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Press Statement Of CCOMPOSA July 19, 2004

Posted by Indian Vanguard on September 20, 2007

Press Statement Of CCOMPOSA

The CCOMPOSA strongly condemns the growing interference of US imperialism in South Asia in collaboration with the respective governments of the region. They are particularly using the Indian expansionist rulers as their major tool in South Asia to suppress the people’s movements, particularly those led by the Maoists. This is part of the US’s aggressive designs worldwide, particularly its intervention and occupation of Iraq and Afganistan.

The US imperialist first declared the CPN (Maoist) as a ‘terrorist’ organization and then the MCCI and CPI (ML) (PW). This amounts to a gross interference and the internal affairs of the respective courtiers of South Asia. The Indian expansionists have been acting as a major tool to suppress these revolutionary struggles- whether by the earlier BJP government or the present Congress coalition government.

The new Congress government immediately after coming to power, within a week, sent its foreign minister to Nepal on a 3-day visit, where he barked ferociously against the Maoists. The government simultaneously gave two helicopters to Nepal, that were used in KargilRs. 3 cores of weapons and cash to suppress the Maoists. Also, in two major covert operations the new congress government arrested 11 leaders of the CPN (Maoists) in Patana, including 2 PBMs and 3 CCMs and in Warangal district of AP killed two comrades and seriously injured three, including the Warangal district secretary of the CPI (ML) (PW). Also, 5 comrades of the MCCI are still facing the death sentence and 3200 people have been arrested under POTA only in the Jharkhand region. war, plus over

We, the Maoists of South Asia strongly condemn these attacks and demand the unconditional release of all Nepalese comrades in Indian prisons including standing committee member, com. Kiran and, PBM com. Gaurav. We also demand the unconditional release of all political prisons in the respective countries of South Asia, and the committing of the death sentence on the 5 comrades. We also demand the repeal of POTA.

We warn that if the US imperialists and Indian expansionists persist in their anti-people policies in the region, the people of South Asia will rise in revolt against these reactionaries and their agents throughout the region.



standing committee

-Co-ordination Committee of Maoist Parties and Organizations of South Asia (CCOMPOSA)

1)PBSP (CC) ] Bangladesh]

2)PBSP(MPK) [Bangladesh]

3)BSD(ML) [Bangladesh]

4)CPEB (M ) Red Flag [Bangladesh]

5)CPC (Maoist) [Srilanka]

6)MCCI (India)

7)CPI-ML (PW) [India]

8)CPI -ML (Naxalbari) [India]

9)RCCI (MLM) [ India]

10CPN (Maoist) [Nepal]

July 19, 2004


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