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Archive for April 22nd, 2007

ML for abolition of SEZ Act

Posted by Indian Vanguard on April 22, 2007

PATNA: National general secretary of the CPI(ML) Dipankar Bhattacharya on Friday denounced the concept of special economic zones (SEZs) and called for the abolition of the Act related to it.

Speaking at a seminar on “SEZ and Development and Issues Before Democracy”, organised by a Hindi magazine, “Samkalin Janmat”, here, Bhattacharya said that it was unfortunate that when the Bill pertaining to the SEZ was being passed in the Parliament, no one, not even the CPM, spoke against it.

However, when the public uproar on the issue reached its zenith in Nandigram and Singur, the CPM started demanding amendments to the Act.

“What is more ridiculous is the fact that the CPM has, so far, simply demanded amendments to the Act and rather feels shy in going the whole hog opposing the move of the UPA government. Moreover, after the “Nandigram operation”, the CPM has no moral right to take on the Congress on the SEZ issue,” Bhattacharya said.

“The CPM is only engaged in shadow-boxing,” Bhattacharya said. Head of the department of economics, Patna University, Nawal Kisore Chowdhary and CPI leader Badri Narain also spoke on the occasion.

The Times of India

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Two Naxals killed in encounter

Posted by Indian Vanguard on April 22, 2007

GIRIDIH: Two Naxalites were killed on Saturday during a fierce gun battle between the police and the banned CPI-Maoist at Chandli village in Giridih district.

SP Arun Singh said policemen found the bodies from the site of the skirmish after exchanging about 100 bullets with the Maoists. Six rebels, including two women, were arrested.

The forces also seized a rifle looted from the police, four country-made guns and some bullets, he said. A combing operation was being conducted in the area, he added.
The Times of India

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‘Stop torturing us, else we flee towards towns’

Posted by Indian Vanguard on April 22, 2007

Stop torturing us, else we flee towards towns.’ The anger against police spills on to the streets in around 200 villages along Jharkhand-West Bengal border.

Disgruntled by the unleash of torturous treatment to them for allegedly siding with naxalites, the villagers, breaking boundaries of state and region, have joined hands and virtually issued a fatwa against police of the two states warning them to refrain from harassing innocent people. “If you continue with the torturous treatment,” villagers warn police, “We would migrate to the nearby towns to settle, demanding camps and compensation alike the Kashmiri and other refugees.”

What has prompted them to take such a major decision? HT visited few such villages, mostly inaccessible, to hear their grievances. The resentment against police was apt. For, villagers complain that ever next day police of any of the two states would raid their homes and pick up men and youth on suspicion of being a naxalite or aiding the Red Brigade.

During the last one and a half month, Jharkhand police has arrested at least 15 persons from Kesarpur panchayat alone, most of them charged with conspiring and assisting naxalites in killing Jamshedpur MP, Sunil Mahato. Villagers vehemently deny their involvement in the gruesome act, and vouch for their innocence.

Situation in bordering villages of West Bengal including is no different. People in Dwarsini complained that police raid their homes, pick up innocent members of their families, and also loot cash and belongings. A case in point is the arrest of Dumkakocha youth, Sunil Singh for his alleged involvement in the blowing up of Dwarsini Tourist Lodge.

A visibly anguished, younger brother, Anil Singh told HT, “My brother was a yoga trainer with Art of Living (AoL) camp at Ghatsila, besides serving part time for Sahara finance. When Bandwan police raided our home for him, Sunil had in his possession Rs 40,000 cash he had collected from his clientele. They took away cash and other valuables along with my brother for a crime he had never committed.”

With the situation turning worse each day, the aggrieved villagers felt the need to raise a concerted voice against the atrocity by law enforcers, and thus formed Border Jungle Mahal Jan Jagran Samity (BJMJJS). The Samity recently has taken out two massive rallies in the Bengal side protesting against police atrocities, and demanding immediate release of innocent people trapped on naxalism charges. A similar rally is being planned in Ghatsila (Jharkhand) shortly.

“Police torture us in the day, in the night its naxalites. If living in village were a crime, we would love to migrate to towns and cities,” observed BJMJJS chairman, Panchanan Singh. Ram Chandra Murmu, secretary, Majhi Pargana Mahal, supreme socio-religious body of tribals in the area too confirmed police atrocity against innocent villagers.

Police claims the agitations ‘naxalite sponsored’. “The Maoists are instigating villagers for such acts,” DSP Ghatsila, Shailendra Burnwal said.

Hindustan Times

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‘We can’t influence Naxalites’: C P Gajurel

Posted by Indian Vanguard on April 22, 2007

Despite India’s wish that the Nepali Maoists could influence their Indian counterparts (or “Naxalites”), who are still waging guerilla warfare against the state (something done by the Nepali Maoists until last year), to bring them to the political mainstream, CP Gajurel said his party can’t help India in this regard.

“We also want them (the Naxalites) to enter the parliamentary mainstream, but it may not be possible,” said Gajurel. “We don’t want to influence them. Though we share common ideologies, all parties are independent to go about their actions.” He said each party has its own “strategies and tactics”.

Though he said the strained relationship between his party and the Naxalites has improved, the CPN(M) is still holding a “wait and see” policy. Both the parties, according to Gajurel, are neither in physical contact nor plan to meet. However, speaking at a program organized at Goldsmiths College in London on March 12, he mentioned about “link between the CPI(M) and the Nepali revolution”.

He also said his party is in constant touch with the governments in India, China, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, and other liberal European countries.

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Naxals flex muscles

Posted by Indian Vanguard on April 22, 2007

GAYA: With no less than four operations to their credit in the last few days, the Naxals after remaining dormant for sometime, have once again gone offensive in the Imamganj area of the district, a favourite turf for the Red Army (armed squad of the Naxal outfit).

On Friday night, the ultras blew up the house of Pankaj, a former activist of the Maoist outfit who subsequently deserted to a group. A large number of ultra Leftists virtually invaded Pandhori village under the Imamganj police station area and blew Pankaj’s house.

Pankaj, besides deserting the Maoist outfit, is alleged to have siphoned off a good part of levy (extrortion money) extracted by the ultras.

In another operation, the Naxals put on fire, the house of Ramanand Yadav of Barcheta village under the same police station. Like Pankaj, Ramanand’s son Manoj, too, is said to have deserted the Maoist outfit.

These two incidents, besides the killing of Krishna Deo, another Naxal deserter and JD(U) activist Birendra Prasad, have once again brought the Dumaria-Imamganj area on the Naxal radar, thereby threatening peace in the area which witnessed lot of bloodshed in the nineties.

Insufficient accessibility and the areas proximity to Jharkhand have added to the woes of the police. Unlike the earlier operations of mass butchery, the Naxals have switched to the selective killing strategy and deserters and cops are the prime targets.

The Times of India

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