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Citizen’s body opposes deployment of CRPF

Posted by Indian Vanguard on November 3, 2007

Citizen’s body opposes deployment of CRPF

Statesman News Service
KOLKATA, Nov. 2: The Ganamukti parishad has urged the Union home minister not to deploy a battalion of Central Reserve Police Force at Nandigram as sought by the state government.

This, according to the parishad, is a trap for the UPA-government “the CPI-M is laying because it does not want to be seen firing on the innocent villagers of Nandigram any more and wants the Central force to do the dirty work.”
To achieve this end the chief minister has “cooked up” the story that he had definite information about a group of about 100 Naxalites moving in the area, the letter he has written to Mr Shivraj Patil stated.

The parishad alleged the CPI-M was now trying to ‘recapture’ Nandigram by using its musclemen and armed mercenaries led by the party’s local satraps. It has information that goons are being brought from Bihar and Jharkhand and other parts of West Bengal. On top of it, it wants an additional battalion of CRPF so that the blood it had spilled on 14 March stains the Central force now and the state administration can escape the guilt of killing innocent villagers resisting marauding gangs of armed CPI-M cadres.

The state government, the parishad wrote, has 19 battalions of armed policemen, in addition to its usual police force. In fact, it can restore peace to the 28 mouzas of Nandigram within an hour, but it won’t risk being branded once again as killers of innocent villagers which is why it still wants an additional battalion of CRPF.

The parishad pointed out that the chief minister’s reference to a wing of the human rights outfit, Association for the Protection of Democratic Rights, is politically motivated just as the attempt once made by the Kolkata Police to brand the octogenarian litterateur, Mahasweta Debi, as a “maoist”.

It contested the claim by the CPI-M state secretary, Mr Biman Bose, that Nandigram has a difficult topography which was echoed by the chief minister. This, according to the parishad, is a total misrepresentation of facts intended to misguide the Centre.

“Mr Bhattacharjee has already blood on his hands and now he intends to stain your clothes with it too,” it wrote to Mr Patil.


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