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In China, they are ready to throw out anybody for commercial space

Posted by Indian Vanguard on April 4, 2007

NEW DELHI: Here is yet another Chinese model of “displacement” that could appeal to communists here. A report from Beijing on Tuesday said the state has asserted its right to displace a citizen for providing space to a commercial establishment, but only after providing a compensation package.

The report said that a couple and a man lost out to the might of the state when their “nail houses” were demolished to make way for a shopping mall and a landmark building for the state broadcaster.

The couple, Wu Ping and Yang Wu in southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality will be compensated an additional 900,000 yuan for the loss of their business. The developer, Chongqing Zhirun Real Estate Co Ltd, will compensate them for 30 months of losses at a rate of 30,000 yuan a month.

Leftists in West Bengal, just like their favourites in China, have been maintaining that the state should have a role in corporates acquiring land for business purposes. It is not in agreement with the Congress and the BJP when they say that the government should have no role in the corporates’ acquisition efforts.

And like in Nandigram, it also took a protracted fight for the Chinese couple to get justice from the Communist bosses. The Chinese couple’s fight came to a head after a photo of their home, showing their house perched a top a spike of land in the middle of 17-metre-deep excavation site where a new shopping mall will be built, was published in the domestic as well as international media.

Agency reports from Beijing said water and electricity to the couple’s two-storey brick house in Jiulongpo District was cut in 2004 but they refused to move. Developers had earlier persuaded 280 other families to make way for a new shopping mall. The couple’s residence became known as the “nail house” because it stood up like a nail in the middle of the excavation site. Economics Times


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