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‘We can’t influence Naxalites’: C P Gajurel

Posted by Indian Vanguard on April 22, 2007

Despite India’s wish that the Nepali Maoists could influence their Indian counterparts (or “Naxalites”), who are still waging guerilla warfare against the state (something done by the Nepali Maoists until last year), to bring them to the political mainstream, CP Gajurel said his party can’t help India in this regard.

“We also want them (the Naxalites) to enter the parliamentary mainstream, but it may not be possible,” said Gajurel. “We don’t want to influence them. Though we share common ideologies, all parties are independent to go about their actions.” He said each party has its own “strategies and tactics”.

Though he said the strained relationship between his party and the Naxalites has improved, the CPN(M) is still holding a “wait and see” policy. Both the parties, according to Gajurel, are neither in physical contact nor plan to meet. However, speaking at a program organized at Goldsmiths College in London on March 12, he mentioned about “link between the CPI(M) and the Nepali revolution”.

He also said his party is in constant touch with the governments in India, China, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, and other liberal European countries.


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