian Vanguard on November 4, 2007

Priyanka Todi wrote a plaintive letter to her father before she left her Salt Lake home to go and live with her husband on Tiljala Lane. She had said they would be happy if he allowed them to live.
IN A STARTLING letter to her father Priyanka Todi had told Ashok Todi that she loved Rizwanur Rehman and they would be happy if he allowed them to live. The letter was left for her father on her bed when she went to her husband’s home.

The four page letter, copies of which has found its way to the media and is obviously with the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is a plaintive appeal to her father to leave the couple alone.

The letter which Ashok was said to have shown to the police officers he influenced and even gave one of them a copy begins with “I am going. I am leaving the house. I love a young man. Initially, I thought it won’t work out so I told him I will marry according to the wishes of my father and mother, both if whom I love because I knew you will not approve of the marriage with him. But soon I realized that I loved him too much and without him there is no future for me.” The contents of the letter were telecast today by the regional television channel Star Ananda.

The letter goes on to say “Papa before doing anything I would ask you to listen to me. On the one hand it is your daughter’s happiness and on the other your social prestige. I did not tell you earlier because I knew you would not allow me to marry him. Now that I have married him, let me live with him. He is the young man whose mobile number you saw in my mobile phone bill. If you think I won’t be happy with him, well you are wrong.”

On the second page of the letter she continues “Woh humko hamesha khush rekehega. He will do anything to keep me happy and he will not betray me. I know you will do everything in your power to bring me back. But I cannot live without him. Please Papa hame jine dijye. Hame marne ka dar nehi hai. What we are doing is right. It is the truth and God is with us.”

“If you separate us we will die. I can never live with anyone else. He is my life. I will tell you about him. He is good. If you want you can find out about him.

“I will tell you about him. He is a good man. He is not after your money. He can give it to you in writing that he will not take your money – not now not ever.”

Then her mood becomes defiant. For she writes “Aaap ko jo karna hai kar lo.” And then “Hum alag hoke ji nehi payenge . Papa please, please.”

She acknowledges that her father is powerful and influential. “I know you can do anything to separate us. But we will die. His family does not have money. So he will not be able to provide with me an airconditioner, car, jewellery and a bungalow. I don’t want a life of luxury. Maybe he will not be able to provide even good food. Mujhe ghutan hoti hai in chijo se.You may think that he will show his true colours and betray me. Mera pyar pe mera pura vishswas hai . He loves me he will keep me happy.”

The letter ends with the words…”We will be happy aap hum dono ko jeene do to.”

The letter at the end has an elaborate diagram on how to reach the Rehman house because she wanted her father to speak to Rizwanur. He father did come, accompanied by goons, but not to speak to his son-law but to threaten him to file a divorce.

Rizwanur’s elder brother Rukbanur present in the studio confirmed it was Priyanka’s handwriting because in the few days she had lived at their house, she would write down the list of things needed from the market.

The CBI, which has become more tight lipped than ever continued with its interrogations on the day. Officers interrogated Ashis Das, who had first seen Rizwanur’s body. Ashis lives in a colony near the railway tracks in Patipukur.


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