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Peoples Democratic Front Of India (PDFI)

Posted by Indian Vanguard on April 23, 2007

Peoples Democratic Front Of India (PDFI) expresses deep anguish and condolence at the departure of our respected Hari Singh Tarq, President of Association for democratic Rights, Punjab (AFDR), Convenor of Committee For the Assistance Of Tribals Affected by Salwa Judum (CATAS). He was a stalwart in defending the human rights and democratic rights of people in India and particularly in Punjab.

He always stood for the protection and promotion of the rights of the toiling and deprived masses. Hari Singh Tarq stood boldly in defence of the marginalised people right from Lehara Gaga to all India level. He struggled hard to build an all India movement for democratic Rights. He was always an important member of the fact finding teams to various parts of country e.g. Jharkhand POTA victims, Gujarat carnage, Chhatisgarh and Andhra Pradesh state repression etc. etc., carried out by AFDR or jointly with other civil liberties organisations.

With his initiative the first programme of the chain of aprogrammes devoted to Shaheed Bhagat Singh;s Birth Centenary year started from Lehara Gaga in 2006.

For more than a decade he continuously and regularly edited a monthly journal, previously named Jan Dastak and now Shabad Baan, highlighting the democratic values in literature, culture, society and politics and exposed the exploitative and oppressive system ruthlessly and boldly.

His death is a huge loss for the democratic movement of India and particularly of Punjab.

On the fateful day he along with his comrade Des Raj Chhajali and his young son was coming back from Barnala after attending a programme in the memory of Revolutionary writer and singer Sant Ram Udasi when he met an accident near Sunam. He was declared dead when brought to Patiala Hospital. Des Raj and his son are still crtical.

We, the organisations constituents of PDFI convey our heartfelt condolences to all family members, colleagues, friends and comrades.


(Dr. Darshan Pal)

On behalf of

Coordination Committee

Peoples Democratic Front Of India (PDFI)


4 Responses to “Peoples Democratic Front Of India (PDFI)”

  1. Harsh Thakor said

    My heartiest condolences to Comrade Tarq.I have great memories of him as I met him in 1986 in the conference of the Organisiation for Protection of DEmocratic Rights in 1986 and also heard his talks in Mumbai on the Punjab problem in December 1986.He explained his points with graet accuracy and articulation.I consider myself a pupil of his .It is no coincidence that it is 30 yaers since the founding of A.F.D.R.Comrdae Tarq played amajor role i the building up of the organisation.

  2. Asim A Shah said

    Daily Dawn, Lahore

    LAHORE, Feb 4: People’s Democratic Front was formed here on Monday to struggle for the rights of the downtrodden and marginalised sections of society.
    Announcing the formation of the front, organiser Mushtaq Ahmed said religious extremists were trying to create a civil warlike situation in the country due to the absence of democratic institutions. Unemployment and inflation were on the rise but those in power continued to claim that prosperity was increasing.
    He said all the political parties contesting elections represented the exploiters. All the parties had been in power in the past and failed to solve the problems faced by the common run of people. All the parties protected the feudal system responsible for lack of democracy in the country.
    He said the PDF was of the view that the country could get rid of IMF and World Bank loans and stand on its feet by introducing land reforms for ending the stranglehold of feudal lords on the economy and developing agriculture on scientific lines. Abolition of contract system was also necessary because it had placed the workers entirely at the mercy of employers.
    He said the front would struggle for providing a constitutional guarantee of employment, education, housing and medical treatment, abolition of feudal and contract system, end to gender discrimination and equal representation for women in all walks of life, elimination of religious extremism and sectarianism and formulation of an independent foreign policy. NP_LHE NP_LHE

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