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The Naxal Code

Posted by Indian Vanguard on September 4, 2007

Vernon Gonsalves alias Vikram and (right) Sreedhar alias Vishnu

The two suspected Naxalites arrested on August 19 have revealed the code names and activities of over 100 accomplices operating from Mumbai, Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) officials have said. Srinivasan alias Sreedhar alias Vishnu, 50, and Vernon Gonsalves alias Vikram, 49, told the ATS that these accomplices include professors, advocates, social activists and members of trade unions. They reportedly meet in groups of 4 to 5 persons in public places such as railway stations and corporate cafeterias to discuss fund-raising and potential recruits to their cause.

However, no one in the group knows anyone’s real name or other details. So, if anyone was arrested, police would find it difficult to trace his/her accomplices.

An ATS officer who did not wish to be named said, “Vishnu and Vernon told us that in their organisation real identities are a top secret. Everyone knew each other only by code names.”

According to ATS chief additional director general K P Raghuvanshi, “This is how underground organisations like these operate. The duo have revealed some code names, which we expect to decipher soon. However, it is likely that these people would have rehashed their code names after the duo’s arrest.”

Professors, advocates, social activists, trade unionists
Railway stations, company cafeteria
Fund-raising, potential recruits to their cause
Illustration by Sudhir Shetty

Apparently, the duo told the police that Naxal activists from across India are deputed to the city for five years.

According to the ATS officer, “The main purpose is to raise funds for their cause and recruit new individuals to their group.”

When they meet, among other things, they discuss potential recruits, their traits, strengths, weaknesses and ways to brainwash them into joining their group. “Most of these Naxal activists are not from Mumbai and have taken up temporary jobs in the city,” the officer said.

Vishnu and Vikram were picked up from a rented accommodation at Govandi. A revolver, a pistol, 106 CDs, Rs 6 lakh, a laptop, walkie-talkies and mobile phones, a few gelatine sticks, revolutionary literature and photographs of Naxal training camps in Maharashtra were seized from the duo.

The duo had been remanded to the custody of the ATS for 14 days till Sunday.

On Monday, they are likely to be handed over to the Gadchiroli police who are investigating Vishnu for extortion and theft. He is also wanted for in connection with the murders of policemen and informants while Vikram is wanted for an attempt to blow up a police van with a landmine and firing at a police party, and other unlawful activities.

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