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The Truth about Gujarat Genocide 2002

Posted by Indian Vanguard on October 26, 2007

First-hand accounts from the men who plotted and executed the genocide in Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Sabarkantha. Mayhem was meticulously planned and carried out by VHP-Bajrang Dal cadres across Muslim localities.

The VHP and the Bajrang Dal manufactured and distributed lethal weapons across the state, often with the connivance of the police. READ »

Shocking accounts of how the guardians of the law colluded with the outlaws to make Gujarat’s horror even worse.

Key BJP, RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal activists speak openly of how Narendra Modi blessed the anti-Muslim pogrom .

How public prosecutors ran with the hare and hunted with the hound, keeping their sympathies strictly for the accused. Government Counsel Arvind Pandya on how he hopes to subvert justice by manipulating the Nanavati-Shah Commission, set up to ascertain the truth.

The truth behind Naroda Patiya, the grisliest massacre of 2002. Ahmedabad police’s collusion in the pogrom and its cover-up. Gory details of how former Congress MP Ehsan Jafri was hacked limb by limb at Gulbarg Society, in the words of those who did it. READ »

How spontaneous mob fury was shown as a premeditated conspiracy by the police who produced fake witnesses by bribing, coercion and torture. READ »


5 Responses to “The Truth about Gujarat Genocide 2002”

  1. Emran said


    The results of the State elections of Gujarat are an absolute disgrace on the entire Indian Democracy. I think what Modi did to Gujarat is exactly what Hitler did to Germany. He raised Germany to great heights of development & power, but in the wake of it he killed & incinerated millions of innocent people & eliminated the entire Jewish community from there. That’s exactly how Modi has been operating in Gujarat. Same psychology, same ideology & same methodology. The victory of Modi in Gujarat is not because the people have great faith in him or associate great expectations with him but because of the fact that he has been able to hypnotize the people of Gujarat by his appealing & mesmerizing speeches. He is a democratic dictator.

    I am so much surprised that the people, the media & even the Indian Judicial system are trying to wash away their hands from the Genocide in Gujarat in 2002. Thousands of people went amok & murdered more than 3000 muslims belonging to the weaker section of the society, and everybody wants to forget about it. Everybody wants to look ahead of it. Hundreds of women were raped and ripped apart and you want to overlook that just because they were not your mothers or sisters. Karan Thaper’s mother or sister was not raped, Manmohan Singh’s mother or sister was not raped, CNN-IBN Chief Editor’s mother was not raped. They were only people of lower quality. They were mere subjects – somebody’s mother, somebody’s daughter. To you everybody was somebody. Not a single of those thousands of criminals have been punished, not even identified by the judicial system and you want to go ahead of it. I say, look, there’s something wrong with you. Either you loved what happened in Gujarat or you are too afraid to come out with the truth and you call yourselves journalists, torchbearers? I say, that you are a stinking pile of steaming cowdung. You are an emasculated lot. Your pretence of journalism, fearlessness is just a hoax. A criminal, who deserves to be hanged, has become a Chief minister and everybody is watching like a Zombie, a moron. I am aware of the fact that the young people of India are gutless people, they don’t have enough of sperm to protest & boycott, but the media too? This is an absolute shame on you as journalists and on India as a democracy.

    Giving a blind eye to the Gujarat genocide suggests one thing. There’s not an Indian born who can get atleast one of those thousands of criminals punished through legal channel. The Indian constitution is nothing but a worthless pile garbage paper. I suggest that the muslims in Gujarat, rather India, should be prepared with arms & ammunition because anytime such a horrible situation can confront them in near future. And if they are too helpless to do that then they should seek help from their Kashmiri brothers who are fighting for the liberation of Kashmir from the clutches of this rotten nation.

    Emran Sheykh
    Srinagar, Kashmir

    • karma said

      u said is totally correct
      but there is proverb if u picnch dont expect just a pinch expect a slap
      what muslims did in godhra it was direct answer to it

      that was the dark time

      i have been living in gujarat even have many muslim friends
      who have suffered a lot of damage but still not even a single of them have hatred toward me
      or my community we still hang out like the old times

      i am proud to be a gujarati
      we are very peace loving people

      forget the hatred
      times were bad
      people here have forgeotten
      as far as modi goes he is loved for his progress by all
      i have seen muslim women work day and night just to greet modi with a bouquet
      they are not any party related they are just middle class women who work hard
      we here believe in progress dont come in between us and make us fight

      • Spread Love, Not Hate said

        What you’re saying is that they deserved what they got. This is a complete generalization of the attack on the trains as being motivated by religion. Even if it was, would that mean that all Muslims in the area should be held responsible for it, and condemned to murder or torture? Karma has nothing to do with it. If you express your beliefs to your Muslim friends I’m sure some would not want to associate with you anymore.

      • Spread Love, Not Hate said

        FYI: Not everyone has forgotten. Nor should they.

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