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Posted by Indian Vanguard on September 20, 2007


Bhutan is one of the most backward, undevelopment and poor country among the poorest countries of south-Asia. Eventhough, it is rich enough in its geo-natural and human-resources, the nature of semi-feudalism and semi-colonialism have adversely affected its development. The very reason behind it is the monarchy, which has been controlled by the Wangchuk dynasty for the last 96 years.

More than 75% illiterate, poverty striken, ill health, jobless and corrupted Bhutan’s maximum property is being divided among the Wangchuk families . The foreign aids received in the name of people and nation building activities are not only misused in the eviction process, buying cars and constructing private assets but also misused in the activities which endangers the existence of our nation as a whole.

Even the Sherchops, who are next to Nepali origine Bhutanese according to population, as well as khengpas, kurtekpas, Doyas, Brokpas, Layaps, Drakpas and Uraons-mundas who are Indian origine Bhutanese, are all oppressed and exploited very badly.

Educational Freedoms, Freedom of speech and publications are ruthlessly violated and all kinds of democratic and civil rights are suppressed through secret murder, imprisonment and torture, state terror and so on . The burning example for this is the Bhutanese refugee crisis.

Neither the existance of human rights nor the installation of civil rights are possible without smashing the monarchy in Bhutan. In reality, it is impossible to promote any rights and justice in this situation. Hence, the true enemy of the people of Bhutan is the Wangchuk dynasty and its despotic regime which serves as the compredor of Bhutanese feudalism, Indian expansionism and the emperialism as a whole. A true and new democracy can be established only after smashing the monarchy in Bhutan.

In this context, it is crystal clear that the New Democratic Revolution is the historical necessity of the hour to solve all kinds of crisis of semi-feudalist and semi-colonial Bhutan. Hence, on this auspicious occasion of the 133rd Lenin Day, with countrywide postering, pamphleting, wall-painting and hosting the proliteriat international red flag marked with sickle-hammer including Thimpu-the capital city of Bhutan, we proudly proclaim the declaration of Bhutan Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) to wage the new democratic revolution in the soil of Bhutan and take oath to reach the classless society via socialism by waging anti-feudalist, anti-emperialist peasant revolution through the new democratic revolution in Bhutan.

Therefore, Bhutan Communist Party (MLM) requests all the Bhutanese workers, peasants, bussinessmen, employee, students, youths, teachers, writers, intellectuals and the civilians to accept its appeal and call and to help physically, morally and economically in the struggle.

Bhutan Communist Party (MLM) also requests the international communities, on behalf of the oppressed Bhutanese masses, not to help the autocratic regime of Wangchuk dynasty but cxtend their support towards Bhutan Communist Party (MLM) which is fighting in the forefront struggle of democracy, civil and human rights in the democratic struggle of Bhutan.

22nd April,03

Lenin Day


general secretary

Central Organising Committee

Bhutan Communist Party (MLM)


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