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Maoists threat to MNC retail outlets

Posted by Indian Vanguard on September 26, 2007

HYDERABAD :Retail units of multinational companies are being targeted by Maoists, a document of the extremists indicates. The police has asked MNCs to beef up security at retail stores following the threat. A Maoist communiqué, now in the hands of the police, asks cadre to unite in the fight against the retail business of MNCs which they said would affect small traders, shopkeepers and the middle class.

An intelligence official said, “Retail stores and petrol pumps are being set up by MNCs in various cities and towns. In cities it is very difficult for Maoists to carry out attacks on these concerns. Even in towns they will not do it when there is a crowd. Maybe at night the Maoists may resort to blasts.”

Maoists alleged that MNCs have almost taken control of retail trade in developed countries and they are looking to do so in India. The Maoists added that retail shops which provide employment to many stand to lose from the entry of MNCs.
A senior police official said, “Security can’t be provided to all the retail outlets.” The Maoist letter states, “A voice has to be raised against these sharks. The government is not going to stop them. A resistance movement of the vast affected masses is the need of the hour. Already there is a movement against the retail chains, particularly Reliance… but this has been crushed by the police.”


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