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Archive for April 9th, 2007

Intelligence Bureau declares war on Pro-Maoist bloggers

Posted by Indian Vanguard on April 9, 2007

Two days ago a popular forum run by us on a social networking site was taken down by the Intelligence agencies.Clearly the popularity of the forum was what alarmed the agents and in a sense of panic they decided to ask the service provider to delete this discussion forum of ours

which had approximately 200 members.

The forum contained nothing illegal nor did it promote violence.It was a place for popular discussion on current events, politics , with CPM bashing occupying most of our time.

We now believe that the Intelligence bureau is now monitoring all blogs ,email ids and groups which may even be slighly pro-maoist.Not only are all bloggers being monitored but also those who visit such blogs and subscribe to them through email.

Naxalrevolution and Resistance india along with other pro-maoist bloggers condemns this unwarranted harassment and aggression on part of the Cyber Intelligence and has decided to initiate suitable steps to safe guard the security of bloggers,readers and blogs.

In view of this development it has been decided that from

April 10th to April 14th

we will be observing

Internet Security Week

on this blog.

All regular posting has been suspended and we will be posting articles about the internet and create awareness about basic internet security all through this week.Regular programming resumes next week.


Team Naxal Revolution

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Red fury sparks bloodspill on tracks

Posted by Indian Vanguard on April 9, 2007


Jhajha (Jamui)/Patna, April 8: Barely days after storming a CISF outpost at Bokaro in Jharkhand, red rage clawed its way across the border into Bihar, where, in yet another act of daredevilry, a group of Naxalites opened fire on the RPF escort party of the 213 Up Howrah-Mokama passenger train killing two policemen and injuring three others.

The incident took place around 8 am after the train pulled out of the Narganjo halt station and was on its way to Jhajha on the Kiul-Asansol main section of Eastern Railway.

According to eyewitnesses, a group of village women boarded the sleeper compartment of the train at Ghorparan railway station in Jamui district and the men joined them at Narganjo.

As the journey started from Narganjo, the women got into the act, hurling chilly powder at the RPF men and overpowering them.

“The compartment was crowded. The women sat near the door with the RPF personnel and as the train left Narganjo, they started throwing chilly powder at the security personnel. Some of the men tried to snatch their weapons and we heard gun shots,” a passenger said on condition of anonymity.

The Naxalites then opened fire on the police party and resistance from the RPF personnel fell through in the face of “sophisticated” arms the red brigade was carrying.

While two constables — Abhijeet Bag and Palash Ghosh — died on the spot, assistant sub-inspector Sriram Srivastava, along with Bishwanath Sardar and Joyant Biswas sustained bullet injuries.

The bodies of the two deceased officers of Hooghly district in Bengal have been taken to Asansol and will be sent to their families by tonight, a senior railway official said in Asansol.

Conditions of both Srivastava and Sardar being critical, they were taken to Asansol. But Srivastava was later referred to the BN Singh hospital in Calcutta after his condition started deteriorating.

RPF assistant commandant Rajkumar Singh said the Maoists fled with two carbines, one SLR and two pistols, along with 140 carbine cartridges and 70 and 40 cartridges of SLR and pistols, respectively.

None of the passengers, though, were hurt.

The operation over in half an hour, the extremists got down at Rajala halt station, about 8 km from Jhajha and 15 minutes from Narganjo. Before alighting, the Maoists reportedly warned the passengers against “acting smart”.

Jamui district magistrate Ramsobhit Paswan and superintendent of police A.K. Ambedhkar, who rushed to the spot from Jamui district headquarters, said prima facie evidence suggested the attack was a handiwork of the Naxalites. “Loot of weapons seems to be the motive,” the SP added. Ambedhkar further said the police have launched raids and an alert has been sounded in Jamui.


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Women Lead Resistance

Posted by Indian Vanguard on April 9, 2007

Palash Biswas

Both feminism and nationalism in India emerged from the social reform movement of the C19th, it is widely believed. But fact is that tribal women enjoyed equality from the beginning and it is not the feminism advocted by the Ruling Brahmins in India. Even before Renaissance, Dalit Women of Bengal had the awakening as they were directly involved with the production system!

Women of Nandigram fought and led the fight from Front as they happen to be associated with indegineus production system. We may remember the fight of Mother India, fight of Dhania in `Godan, if we like.

The social reform movement originated within the Indian intelligentsia and spread to sections of the middle classes. But the peasant women were socially much more conscious from the beginning.

Mind you, Midnapur happens to be the Home of Matangini Hazra!

During the quit india movement, the people of Medinipur planned an attack to capture the Thana, court and other government offices. Matangini, who was then 72 years old, led the procession. The police opened fire. A bullet hit her arm. Undaunted she went on appealing to the police not to shoot at their own brethren. Another bullet pierced her forehead. She fell down dead, a symbol of the anti-colonial movement, holding the flag of freedom in her hand.
What Nandigram has seen, hence, it is nothing new for Bengal!

In fact, Indian Women have come in front to lead the Great Indian Resistance against Post Modern manusmriti, Neo Libetral Globalisation in form of eviction of the masses from the roots!

It is not only coincidence that Brahminical Hindutva considers all Women SHUDRA! Islam also says that women are unsacred! Varnshram never helped women!

Because all women are shudra, the women Mahashweta devi, Medha Patkar, Arundhati Ray, Aparna Sen, Nabaneeta Dev sen, Shaonli Mitra, Anuradha Talwar, Joya Mitra and all women from Singur and Nandigram shows us well how to Resist State Power!

We have seen it often in Manipur!

These ladies deny to be show piece fair commodity meant for the open market!

As Nandigram in West Bengal became a lightning rod for criticism of economic reforms, candidates in Dadri, home to more than 200 villages, are wooing farmers with a promise that they will not allow the forcible acquisition of land to set up industries or plush residential enclaves.
Farmers to whom the lands belong complain that they have been caught unaware by the acquisition process.

Political parties, including the Bharatiya Janata Party, Bahujan Samaj Party and former prime minister V P Singh’s Jan Morcha, have demanded that the Samajwadi Party government make the entire land acquisition process transparent so that the farmers’ right to just compensation is not affected.

“The compensation awarded to farmers is nowhere near the market price of land. There is no transparent move to uphold in full the rights of those who have been displaced because of this land acquisition,” BJP legislator Nawab Singh Nagar, seeking to retain his seat on the same plank, said as he walked into a dusty village of the constituency for his campaign.

Last year, V P Singh and Communist Party of India general secretary A B Bardhan were arrested by police as they headed to Dadri for a protest against alleged inadequate compensation to villagers whose land was acquired for a mega power project of Reliance.

“There have been similar protests and demonstrations in Dadri since Noida and Greater Noida came into being. But farmers continue to suffer. Nobody is genuinely concerned about their welfare,” said Congress candidate Raghuraj Singh.

Hazra, Matangini (1870-1942) a famous Gandhian leader and a humanitarian. Matangini Hazra (Matangini Hazra) was born at a village named Hogla under Tamluk Thana of Medinipur in West Bengal. Daughter of a poor peasant, she had no access to education at her father’s house. Given in marriage at an early age, Matangini became widowed at eighteen without having any children. She played an active role in the struggle for independence from colonial rule and followed Mahatma Gandhi’s creed of non-violence.

In 1932, Matangini participated in Gandhi’s civil disobedience movement (Salt Satyagraha), manufactured salt at Alinan salt centre and was arrested for violating the salt act. After her arrest she was made to walk a long distance as punishment. She also participated in the ‘Chowkidari Tax Bandha’ (abolition of chowkidari tax) movement and while marching towards the court building chanting slogan to protest against the illegal constitution of a court by the governor to punish those who participated in the movement, Matangini was arrested again. She was sentenced to six months imprisonment and sent to Baharampur jail.

After her release Matangini got actively involved with the activities of the indian national congress. She took to spinning thread and Khaddar (coarse cloth) like a true follower of Gandhi. In 1933 she joined the ‘Mahakuma Congress Conference’ at serampore where police resorted to baton charge on the protesters. Always engaged in humanitarian causes, she worked among affected men, women and children when small pox in epidemic form broke out in the region. People lovingly called her ‘Gandhi Buri’.

The Left Front’s most recent record in ushering in capitalism in the state of West Bengal is shameful, but there isn’t even a muted response to the Pakistan judiciary reeling under the boots of a military dictator.

However, let’s stick to India alone. Even though the Left allows the UPA government to survive on its oxygen, it misses no opportunity to bare the Manmohan Singh government’s capitalists tendencies. And in its own bastions of West Bengal and Kerala, it’s not just rolling out red carpet to woo foreign investment but is shameless in suppressing popular revolt.

The contradictions are clear. Coming from the CPI(M), lofty ideas, talks of power to the people and human rights appear hollow. The emperor has no clothes. Scores of artists and intellectuals across the country have showed their resentment in no uncertain terms.

Also, West Bengal Governor Gopal Krishna Gandhi has hardly ever courted political controversy. He is known to be a man of scholarship, integrity and composure. When he criticises the government, it contains the credulity of honesty.

The state government thought it would get away this time, too. It thought that a nexus of party, police and a highly politicised establishment would again suppress opposition. It forgot, however, that communication technology and a vibrant media not only had gathered more strength in recent times but also spread the reach. Mamata Banerjee just fitted the bill.

The support of Jamiat-e-Ulema against the state government is again reflective of the withering away of its Muslim vote bank. So, did Nandigram happen due to CPI (M)’s overconfidence? Partly. More so, due to the bourgeois attitude that has crept into the leadership.

Nandigram, quite naturally, generated much political heat in both the Houses. The NDA and the ruling almost came to blows. It was only expected. But the sheer ruffian behaviour of the Kolkattan Left forced Speaker Somnath Chatterjee to offer his resignation for the nth time. No, the Communists did not attack any member from the Opposition benches but a Cabinet minister belonging to DMK, a fellow ally in UPA.

In accordance with written history, Faminism appeared first in Bengal – Ram Mohan Roy founded Atmiya Sabha in Bengal in 1815. 1828 Brahmo Samaj also formed in Bengal.It was partly inspired by Hindu revivalism and partly by liberal ideas.

Talwar (1990) points out that the movement for the uplift of women initiated by men in the early C19th – e.g. Raja Ram Mohun Roy – and included education, widow remarriage, abolition of purdah, and agitation against child marriage.
The author argues that social reform movements arose out of conflict between the older feudal joint family system and material needs of the developing urban middle class.
The urban m/c family was no longer a productive unit but a place of emotional fulfilment. The reform movement of the C19th was generally limited to urban areas.

‘As an Indian bourgeois society developed under western domination, this class sought to reform itself, initiating campaigns against caste, polytheissm, idolatry, animism, purdah, child marriage, sati and more, seeing them as elements of a pre-modern or primitive identity’ (Kumar 1993).


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An open letter to Sudhir Mahoto, Dy, CM of Jharkhand

Posted by Indian Vanguard on April 9, 2007

Naxal Revolution

Communist Party of India(Maoist)
Bengal-Jharkhand-orissa regional committe

Date – 08-04-07


Mr. Sudhir Mahato

Dy. Chief Minister


Mr. Mahato,

Our Party has boldly carried out people’s verdict by executing the leader of Nagarik Suraksha Samiti (NSS) and MP of your party on 4th March 2007. Since then you have been issuing false statements from time to time purportedly denigrating the CPI (Maoist) and its role in the state. Your aim and motive is clear to the people. However, we feel it right to challenge your statements and warn you against letting loose a barrage of lies cooked up at the diktat of corporate houses, native and foreign and the state’s landed gentry. With all this, in order to cover up the failures of your government – a visible symbol of betrayal of the much-propagated cause of the common masses of Jharkhand – you the people in power are trying to attack us, sending troops to create white terror by regular combings and savage brutalities. We have the right to answer all such fascist methods in a befitting manner.

To come to your false propaganda about your espousing the cause of the Jharkhandis, we iterate it clear and loud that you have betrayed them in every conceivable way. You and your party’s high-flying corrupt leaders have proved traitors to the long-cherished dream of a democratic Jharkhand or Lalkhand, free from loot, oppression and plunders of the exploiters. You claim to be do-gooders of the common people. It is down right falsehood. Your statements against the Maoists’ activities for the Jharkhandis in East Singhbhum are all nonsense. Is it not a fact like the daylight that the oppressed Santali, Bhumij, Urav, Munda, Ho Adivasis and other non-Adivasis have rallied en masse behind our Party that has been leading their struggles for an exploitation free Jharkhand? Can you suppress the fact that you and your party leaders have turned into confirmed oppressors and mafia gang leaders who have amassed huge fortunes overnight? Can you prove with a single instance that the JMM leaders are not the faithful dalals and chamchas of the Tatas, Jindals, Mittals and many multinational companies who are out to loot Jharkhand and its people.

You the people are glorifying the notorious MP Sunil Mahato and trying to project Sunil as an honest leader killed by the Maoists. Can you explain how come Sunil, born in a middle peasant family, turned into a Karodpati as your party leader? You are equating the Nirmal Mahato – a genuine fighter against the Tatas and brutally murdered by the mafia gang engaged by the Tatas while calling him for a talk over displacement of Adivasis in 1987 – with the anti-people, mafia gang backer, fortune and power seeker notorious MP Sunil Mahato. Why this need to undermine the great image of the martyr Nirmal Mahato along with the Maoist revolutionaries? We punished Sunil Mahato and explained to the masses why we were forced to kill him. You propagate that we the Maoists are in for indiscriminate killing without people’s support. It is a dirty propaganda. We never touch anyone for punishment until and unless the person(s) and reactionary(ies) become confirmed enemy(ies) of the people. People’s court ( Jana Adalat) comprising the common masses decides on the punishment and only then it is executed by our PLGA with the active support of the masses. We adopted the same method while executing the people’s enemy, Mr. Sunil Mahato.

Mr. Sudhir, your friend Sunil Mahato was traveling in the same boat as you are doing now. From 2003 onwards whenever Sunil Mahato set his foot on East Singhbhum, he chose to provoke the masses against us, against our movement for an exploitation – free Jharkhand. He stood by the NSS. The criminal gang leaders Shankar and Dhanai were his right and left hands to execute his game plan in the district. His execution was according to the people’s verdict.

You and your colleagues are falsely preaching that Sunil was executed as he refused to comply with the monetary demand of the Maoists. It is dirty lie. This false propaganda has been manufactured to tarnish the revolutionary, dedicated image of the CPI (Maoist). We never execute a criminal like Sunil Mahato for petty money mater. What your dishonest criminal leaders can commit for grabbing the ill-gotten money we the Maoists simply hate it and can not permit such practice.

You the hated yes-men of the corporate houses and World Bank have given the call for Sendra campaign against us. You like the BJP and the Congress in Chhattisgarh are saying that such a campaign will being peace in Jharkhand by eliminating the Maoists. We declare that we are prepared to give a fitting reply to your fascist campaign. Remember it that when the Lango and other incidents of well-planned murders of our comrades were taking place the home minister of the erstwhile NDA had taken a resolution on such a murderous game plan. Later your guru Shibu Soren too supported such a notorious decision to mass kill our forces. Babulal, Arjun, Koda who became CMs of Jharkhand resorted to the policy of killing Maoists. But what has happened? Have we not got strengthened further and spread to newer areas in Jharkhand after brutal killings of the revolutionary Maoists? The Sendra campaign shall meet the same fact as the Salwa Judum has met in Chhattisgarh.

Listen, Mr. Sudhir Mahato and read the writing on the walls. Don’t think that the Jharkhandis will spare the notorious high priests of the JMM who only know how best to amass fortunes by all dishonest means being a part and parcel of the exploitative system controlled by the Tatas, Jindals, Mittals various MNCs and feudal landlords. Don’t forget that despite your false propaganda along with campaigns by the state’s armed forces the people of Jharkhand are advancing forward to establish an exploitation-free Jharkhand where Adivasis can live enjoying independence to develop their language, culture and to ensure basic rights to livelihood.

We stand by the people of Jharkhand.

Victory to the revolutionary people of Jharkhand.


              CPI (Maoist)

Bengal-Jharkhand-Orissa Regional Committee

Hindustan Times

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