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GIS system to track Maoists in Jharkhand

Posted by Indian Vanguard on August 10, 2007

RANCHI: The Jharkhand police plans to set up a Geographical Information System (GIS) centre to track the movement of Maoists in the state. The state police would seek the help of the Jharkhand Space Application Centre (JSAC) to get a detailed report of the topography of the state. “We will set up a GIS centre which will help officials to crack down on criminals and Maoist rebels,” a senior police official told IANS. “The GIS centre will help in preparation of a detailed map of each district. We will compile information related to villages, blocks, colonies etc,” he said. The topography of the state helps the Maoists to launch attacks on police and railway stations. The GIS centre will have a detailed crime data of particular areas and criminals operating there. It will be under the direct supervision of the state special intelligence department. In the last six years, Maoist rebels have killed 320 security personnel in the state. Most of the killings took place in the jungles. Police teams were ambushed twice in Saranda jungle in the last four years. In the first incident, 18 security personnel were killed in Dec 2002 and in the second ambush, 26 security personnel were gunned down in April 2004.


4 Responses to “GIS system to track Maoists in Jharkhand”

  1. Anonymous said

    Very good move by the police. Maoists must be hunted like dogs with latest technology avaialble.

  2. Maoistresistance said

    show dare to reveal ur identity…maoist movement in india is fighting against explotation and injustice existing in our people like you who is keeping partiality with upper class always like to destroy maoist party…friend ur aspiration is merely an illusion…movement will continue its saga till the last oppressed man to be killed.

  3. Anonymous said

    I have no sympathy for upper class oppressors. If you want to fight against injustice why don’t I see you taking part in elections? Are you afraid your real support( or lack of support!) among people will be revealed? Your maoist movement is headed down the drain, did you see what happened to the Shining path movement in Peru (South America)? Once people get enough to eat and a stable job, Maoist movements vanish.

  4. sidni said

    The State of Jharkhand came into existence on 15th November 2000 as the 28th state of India. Its name originates from “ Jhar “ which means bushes and became popular during the British period. Earlier, majority of its area was called Chota Nagpur which takes its origin from the land of Nagwanshis and find their description right from the Indus Valley Civilization. The arc of cancer passes through its capital Ranchi. Now it has 4 commissionaires and 22 districts totaling an area of 79714 sq km with population of 2,69,09,428( 13th position in India ). The main source of income is through mining activities.
    Please Visit For More Detail

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