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Archive for May, 2007

Maoists sneak into South Orissa

Posted by Indian Vanguard on May 31, 2007

JEYPORE: The reported sneaking in of over 100 hardcore Maoists from neighbouring Chhattisgarh to Malkangiri and Koraput districts has put the cops on their toes.

A red alert has been sounded in the tribal pockets of these districts. Four days back, police received an intelligence input from Bastar district of Chhattisgarh that armed Maoists are moving towards Malkangiri and Jeypore subdivision in Koraput.

The subdivision had been considered a non-Naxal bastion till now. Sources said the Naxalites had entered Jeypore sub-division through the river route near Ghadaghat, bordering Orissa and Chhattisgarh.

Although the motive of the Naxalites is yet to be known, police are apprehending attacks in major establishments. The region has seen several major attacks over the past few years and cops are not taking any chances.

Armed police have been deployed at check points and patrolling increased Boipariguda and Kundra areas where the ultras are reportedly camping now. The Maoists are likely to hold a meeting to spread their tentacles in the State to create an ‘administration-free zone.’

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The rape of Freedom of Opinion!

Posted by Indian Vanguard on May 31, 2007

source: Another wold is possible

As in the case of “Naxalite” Arun Ferreira, if the government considers files in your computer as evidence of terrorist links, most of us will be in jail!

The fear of Reds crawling under your bed is making the police in India do strange things. People are being picked up and interrogated on the basis of the files in their computers and pen drives. And if the pen drive contains files about SEZs, land grabbing, atrocities against dalits and communal riots, you are in big trouble. Not only will you be taken to the police station, given a dose of truth serum and questioned in isolation, the police will also threaten to lock up anyone who dares to speak in your support. We don’t know if Arun Ferreira from Bandra is a member of CPI(Maoist) or not, or if he has been involved in any violent act, but the police have already passed a judgement : He is a seditionist – a Naxalite threatening the Indian state. Part of the “evidence” is in his pen drive which has some files on “sensitive issues”. They haven’t produced any evidence of his involvement in any violent activity, but Ferreira is guilty because the police suspect he is guilty.

This is not funny. It’s scary. If people can be put behind bars for what they have saved in their computers, half the journalists, academics, social activists, NGO workers and writers in this country should be in the police station waiting for their turn to be jabbed with sodium pentothal and talk in a daze about the “seditionist material” in their computers. And then they would throw you into a dingy cell where petty thieves, rapists and professional killers kick you day and night for being “anti national”.

The police keep picking people merely on suspicion, trying to build cases on the basis of emails, phone calls, SIM cards, blogs and pen drives. The cases keep falling flat in the court while real terrorists walk in and out of the country at will, blowing up common Indians on trains and buses, at mosques and in temples, in cinema halls and offices. The real perpetrators of these crimes almost never get caught, tried or convicted.

Catching people for carrying “sensitive information” can’t be a way of tackling national security issues. It has something to do with opinion. It has something to do with political opposition. It is all about trampling on liberties and stifling dissent. Governments around the world – from the US to China to Sudan to Colombia – have been itching to launch a war of terror on those who oppose them. and thousands of people with political opinions have been “fixed” through this “war on terror”.

In this season of suspicion, I check my personal computer at home. There are hundreds of reports on human rights violations in India, police atrocities, dalit organizations, Naxalite groups and Nandigram, all downloaded from the net. I don’t think it’s safe anymore to save those files on the computer or a pen drive. It’s better to keep all this in your mind. They don’t have a machine with which they can read your mind. Not yet.

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Posted by Indian Vanguard on May 30, 2007

June 16, 2007

June 3, 2007

April 30, 2007

April 25, 2007

April 18, 2007

April 6, 2007

April 5, 2007

April 4, 2007

March 21, 2007

March 18, 2007

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Chhattisgarh: Dr.Ilina is the latest target

Posted by Indian Vanguard on May 30, 2007

We invites all to join the huge rally protest of raipur on 31st. This will be a strong message to the repressive and undemoctaric state. . We hope you are already preparing to reach Raipur to join the voices of dissent.

Venue : KHALSA SCHOOL, near Pandri Bus stand, Pandri Accommodation: Pastoral Centre, near Holy Cross School, Baron Bazar Contact Person : Adv. Sudha Bhardwaj (mobile: 099266-03877)

Another major concern is about the threat of Dr. Ilina Sen getting arrested. This news is being spread by the CG police themselves and hence also the CG local press. Sources close to police confirm that they do plan to arrest her on the grounds of being owner of the house from where “incriminating evidence” was found.

This is ridiculous and should get on the nerves of anyone who has any allegiance to human rights or civil liberties. Friends, it is high-time we show the CG government that lawlessness and absolute human rights violations will not be tolerated by people. We hope the 31st programme becomes a common ground of this declaration.

However, the ground situation in Chhattisgarh continues to be extremely bad with more and more people’s movements and activists being targeted. Radheshyam Sharma is still in jail, but atleast he has ended his hunger strike and is not getting tortured compared to Piyush Guha or some others… Another issue is lack of pro-active legal support that is required from legal experts on HR issues and draconian legislations…

In Solidarity,
Vijayan MJ

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25th Anniversary day of the founding of The ‘All India federation of Organisatios for Demoratic Rights.

Posted by Indian Vanguard on May 30, 2007

We here publish an Article on All India Federation of Organizations for Democratic Rights on the occasion of its 25th Anniversary day.

Harsh Thakor

This day is the 25th anniversary year of the founding conference of the All India Federation of Organizations for Democratic Rights which was held on May 29th 1982 in Guntur in Andhra Pradesh.This federation marked the historic trend of an All India trend to promote the democratic Rights Movement as a struggle oriented one, which recognized the right to struggle against socio-economic repression as the fundamental right from which stem up all democratic Rights.The organizations that merged into the federation were the Association for Democratic Rights of India(Punjab),the Organization for Protection of Democratic Rights(Andhra Pradesh),the Lok Shahi Hakk Sanghatana(Maharashtra),the Gantanatrik Adhikar Suraksha SAmit(Orissa) ,Janadhipatya Avakasa Samrakshana Samiti,Kerala and the Janatantrik Adhikar Surkasha Samiit(Rajasthan) Although he civil liberties movement started from the 1950’s the demarcation of civil liberties with democratic Rights was not made. The historic manifesto was as follows

1.Mobilise public opinion against al fascist laws,acts and atrocities by the ruling classes.

2. Propogate and organize amomg the people about the democratic Rights

3.Give all assistance to the people whose rights were abused.

4.Build unity among all sections possible explaining the connection between their interest.

To build a movement for the right to political dissent and thus demand the unconditional release of all political prisoners.

5.To oppose all capital punishment and build public opinion against it.

6.To protect academic and cultural freedoms and oppose state interference

7.To strive to establish the correct practice o the democratic Rights Movement.

The first such democratic Rights organization representing the correct trend was the Organization for Protection of Democratic Rights formed in Andhra Pradesh in 1975.They fought against the trend where the democratic Rights platform was used as a platform for promoting political ideology. This is what differentiated the O.P.D.R with the A.P.C.LC(Andhra Pradesh Civil Liberties Comitee) .It was O.P.D.R that was the founder of the slogan’It should be broad-baded,pro-people, and recognize the right to struggle of the people as the fundamental right’In ontrast the A.P.C.L.C propogated that the democratic Rights Movement should uphold the path of ‘armed struggle.’The first major work of O.P D.R was the report on the Srikakulam Girjian Movement 1977 with regard to police encounters.This was one of the most significant reports in the democratic Rights. Movement in India and the first of it’s kind.Hundreds of Girijan families were interviewed and the agency of Srikakulam area was extensively toured.The report narrated the historic background f the Srikakula Girijan Movement which originated in 1967.The taem demanded the unconditional release of all political prisoners and for a all parliamentary committee to inquire into the socio-economic conditios in the Agency areas.It was also demanded that the guilty policeman be brought to the book,police camps removed and that he ‘Distrurbed areas act be scrapped.’ All the victims were innocent sympathizers and not what the police alleged them to be.Earlier O.P.D.R had also propogated against the death sentence of Kista Gowd and Bhumiah In 1975 during e emergency.In 1978 it conducted a historical investigation in East Godavri district.Several innocent Girijans were arrested and police camps were launched. Two innocent Girijans perished In police Firing.O.P.D.R demanded an inquiry and punishment to he guilty policeman.A demand for withdrawal of police camps was made as well as for the protection of Girijan’s lands.. A campaign was done to defend the 1917 and 1959 Tribal area land regulation act.

In the 1980’s O.P.D.R highlighted a huge range of other issues on all sections ,whether tribals, peasants ,workers students or middle class employees.(like teachers)Male chauvinism was opposed as well as caste Chauvinism.It also took out a campaign against te ‘Rape and murder of Shakeela’Custodial rapes were opposed like that of Ramizabee in 1978 in Hyderabad.Other cases wee of Shakhila in Bonagiri and Erukula Kistappa in Ananthapur district.Further reports were carried out on the East Godavri tribals in 1983 and the issue of Communalism was also highlighted. Living conditions of quarry workers was researched in Krishna district as wel as Guntur district. Starvation deaths were investigated in Kolapur Taluka in 1985Mass propaganda was done against Police encounters wiht A.P.C.LC.But the struggle-oriented trend was always emphasized.(The author attended 2 conferences of 1986 and 1990). In Vijaynagarm district O.P.D.R organized a campaign against police firing on 4 people.O.P.D.R took out a report on repression in Sircila In Karimnagar. In 1978 opposing repression on the Rythu Coolie Sangham demands were made for the repealing of cases and charges on innocent peasant mass activists of the Rythu Coolie Sangham.. In July 1982.Again In 1982 November O.P.D.R investigated the killing of 2 Girijans,Kunja Rajulu and Madam Laxmiah in Kondomadulu In East Godavri District.

The O.P.D.R also took out several reports on issues of drought like in Krishna ,Medak and Nalgonda,Prakasham and Srikakulam districtdistrict, where the govt’s anti-people policies were explained .Even relief was carried out..This was predominant in Krishna district.Tremendous efforts we made to defend the rights of the rural poor.East Godavrid district was given great attention as well as Karimnagar. .Campaigns were launched protesting against attacks by Bank officials on Riots in Nalgonda district in 1982.

Mass campaigns were also organized against police firing.A campaign was launched to oppose the unconstitutional overthrow of the N.T.R Govt. The organisation also protected student Movements an once successfuly fought for thre right of the Andhra Pradesh Radical Students Union to propagate their programme in aUniversity room which he authorities at first disallowed. In 1984 Often the platform of the Andhra Pradesh Civil liberties Committee was used as a platfrorm of Maoist groups to propogate ideology.The Organization brought out an Organ ‘ Janpadam’O.P.D.R also opposed the trend of individual terrorism in the People’s Movement as opposed to mass based Movements.True O.P.D.R did virtually all it’s fact-finding reports wit AP.C.L.C but never compromised the ideological difference.It is significant that the left sectarian trend in the Maosit Movement deployed it’s cadre in the A.P.C.L.C and not in the O.P.D.R.(Could not differentiate between party and mass platform)It was a tribute that O.P.D.R had units in so many districts like Srikakulam,East Godavri,Nalgonda,Vijayawada,Krishna district,Hyderabd City

The A.F.D.R.(Punjab)also did significant work in investigating the Naxalite encounters of the early 1970’s .It also played an important role in defending democratic movements .In the early 1980’s the A F D R organized trade Unions opposing the black Laws and formed a joint democratic Front which opposed the curbing of trade Union rights. The way the govt was using black laws in the name of curbing terrorist was explained with great depth..Infact the no existence of such an organization in the time of the emergency was the prime reason of the defeat the Communist revolutionary led movements in Punjab in the 1970’s.

The federation(A.I.F.O.F.D.R) brought out many historic reports through fact-finding teams. During the Khalistan movement a report was brought out which gave a political analysis of the Punjab Problem in the political and socio-economic light had explained how the State functioned as an agent of the Khalistani terrorism.The report explained the genesis of the Khalistani Movement and how the Congress Govt led by Indira Gandi(It was Indira Gandhi who created Bhindranwale) used it to subvert the democratic movements and to topple the Sikh Communal Akali Dal.The ruling class parties connived with the landlords to suppress the democratic movements and used Khalistani gangs against each other to capture power. The report reported the progressive movements led by left organizations combating the Khalistani terror and upheld all the Communist martyrs In the struggle.The fact finding team interviewed all section s of people from peasants,to workers to students to politicians and gained very useful information.

A.F.D.R(formed in 1977) played a major role investigating false police encounters and standing by and giving solidarity to al the anti-Khalistani democratic movements by organisations like he Front against Communalism and state repression and the Revolutionary Centre. Several reports were brought about explaining the nexus between the landlords with the Khalistani forces.The Organization continuously explained the need of mass combat struggle to defeat the communal forces and how the ruling classes were using the Khalistani movement to suppress the people’s day to day struggles.Great anti-communal propaganda was done which as appreciated by the oppressed sections and many a policeman was brought to the book.Attacks on democratic rights by the police like the raiding of villages(Daoke in Amritsar district in 1984 and in the Malant-Lambi area are famous incidents which the organsiation investigated) was a common occurrence,like in Operation Woodrose.A.F.D.R did most creditable work campaigning against the police attacks on the innocent Sikh youth.The organsiation brought out a monthly paper alee ‘Jamhoori Hakk’. A protracted and sustained campaign was carried out exposing state and Khalistani terror.A.F.D.R investigated several instances of repression of workers.(particularly in Ludhiana eg in Sahan Woollen mils)).In 1995 it carried out a report on a May Day attck on workers at Sangrur of he Sangrur Industrial Corpoation where workers opposed their illegal termination.Creditable work was done against repression on members of a rickshaw Union and against kidnaping of student leaders by plainclothes polieman.Sustained campiags were taken out opposing the National Security Act,the Terrorist and Disruptive Areas act,the Disturbe Areas act Etc.Atrocities on women,o Harijan labour,on cases of bonded labour as well as legal aid comitees were it’s other contributions to the movement.A.F.D.R had units in Amritsar,Jalandhar,Ludhiana,Faridkot,Bhatinda ,Sangrur.

In Orissa the G.A S.S.made all efforts to promote the movement opposing the Baliapal Missile base.It also supported the movement of the Adivasi SAngh of the Malkangiri region and gave all support to the anti –people development policies of the govt. promoting high-tech. Another famous report was brought out by the Federation based on the peoples Movement against the building of a missile base in Baliapal in Orissa. The report covered all the areas of Baliapal and explained the policies of the government which promoted military expansionism at the cost of he economic welfare. The class angle as also elaborated but unity with the better off sections like rich farmers was suported .The report highlighted the false propaganda of he government which stressed that too little was spent on defence..

In Maharashtra the Lok Shahi Hakk Sanghatana(formed in 1978) did significant work in bringing out reports on repression on slumdwellers where the relationship with the trade Union movement was projected.L.H.S alos did acampaign against poice torture ,fought agaisnt the retrenchment of workers in Mukesh Mils in Mumbai in Colaba area,took up poster and leafleting campaigns against communalism(against the Ram Janmabhoomi and Rath Yatra or Mandir propaganda).With regards to communalism emphasis was palced on the role of the working class.LHS also brought out reports on drought and in 1983 and 1989 brought outrepost on repression by the C.P.M on Kashtakari Sanghatana,a struggling organization of Adivasis in Dahanu.(A tribal region of Maharashtra)The report brilliantly explained the relationship betwewn the socio-economic conditions of the Adivasis and the repressin by the C.P.M.In 1984 it investigated the riouis in Bhiwandi from aWorking class viewpoint and also the firing in Goregaon. L.HS also did propaganda in working calls areas opposing state trepresion in Bihar and in Andhra Pradesh.Peaasnt leaders from Bihar were invited to address the gathering.Significant work was done in 1992-93 during the Mumbai riots to build struggle committees promoting communal solidarity .L.HS brought out reports on Contract workers at the Airport in Mumbai and on the closure of the Mills in Mubai with a historic socio-economic angle.Although LHS worked with Commitee For Protection of Democratic Rights there was a difference in the approach of work.It was L.HS that worked I the factories and the Chawls projecting democratic Rights issues.Earlier it had a paper called ‘Lok Hakk’.The author has vivid memories how activists of the left sectarian trend in the Maosit Movement would use the O.P.D.R platform and not work within L.H S.In Rajasthan also significant solidarity work was done with regards to black laws and communalism

The federation held 2 Sammelans,one in 1990 in Udaipur and the other in 1995 in was no great mass mobilization but the methods of work and issues we of historical significance.A.I.F.O.F.D.R also brought out reports on drought and on the massacre of Christian missionaries in Orissa in 1999.

Historic resolutions have been passed by the Federation on repression on Kashmiri People, Punjab Problem, ,state repression in Bihar and Andhra Pradesh,retrenchment of workers in West Bengal, Black Laws tc.Upto the early 1990’s the Federation progressed at an All India level but sadly by the late 1990’s the trend declined. The A.F.D.R hardly now displayed the same militant orientation and nor did the O.P.D.R.

The author of his article wishes that the readers of this site could get hold of the earlier issues of he A.I.FO.F.D.R organ called “In Defence of Democratic Rights .’and help in reprinting and re-distributing the issues .Brilliant portrayals have been done on communalism ,Repression on peasants and Workers Struggles EtcThe genesis of the 1992 Babri Masjid demolition s and communal riots in the aftermath is well explained.

Today a struggle oriented democratic Rights Movement is very much needed which relates the cause of democratic Rights as different from mere civil liberties.Civil liberties are what exists in the Constitutio,but democarti Rights have always been won over by the people .Eg.The rights of Black people in America or the Working Class in England.Today in ligt of the advance of he Specia economic Zones and repression on the Nandigram peasant struggle a united democratic Rights movement is the need o the hour.

Let us remember this day when a federation was formed 25 years in Guntur in Andhar Pradesh ago to promote he Democratic Rights Movement.

The author wishes that readers could obtain articles on the history of the Democratic Rights Movement and get he earlier reports of te Federation.All readers could kindly request the author of the article.It is impossible in this article to refer to all of the reports and struggles.Please alo read the 1985 December issue of Democratic Rights which historically differentiates civil librties from Democratic Rights. Also purchase reports of A.I.F.O.F.D.R. like the 1987 All India Fact finding report on ‘The Punjab Problem-A Report to the nation.’done in 1987.Alos get 1983 L.H.S report on Repressio in Dahanu.’

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Thousands protest against black law & demands release of Dr. Binayk Sen

Posted by Indian Vanguard on May 29, 2007

Raipur 29 May, 2007
Thousands of workers, farmers, tribals, dalits, women, youth & children gathered in Raipur (Chhattisgarh) on 28th May 2007 to protest against the black law: Chhattisgarh Special Public Security Act, 2005 (CSPSA) and the arrest of Dr. Binayak Sen, General Secretary of Chhattisgarh PUCL & Vice-President, National PUCL under the highly controversial provisions of the CSPSA. The daylong protest demonstration was organized by the United Front of Chhattisgarh People’s Movement that included Chhattisgarh Mukti Morcha (CMM), Nadi Ghati Morcha, EKTA PARISHAD, Baiga Mahapanchayat, Chhattisgarh Mahila Jagriti Sangathan (CMJS) & Chhattisgarh Bal Shramik Sangathan (CBSS).

Close to 6 thousand people from all over Chhattisgarh participated in the daylong dharna, rally and public meeting raising their voice against the police harassment of the Human Rights & Social Activists working for the rights of the people, especially the tribals, dalits, women, bonded & child labourers, workers, farmers, minorities, etc. They also demanded that the Government should immediately stop their anti-people’s policies and adopt a pro-people’s agenda where the land, water, forest, seeds, and other natural resources are collectively owned by the people, and basic facilities like employment, health, education, drinking water, etc are made available to the people as their fundamental right & not a commodity.

Prominent amongst those who provided leadership at the United Protest Demonstration were Mr. Janak Lal Thakur, Mr. Sheikh Ansar & Mr. Ganesh Ram Chaudhary of CMM; Mr. Gautam,
of Nadi Ghati Morcha; Mr. Ratneshwar Nath of EKTA PARISHAD; Ms. Shashi Sail of CMJS, Mr. Lakhan Singh, Journalist, Mr. SK Patel of Mukti-Niketan & Ms. Kumud Nandgave of CBSS.

1. Withdraw all false cases against Dr. Binayak Sen and release him immediately.
2. Repeal the Chhattisgarh Special Public Security Act, 2005.
3. Stop police harassment of Human Rights & Social activists, media persons, intellectuals working for the rights of the people, especially the tribals, dalits, women, bonded & child
labourers, workers, farmers, minorities, etc.
4. Stop Salwa Judum & other anti-tribal activities, and withdraw Naga battalion, Mizo battalion & Central Security forces from Bastar.
5. Stop displacement from forest and implement Schedule Tribe and Traditional Forest Dwellers Land Rights Bill (Forest Rights Recognition Act) 2006.
6. The tribals of Bastar should have collective ownership over the natural resources of Bastar, and the attack on their democratic rights should be stopped immediately and the model of development should be based on the principles of social justice and equality.

A protest demonstration is also being organized on 31st May 2007 by the Chhattisgarh PUCL against the Black Laws and the arrest of Dr. Binayak Sen.

Venue : KHALSA SCHOOL, near Pandri Bus stand, Pandri Accommodation: Pastoral Centre, near Holy Cross School, Baron Bazar Contact Person : Adv. Sudha Bhardwaj (mobile: 099266-03877)

This in appeal to all democratic organizations & peace loving citizens to join forces in defence of Democracy & Freedom. We will make an attempt to keep you informed on the future activities.

Akshay Sail

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Naxalites plan October rally in Delhi

Posted by Indian Vanguard on May 29, 2007

NEW DELHI, May 28: Naxalite groups are planning a massive show of strength in the Capital in October.

The decision to hold a rally in Delhi was taken in March when the top brass of various Naxalite organisations met to plan the “non-violent” campaign. Though the rally has been called to protest upcoming special economic zones on agriculture land all over the country, its basic agenda is to get media attention and to display its strength at the national level. Documents seized by security forces during various raids in Jharkhand and Chattisgah revealed the three-tier strategy of Naxalite groups. “First they will launch/ intensify their operations in areas where SEZs are coming up through their frontal organisations. These organisations will recruit locals for their violent activities,” said a senior official of a security agency which seized the incriminating documents.

“Subsequently, the Naxalite groups will set up an overground workers’ network in the Hindi belt, mainly Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Uttaranchal so that they can hit the headlines in Delhi,” the official said. Thirdly and most important, they will make their presence felt in the Capital in a big way in October.

“The preparations for the October rally have begun in a big way with Naxalite groups giving district commanders six months to plan it,” the official said.

The Statesman

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Back-to-back Maoist strikes stun Lalgarh, West Bengal

Posted by Indian Vanguard on May 29, 2007

Midnapore, May 28: Barely 24 hours after they attacked the house of a CPM leader, Maoists killed the father-in-law of another in a raid mounted last night.

Manik Mahato, 68, was shifted to Midnapore Medical College and Hospital with stab wounds, but succumbed to his injuries this morning.

Manik’s son-in-law Upen Mahato is a CPM local committee member.

The incident took place at Jamda village in West Midnapore’s Lalgarh area. The place is only 2 km from Nera village, where an attack on CPM zonal committee member Sheikh Khaliluddin was foiled on Saturday-Sunday midnight.

Khaliluddin’s bodyguards and some 20 villagers with bows and arrows had fought off Maoists.

Shaken by the twin attacks in such a short span, villagers in the Lalgarh area are blaming the police for doing nothing to fight the threat.

“We suspect that it was the same gang that attacked Sheikh Khaliluddin’s house on Saturday night. We have reports that there were some local pe-ople, too, with the guerrillas. We are trying to identify them first,” West Midnapore superintendent of police R. Rajsekharan said.

CPM district secretariat member Dahareswar Sen ac- cused the Jharkhand Party (Naren) of orchestrating the attacks.

“The party is taking help from Maoists to create terror in the CPM-dominated Belatikri village panchayat area. Bypolls were held there on Sunday.”A group of nearly 30 Maoists stormed Upen’s house around 11.30 pm last night.

“My mother (Bilasi), father (Chunaram) and father-in-law tried to prevent them from breaking open the door. Some of them fired through the cracks. My mother was hit in the back and my father-in-law in the right palm. As they held themselves against the door, they stuck in a spear through a crack that pierced my father-in-law’s chest,” said Upen.

The CPM leader said the firing stopped after about half an hour. “When I came out, about five of them chased me. I started running for my life and managed to escape.”

When the police finally arrived around 12.30 am on Monday, they were surrounded by angry villagers.

“There have been three attacks on me over the past two years but I haven’t been given a bodyguard. Even after the attack at Nera village, there was no additional deployment of police,” Upen said.

SP Rajsekharan said that isn’t true. “The police rushed to Jamda from Gopalpur as soon as they heard the gunshots. Our men removed the injured people to hospital.”

The Telegrap

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Posted by Indian Vanguard on May 29, 2007

May 4, 2007

April 23, 2007


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Accept All The Pro-People Demands And Take Steps To Release The Hostages

Posted by Indian Vanguard on May 29, 2007

We post it here for the archive.The statement is related to the Udayangiri operation.

AS you know, on 24th March around five hundred people along with one hundred armed cadre under the leadership of C.P.I.(Maoist) encircled R.Udayagiri of Gajapati district, Orissa. They attacked on police station, sub-jail, treasury and Orissa State Armed Police (OSAP) camp. The armed battle at OSAP camp continued more than an hour, in which 3 armed police and 2 cadres of Maoist named Suresh and Satish were killed. Ultimately state armed force surrendered before the Maoist. Maoist had taken away all the armed and ammunitions from the Govt. forces. They broke the Jail and made free to all the prisoners. They also took away the Jailer and Police OIC with them as hostage. They had left one letter for govt., in which they cleared their intension of this attack. They described it as an armed reaction against this anti-people Govt., who has been continuously attacking on democratic people’s movement through lathes and bullets. They also placed five points demand list to the Govt. to release the both officers. Demands are:

1. Stop the plundering of natural resources in the name of development and industrialization and accept the right of the people over land, water, forest and natural resources.

2. Stop state repression on people’s movement and booked all the officials and politicians in murder cases, those are linked in people’s massacre like in Mandrabaju, Kasipur, Soran and recently Kiling Nagar.

3. Ensure the minimum right to all the prisoners and give political prisoners status to Maoist.

4. Release all the political prisoners of Malkanagiri, Baripada, Mandrabaju and others.

5. Withdraw all the cases against the struggling people. Withdraw the armed forces from struggle area. And stop police modernization.

Instead of accepting all the people’s demand of Maoist and clearing the roads for the release of hostage officials, Govt. is speeding up the combing operations. It is a well known fact that all the demands put forth by Maoist are not new and have already been agitated by various democratic forces. But the anti-people Govt. never considered these demands and rather attacked on people to safe guard the interest of the exploiters. The R.Udaygiri incident cannot be considered different from the political and economic situation of the state in general and Gajpati and Rayagada district in particular.

R.Udaygiri is a tehsil head quarter of Gajpati Dist. Gajpati Dist is a part of the undivided Koraput Dist., in which during 40s more than 80% was the tribal population. Although it is a scheduled area, but in 2001 census it reveals that only 35% is the tribal population in Gajpati Dist. There is a regulation of Governor being given assent of the president prohibiting tribal land transfer to non tribal in scheduled area since 1956. But while more than 80% of the tribal either do not have land for cultivation or although posses land but do not have lands right. On the contrary hundreds of non tribal landlords and moneylenders operating in this area exploiting the poor and innocent tribals. There is a money lending law since the British colonial rule and a special regulation has been enacted for scheduled area during 70s. But the research proves that more than 90% of the tribal population are not aware of the enactment, what to talk of it’s implementation! Money lending business in the locality is the important factor for transfer of tribal land to the hands of non tribal landlords. Bhudan movement has served very little in this area. Land reforms is only in political slogan. So the tribal people finding no way out formed an organization named as “Chashi Mulia Samiti” in 1995. The struggles of tribal under the banner of Chashi Mulia Samiti got the momentum by occupying lands of the non tribal landlords in this area. The Govt. instead of taking steps to regularize the lands occupied by the landless tribal, tried to suppress the land struggle, more popularly known as Basadhara land struggle, deploying O.S.A.P, I.R.B.F and C.R.P.F in different points in the 5th scheduled area. The state Govt. when failed to tackle the movement through security forces wanted to demoralize the tribal population by adopting method of humiliating the tribal ladies by outraging their modesty or committing rape on them through the security forces. The state Govt. also adopted a method to divide the tribals and dalit communities by terming the movement as anti dalit movement. The state Govt. also adopted an evil design to divide the tribal communities forming ‘Shanti Sena’ under the leadership of lumpen tribal elite. The said ‘Shanti Sena’ at the behest of the state committed atrocities in different tribal villages and tribes. During the Basadhara land struggle, about 1000 tribals in 20 Gram Panchayats of two block area in Gajpati district have implicated in serious criminal charges including murder, attempt to murder, docoity, keeping arms, etc and are send to jail. It is said that the tribals have traditional right over the forest and forest products. But before the Naxal movement starts in the area, the tribals were indiscriminately implicated in the forest cases.

As per the Govt. version, transacting of forest produce worth of rupees within one hundred which constitute also offense, cases numbering 11,400 are pending against tribals. The tribals are not getting minimum wages. They are also not getting minimum support price for the produce. It is also admitted by the C.M of Orissa during his recent visit to R.Udaygiri after the incident that no development has been made in the area since his last visit to the area during 1997, when he was a minister under central cabinet.

Instead of addressing to the basic issues like land, right over forest and forest produce, minimum wage, heath, education, poverty, the state power always adopted repressive measures against any form of democratic movement. That is from Maikanch(Kasipur) to KalingNagar via Mandrabaju, Raigarh, Chhilika, Baripada etc.

On 30th Dec. 1999, Police fired on the struggling people of Mandhrabaju of Gajapati district and killed 8 tribal. Instead of giving justice to the tribal, struggling for their land and booking the notorious officials responsible for this killing, Govt. booked the tribal in false cases and now four are in jail for life imprisonment, out of which two are in wrong identification. On 16 th Dec.2000, at Maikanch of Kasipur area of Rayagada district Police killed 3 tribal in firing, those were struggling against their displacement in favor of Aluminum big houses. Similarly, 5 dalit fishermen of Chilika Lake were killed at Soran in Police bullet, those are fighting for their traditional fishing right in Chhilika which is in danger from prawn mafia. Of course, Kaling Nagar Adibasi massacre is fresh in everybody’s mind, where 13 tribal were brutally killed in favor of Tata Company.

Their cause and demands, the number of people participated in the incident and more over their responsible behave strongly indicate that they are not terrorist as the state characterized. And their activities cannot be checked through repression. It is a historical fact that whenever and wherever there is attempt to suppress the genuine cause through bayonet, in a natural way, the people’s movement turns into a violent form and any form of repressive measure shall be termed as state terrorism.

It is also significant to note that police, paramilitary forces, army are said to be inexistence for the protection of general people, general mass and country. The cops earn their livelihood from the public exchequer which is created out of the revenue collected from the common mass. The members of the security forces belong to the families covering workers, farmers, lower middle class and middle class people. But in every case we find they are deployed against the democratic movement of the people and to suppress people’s voice to safeguard the interest of national and international monopoly industrial houses who are plundering natural resources of the state .The members of security forces though belong to the class of toiling masses but engaged to protect the interest of landlords, capitalists and their political agents. The same toiling mass mostly from which class the members of security forces have come are totally think them as their enemy. The game plan of ruling class to divide the oppressed class and engaged one against another is a serious matter of concern, which the common mass and the members of security forces should understand. Now it is high time that the police should not demand for sophisticated arms and ammunition ultimately which will serve the interest of capitalist, landlords and lumpen politicians accelerating the hostile atmosphere between the police and struggling mass .The police now should demand they shall not be engaged against any people’s movement. The callousness of the Naveen’s Government towards considering the demands of Maoists for release of the hostages clearly indicate that as if they have waited to give tribute to the dead bodies of the hostages as martyrs only and to shift blame on the Maoists. It is to be noted that the hostages belong to lower cast and also lower ranking officers. And they are not kith and kin of any political leaders nor are any top bureaucrats.

Daman Pratirodh Manch

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