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WB: ‘I was raped by policeman’

Posted by Indian Vanguard on April 25, 2007

Kolkata: A woman told officials probing the Nandigram killings in West Bengal that she was raped by a policeman on March 14 during a police attempt to crush protests by villagers against land acquisition.

Kajal Majhi of Kalicharanpur village in East Midnapore district made the allegation Tuesday to senior official Balbir Ram, appointed by the government to inquire into alleged police atrocities in Nandigram. Kajal reportedly said she was raped when the police entered Gokulnagar village in Nandigram, 150 kilometres from Kolkata, while the villagers were protesting against proposed land acquisition for a special economic zone (SEZ).

“We peacefully assembled in the village when police entered the area and tear-gassed us. When I went to wash my eyes, a policeman forced me inside a cattle shed and raped me and I fainted,” she said.

“I regained consciousness after a day. The local people first took me to the Nandigram hospital and then to the Tomluk district hospital. I came back home after 11 days of treatment,” she said. Pushpa Mondal, who suffered a bullet injury apparently in police firing, and Bhanu Das, father of a villager who was killed during the protests, were also present at Tuesday’s hearing. Fourteen people were killed and over 100 injured in violence in the area in March. (IANS)

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