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Archive for May 7th, 2007

Probe reveals Chhattisgarh Police killed civilians

Posted by Indian Vanguard on May 7, 2007

RAIPUR: The Chattisgarh Police have admitted that some of their men, busy fighting Maoist guerrillas, killed civilians in cold blood in a village in March.

But the police brass says that murder charges will be registered against the guilty men only after the bodies were exhumed and autopsies done “within a day or two”, said a police official. “An initial probe – based on talks with tribals of Ponjer village and police personnel’s statements – confirm that a police team visited the village March 31 and caused some civilian casualties,” said the police official.

“The police headquarters and the home department have been informed about the initial probe findings and civilian loss of lives. But murder charges will be registered against cops only after autopsies,” he added. “Police will conduct a fair probe and will not spare anyone who killed innocent villagers in the name of anti-Maoist measures. The guilty have to pay the price, but only after a full probe report is obtained,” he said.

Chhattisgarh Director General of Police O P Rathore ordered a probe Sunday into the alleged killings of five to seven civilians by a group of policemen in the tribal village of Ponjer in the state’s southern tip, a Maoist stronghold.

The police allegedly took seven tribal youths to the neighbouring Santoshpur village for “interrogation”, branded them Maoist sympathisers and killed them. Local media reports claim that the cops shot dead four tribals and axed to death the three others.

The Times of India

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Drive to empower girls in Bihar’s Naxal-infested Gaya

Posted by Indian Vanguard on May 7, 2007

Gaya (Bihar), May 7(ANI): A special educational and vocational training programme has been launched for young girls in Bihar’s Gaya District.

The integrated training programme launched in the Naxal-affected Gaya District seeks to empower girls in education, vocational skills and physical safety. In the first such drive, 45 young girls were trained for eight months in various skills, which would enable them to earn a livelihood once they are out of school.

The girls are selected from various Naxal-infested villages and then trained by volunteers according to their background and education. “The main aim of this programme is to empower women, and teenaged girls. We want to empower them socially, physically…in every way,” said Parveen Khatoon, a teacher.

All girls here are given ample opportunity to learn various skills, pursue their hobbies, and even take up outdoor sports like football and hockey. Some of the girls are even trying their hands in journalism.

“We prepare news for newspaper in a group. And our entire group gets the by-line. We write about our activities throughout the week… what all did we do and learn,” said Soni Kumar, a student.

“I have learnt making sculptures and bangles. I learnt karate and football at this camp,” said Zubeida Khatoon, another student. Initially, there were only few girls enrolled in the programme, but as the training progressed, more and more parents started sending their girls for vocational training.


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Orissa’s poster campaign against Maoist menace

Posted by Indian Vanguard on May 7, 2007

Police in an Orissa district have stepped up their fight against Maoist insurgency with a poster campaign that highlights the latter’s atrocities and details a government package for surrendered guerrillas.

‘Hundreds of such posters have been displayed at various places in the tribal town of Malkanagiri,’ a police official told IANS.The district police have erected two giant hoardings at the DNK junction. While one hoarding reflects the state government’s package for Maoists who surrender, the other describes their massacres.

According to the hoardings, if a Maoists opts to join mainstream society, he or she will be given Rs.10,000 as preliminary financial aid, followed by a small plot for house construction and a Rs.25,000 bank loan, besides Rs.15,000 for marriage and Rs.200,000 for self-employment and financial rehabilitation.

‘If any Maoist surrenders with arms and ammunitions, he or she will be given Rs.20,000 as financial assistance immediately,’ the hoarding reads. It also mentions that the guerrilla will be paid Rs.15,000 if he surrenders with a rocket launcher, Rs.10,000 for an AK-47 or AK-57 or INSAS or SLR, Rs.5,000 for 303 rifle or pistol or revolver and Rs.5,000 for a wireless set.’We believe that the awareness campaign will yield positive results,’ the official added.

India E News

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Top Maoist guerrilla nabbed in Raipur

Posted by Indian Vanguard on May 7, 2007

Raipur, May 6 – A top Maoist guerrilla leader from West Bengal was arrested Sunday from a railway station here even as Maoists killed two tribals in Chhattisgarh’s insurgency-hit Bijapur district on suspicion they were police informers.

According to police, the arrested Maoist was identified as Piyush Guha, a resident of West Bengal. He was nabbed while carrying a letter meant for a top Maoist leader currently in a Chhattisgarh jail in connection with masterminding over dozens of major landmines blasts in India, a senior police officer said.

It was the first-ever instance of Leftist radicals roaming around urban areas in the insurgency-infested state. Guha’s arrest came two later after police trapped a 50-year-old Maoist leader Gazalla, a member of Dandkaranya Zonal Committee in Gariaband area, 25 km from here.

India E News

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