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Archive for April 4th, 2007

No kids in Bihar schools, only cops

Posted by Indian Vanguard on April 4, 2007

Patna: Children usually fear teachers when they go to school but in many schools in Bihar, it’s the police that the children are afraid of.

They have been forced to attend their lessons outside the classrooms because their classrooms have been taken over by the Bihar Police, who are now using it to catch up on their beauty sleep.And this is not a one off case. Children from across the state face inconveniences because the policemen have occupied the school premises.

“The police don’t allow us to play,” a student, Sanoj Kumar says.”We can’t use the toilet because of the police,” another student Indu Kumari says.After voicing their complaints several times, even the teachers are now at a loss.”The police have captured two rooms. So much money was spent in building the classroom but now the policemen are sleeping there peacefully,” a teacher, Kamleshwar Singh says.

Meanwhile, the government has promised to look into this problem.”We’ve planned many meetings to resolve this problem,” Bihar Education Minister, Brishan Patel says.Even though the government has held several meetings, no action has been taken so far.The illegal occupancy by the Bihar Police is an indicator of failure for the government that is claiming to rebuild a new Bihar. IBN

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SP admits rape by policemen at Nandigram

Posted by Indian Vanguard on April 4, 2007

KOLKATA: West Bengal police have confirmed that two of their men raped a woman protester at Nandigram — an admission that is sure to compound matters for the CPM leadership and the state government already reeling under the disastrous fallout of cop and cadre excesses at the proposed SEZ site last month.

The rape “confession” came from East Midnapore police superintendent Anil Srinivas and is part of a report that chief secretary Amit Kiran Deb has forwarded to the West Bengal Human Rights Commission, which is probing charges of rape and molestation on March 14, when Nandigram witnessed large-scale violence.

According to sources, the police chief of East Midnapore acknowledged that the claim of one of the two women who had accused policemen of raping them is true. “The brief fact of…Nandigram PS case number 44/07 is that on 14.03.07 at about 12 pm, the two police personnel caught Sona and raped her. The complainant fell unconscious and was taken to the Nandigram BPHC for treatment. Later (she was) referred to Purba (East) Midnapore district hospital on 16.03.07 and discharged on 25.03.07 after necessary treatment,” the report states. The Times of India

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In China, they are ready to throw out anybody for commercial space

Posted by Indian Vanguard on April 4, 2007

NEW DELHI: Here is yet another Chinese model of “displacement” that could appeal to communists here. A report from Beijing on Tuesday said the state has asserted its right to displace a citizen for providing space to a commercial establishment, but only after providing a compensation package.

The report said that a couple and a man lost out to the might of the state when their “nail houses” were demolished to make way for a shopping mall and a landmark building for the state broadcaster.

The couple, Wu Ping and Yang Wu in southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality will be compensated an additional 900,000 yuan for the loss of their business. The developer, Chongqing Zhirun Real Estate Co Ltd, will compensate them for 30 months of losses at a rate of 30,000 yuan a month.

Leftists in West Bengal, just like their favourites in China, have been maintaining that the state should have a role in corporates acquiring land for business purposes. It is not in agreement with the Congress and the BJP when they say that the government should have no role in the corporates’ acquisition efforts.

And like in Nandigram, it also took a protracted fight for the Chinese couple to get justice from the Communist bosses. The Chinese couple’s fight came to a head after a photo of their home, showing their house perched a top a spike of land in the middle of 17-metre-deep excavation site where a new shopping mall will be built, was published in the domestic as well as international media.

Agency reports from Beijing said water and electricity to the couple’s two-storey brick house in Jiulongpo District was cut in 2004 but they refused to move. Developers had earlier persuaded 280 other families to make way for a new shopping mall. The couple’s residence became known as the “nail house” because it stood up like a nail in the middle of the excavation site. Economics Times

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Surrendered Maoists come under fire, 8 killed

Posted by Indian Vanguard on April 4, 2007

At least eight surrendered Maoists were killed by their former guerrilla comrades in various parts of Maharashtra in the past few months, official statistics have revealed. Sources said the killings mostly occurred in Gadchiroli, Gondia and Chandrapur areas in what is being dubbed as a new strategy on the part of the Left-wing extremists to prevent the flow of “inside information” over to the security personnel.

Special Inspector General (anti-Naxalite operations) Pankaj Gupta told DNA, “It is a trend that surrendered Naxalites are getting eliminated by their former colleagues, who remain at war with the government. The need of the hour is to put in place a proper plan to shield surrendered guerillas.” The killings have also brought to fore the failure of the security forces (they claim they have no special funds to extend security cover to surrendered extremists) to protect surrendered Maoists putting a question mark on the viability the state government’s Naxalite surrender policy which was announced with much fanfare in August 2005.

Also, the government’s recent release of Rs38 lakh, to be paid to the surrendered Naxalites, could ring hollow if former (read surrendered) extremists are not provided adequate security cover. So far, 142 guerrillas have given themselves up in Maharashtra. Union Home Ministry sources said another Naxalite move, which had lately come to light, is aimed at winning back “lost Naxalite cadre” – a ploy designed to breathe fresh fire into the people’s movement. A section of the top Naxalite commanders are in the process of giving final shape to “win back” plans, it was learnt.

“We cannot deny the possibility of some of the surrendered guerrillas being sucked into the movement afresh. We are on constant vigil to ward off any such eventuality,” Gupta added. As part of its Vision Document to fight the Naxalites, the security forces have now decided to maintain regular registers on the surrendered elements. “Only by way of keeping registers can we effectively pre-empt the surrendered Maoists from going back to the jungles,” said a senior security official.

Along with the new developments another thorn in the neck of the security forces in the discovery that indigenous Maoists have access to minutes of meetings (which discussed anti-Naxalite strategies at length) held last year being chaired by Union Home Secretary VK Duggal and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Meanwhile, the recently-seized documents, from a hide-out of Communist Party of India (Maoist) activists in Jharkhand, said time is ripe for the guerrillas to scout for newer ways to exploit weaknesses in the security forces and indulge in weapons-snatching bids.


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