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CPI (MAOIST) on transfer of chief minister ship,issue of ramsethu and surrendering tactics

Posted by Indian Vanguard on September 25, 2007

Recieved by Email

Respectable editors and representatives of media, struggle greetings to you.We are sending this press release regarding issue of

1) Change of chief minister ship in Karnataka
2) sethusamudram project
3) police officer shankar bidari’s surrendering drama

We are requesting to publish this by giving due consideration.
With revolutionary greetings Gangadhara For the state committee CPI (Maoist) 23/09/07 Karnataka


Press release

In Karnataka coalition government is in question of transfer of chief minister ship. Kumaraswamy is using peoples anti communal and anti caste feelings to retain his CM post further. After forming government with BJP,seated as a chief minister for 20 months, looted crores of rupees property of people, now he is posing as a differing with communalism and casteism.

Many organizations and individuals are opposing transfer of chief minister ship to BJP as if transfer of power. The reality is BJP is in power; they are enjoying it and implementing their communal agenda through their government. JDS joined its hands with BJP. There were so many examples in state about the increased communal attacks; state sponsors and involvement in it, after this coalition government took the power. So there may possible any type of remodeling in the government to continue their rule. Possibility of adjusting themselves to avoid collapse of government and their sources of loot and commission procurement is there. No party is ready to face the election now. If anybody opposes to transfer of power it helps and supports to this coalition communal government directly and indirectly. Individuals like Yadiyurappa may suffer loss of chief minister ship but he will enjoy higher power in government and his BJP colleagues too.

We upholds peoples movements of anti communal and anti caste and aspirations with higher appreciation. At the same time we are concerned about using those by ruling class parties for their sake and interests, it is counterproductive to the society.

We are calling all pro people organizations and democrats to expose this coalition drama of loot and imposition of fascist principles of communalism, suppression servitude to their imperialist masters. We are appealing to come forward to build anti communal, anti caste and anti repression movement in state by joining all genuine pro people forces

We appeal all people, pro people organizations and democrats, not to give opportunity to the electoral political parties to use people’s movement for their selfish and anti people interests

There is much hue and cries are going on about the long back-proposed Sethu Samudram project in center, Karnataka and Tamilnaadu. In this pretext question of so-called Ramsethu is making to get prominence by communal forces like BJP, vishwahindu parishat, RSS, bajarangadal etc.

After the demolition of Babari Masjid in ayodhya and succeeding mass massacres, sangh parivar and its political wing BJP now remembering Rama and again taking shelter behind Rama to instigate the people communally, particularly in south India with the intention of creating nation wide impact. By that they are planning to procure votes and seats to get power in forthcoming elections, mid term it may be. They are doing this in midst of unstable national political situation arisen by contradictions of ruling classes and thereby between parties of UPA government .

BJP is utilizing the situation arisen by UPA govt’s declaration of implementing the Sethu Samudram Project. Though it was their declared project earlier, now they are opposing it with the intention of raking up communal hatred ness and strengthening of their lost hold in electoral mandate. Tamilnadu’s Chief Minister Karunanidhi and UPA govt. are taking initiative to implement the project with fanfare to fulfill imperialist and comprador’s business interests by destroying fishermen and local people’s lives and livelihood and creating environmental disorder. Karunanidhi is posing as a staunch materialist by giving irrelevant statements regarding Rama and Ramsethu to use Dravida movement feelings of Tamil people and trying to use it for electoral mandate.

RSS and its parivar are using ram sethu row for communal instigation and carrying attack on minorities. they torched bus and burnt alive two innocents near by Bengalooru.

We are strongly condemning this and appealing all people and organizations to build strong resistance to communal designs of sangh parivaar by all means.

Notorious police officer shankar bidari started drama of surrendering revolutionary cadres of our party. He addressed press conference arrogantly in mangalore and gave call to our cadres to surrender to court and join ‘mainstream’! without fearing police. He is behaving like acting chief minister. He also told that there are reports from confidencial sources that naxalite cadres are willing to surrender before the state. This cruel tactics of using naxalite cadres for their repressive schemes not yielded expected results in various states. This cheap tactics,along with fake encounters,false cases, incentive oriented schemes are using by Karnataka state government through Bidari like killer police officers. Without solving objectively the basic problem of land, industrialization and employment generation nothing will achieve by any government.

State government is showing its non-concern about the people of the land and their problems. They not even fulfill any demands and burning problems people are facing.Rather than that they hatching conspiracies against people to dislocate them and destruction like chamalapur power project. recently concluded forest schemes etc.

We strongly condemn this cheap anti people tactics of corrupting fighters through evil designs of state and its departments.
We appeal all people to expose this anti people witch designs of state. and defeat it

With revolutionary greetings Gangadhara For the state committee CPI (Maoist) 23/09/07 Karnataka

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