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Pro-Maoists rope in sympathisers

Posted by Indian Vanguard on May 17, 2007

NAGPUR: Whenever prominent naxal cadres—especially those with Maoists links are arrested—it is seen that the city’s pro-Maoist frontal organisations have roped in sympathiser activist groups to support those behind bars.

Given this, police sources are not at all surprised to hear voices of protest from a group supporting the arrested ‘courier’ Arun Thomas Ferreira, who is also state committee member.

In August 2005, hard-core Maoist Madan Lal—a state committee member—was nabbed by Nagpur police along with Shantanu Kamble from Mumbai. Kamble—whose arrest had triggered a similar outcry—was the leader of Vidhrohi Sanskrutik Chalval, a pro-Maoist outfit.

“These are the city-based frontal organisations of the Maoists who are creating a false impression to project a misleading picture about the investigating agencies,” said a police source. “They are the same people who raise their voice under the garb of seeking justice to highlight naxal encounters as fake or exaggerate injustice to Dalits (as in Khairlanji case),” said a police source.

Though there was not much outcry about his release, Madhukar alias Kavali Yadyya—another resident of Mumbai working for a labour union—was one of the Naxals arrested by Gadchiroli police in January 2005. He was reportedly a member of Charbhatti dalam. Another Mumbai-based social worker Dilip Wankhede—an active member of Kurkhera dalam—is still absconding. He was sent from Mumbai to take part in the active Naxal activities and was working in the arms factory near Katol.

Meena alias Manju alias Seema Hirani, another Mumbai resident—and wife of Vijay, member of central committee and secretary of Maharashtra state committee, was also known to be an active Maoists leader in the state. Seema, like Ferriera, was an active member of Vidyarthi Pragatisheel Sanghathan in Mumbai, said a source. She joined Kurkhera dalam and was commander of the group for about four years. She later moved to Surat as the secretary of Surat urban area committee. She is active but underground in Surat and surrounding areas, revealed a police source.

Similar voices of protests were heard when the Chandrapur police arrested Viplab Teltumde, Bhaskar and other pro-Maoist activists. Claiming that Teltumde was a social activist and an intellectual, his sympathisers had provoked much criticism regarding the arrest and police action. The self-styled fact-finding committee was reported to have come alive to project an innocent image of Teltumde. Being a LLB student, Viplab was known to be organising students to work as pro-Maoist following his uncle Milind Teltumde’s instructions, claimed a police source.

A Nagpur-based professor in sociology Dr Anuradha Gandhi, who also taught at the Nagpur University, is alleged to have masterminded several movements in the city. Police sources allege that she works under pseudonyms ‘Narmada’ and is a state committee member at present. In Nagpur, she used to mobilise students (VPS), youth (NBS) and women’s organisations and for the cause of the Maoists.

Arrested by Nagpur rural police in 2004, Maoist leader Mallesh alias Vikram alias Saili, a deputy commander of Deori Dalam and also a member of the Chandrapur’s area committee, had reportedly confessed about the activities of the naxal frontal organisations in Vidarbha. He reportedly had disclosed about the training camp of CPI (Maoist) at Wardha. Mallesh’s wife Kavita Yerme and her sister Varsha are also known to be active in Tanda Dalam.

Another Maoist Kataiya Saili Kusum, who was arrested in June 2006, made similar revelations. During their interrogation, they disclosed vital information regarding the involvement of the city’s educated brass in the functioning of the city’s frontal organisations.

-The Times of India

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