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Bihar supports Private Armies

Posted by Indian Vanguard on May 1, 2007

Patna: The dismal law and order situation in Bihar is known to everyone. And it is this abysmal state that has prompted private builders and contractors to hire self-styled private armies for their protection.

There are many self-styled ‘armies’ in Bihar, which are run by local unemployed youths of the village. The state government seems happy with this initiative.

“It’s not possible for the police alone to protect the whole of Bihar. This initiative is good,” said Nitish Kumar, Chief Minister, Bihar

The gun-toting men dress up in causal clothes and call their group Ugrawadi Virodhi Manch or the ‘anti-terrorism squad.’ This self-styled private army protects the private construction companies from criminal gangs and naxals who come hunting for their pound of flesh.

“Ever since this army has been formed, development work is gaining momentum. They protect us from local goons and extortionists. We are also getting cooperation from the village people, police and the villagers,” said Ashok Singh, contractor.

“We’ll retaliate if naxals attack us. We will go to any extent for development,” said Sachita Singh, member of the ‘anti-terrorism squad’.

Development under the shadow of guns clearly shows people’s desperation for development at any cost. And this time, they are not resting all their hopes on the state machineries but are themselves taking the lead and are lending hand to the government.

Out here, the answer to the menace of gun culture seems to be more fireworks.


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