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3 killed, 5 injured in Naxal blast in Chhattisgarh

Posted by Indian Vanguard on June 5, 2007

Three employees of the Chhattisgarh State Electricity Board were killed on Tuesday and five Special Task Force personnel seriously injured in a landmine blast in Naryanpur district of Bastar region.

“The Maoists blew up a cement-laden truck near Kapsi, about 250 km from the state capital, by triggering a landmine, killing three CSEB employees, including the truck’s driver,” a police source in Narayanpur told PTI.

The injured STF personnel were admitted to Narayanpur district hospital, police said.

The incident occurred when the CSEB employees were going to Jharaghati with cement to repair three high-tension electricity towers that were blown up by Naxalites on June 1.

The damage to the towers has resulted in 27 lakh people of five districts in the Bastar region going without electricity for the past five days.

Police had earlier said the Maoists had planted landmines to target people being sent to repair the damaged towers.

Hindustan Times


3 Responses to “3 killed, 5 injured in Naxal blast in Chhattisgarh”

  1. Saroj Dutta said

    This is a new dialectic of our times — bringing the masses to power by depriving them of power! And killing the proletarians of the electricity department as well. Long live Crass Warfare!

  2. Bimal said

    Power or No Power the Adivasi Life remains in Darkness…

    The comments like “what do the Naxalites want to achieve by denying the Tribal Villages of Bastar from electricity?”
    Has Raman Singh bothered to find out how many villages in Bastar had electricity before this incident happened?Answer is none of the villages have electricity.
    Benur which is a Taluk on the road between Kondagaon and Narainpur,even after having a CRPF camp doesn’t have electricity for days altogether…
    The Government run Salwa Judum camp at Maraiguda,Pollampalli,Chintagufa and others don’t have electricity and water…If these places don’t have electricity then one can imagine the conditions in remote tribal villages….
    So the Chief Minister using the Tribal Villages to hide their incapability to control the situation in Bastar is highly deplorable.
    Why is it difficult for the BJP government to admit that because of the current power crises their businesses is getting affected?Essar is getting affected?Sponge Iron units in Raipur and Jagdalpur are getting affected because iron ore is not coming from Bastar and so on…….
    Why show concern for the Adivasis when you don’t care at all….

  3. sidni said

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