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Archive for March 26th, 2007

Com: Chandramouli- Photos

Posted by Indian Vanguard on March 26, 2007

Chandramouli, a central committee member of the CPI(Maoist), was killed by police in a fake encouter(27 December 2006). He joined the erstwhile CPI-ML( PW) in 1980 after completing his Intermediate in Sultanabad. He was a native of Vadukapur in Julapalli mandal of Karimnagar district. He worked in the party in various levels for more than 25 years.

An old photo

Police officers paying Homages to the martyred comrades.

Com: V. Chanramouli and com: Karuna (35)

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RYO attack on the Trichur corparation secretary against implimentation of ADB policies

Posted by Indian Vanguard on March 26, 2007

Members of revolutionary youth organization in Keralam attacked the Thrissur corporation secretary who is in charge of implementation of ADB (Asian Development Bank) agreement on Thrissur Corporation on the martyr day of Bhagat Singh. A group of youths approached the corporation secretary and one gave him a pamphlet while others smashed the official vehicles, wrote slogans of ADB GO BACK in the vehicles and pour black paint on his name board. Mean time, other section distributed pamphlets in the just outside the same compound. They shouted slogans against the imperialist agreements especially against ADB agreement, distributed pamphlets and dispersed before the arrival of huge contingent of police forces.

Click on images for large high resolution images

There is a widespread dissatisfaction among the Kerala people against the dual stand of LDF, who took a stand against ADB agreement when they were in the opposition and when they came into rule they have given red carpet welcome for ADB and other imperialist institutions and programs.

The press release given by RYO blamed the Chief Minister Achuthanandan who had an image of hero of people’s struggles while he was the opposition leader, showed his real face of an imperialist servant. Now his government is going forward with all sorts of imperialist policies despite the strong protest from the progressive and democratic section of the Keralam. Instead of collecting tax from the defaulting plantation monopolies and other imperialist compradors which comes approximately 10000 crores now the Government is taking 1200 crore rupees from the World Bank for rural water supply program and now from thousand crores from ADB also. This is purely an imperialist conspiracy to burden the people with huge loans and exploiting them. This shows that there is no difference between the policies of LDF Government and Congress, BJP governments. Nandigram is a latest example of this. Now the Left governments become dearer to the imperialists as they ensure efficient implementation of imperialist programs by effectively hushing up the rebellious sounds of the society with the help of their well organized goons and other machinery when they are in rule. All the ruling class left parties like CPI, CPI (M) and their youth organizations degenerated to the good servants of imperialist programs.

A section of intelligentsia is hopeful about a mere reformation of the conditions of the ADB and World Bank agreements. It will only serve the exploitation of the finance capital. Interestingly the same arguments were brought forwarded by the CPI (M) for bringing the FDI in Bengal and Keralam. We have to abolish all sort of imperialist capital from the Indian society for the well being of the toiling masses of our country. In this situation we have to follow the glowing path of anti imperialist struggles opened by the legendary heroes like Bhagat Singh and his comrades to defeat ADB and all the other imperialist institutions, agreements and programs.

Though this is only a symbolic struggle RYO calls on the youths of Keralam to unleash militant struggles like the roaring struggles of central and eastern parts of rural India to kick out imperialist capital from our country. This protest is only a small step to this direction. RYO secretary com. Ijas warns the LDf government that if they are planning to repeat Nandigram in Keralam, repressing democratic struggles with police bullets and cellars we will fight back against the imperialist policies with immense courage draw from the heroic struggles of Bhagat Singh and others.


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CPI(Maoist) Resolution Regarding the Party Programme

Posted by Indian Vanguard on March 26, 2007

There was quite an intense and detailed debate on the draft Party Programme at the Congress. Delegates participated in this debate in a free and frank atmosphere. Discussion took place in detail on the whole lot of amendments that were sent by the State Conferences and other parts.

There was much debate on the presence of the brahminical casteist ideology and system in Indian society, and its role. The Congress resolved this issue. By consensus, this specific particularity of Indian society was identified and determined. In accordance with this, the necessary additions and changes in the draft Party Programme were also accepted.

Moreover, after detailed discussions on issues like the character of the Indian society and state, various aspects of the communist revolutionary movement and national liberation struggles in India, the role of the CPI leadership, the class analysis and contradictions of Indian society, our attitude towards the different classes and sections of the society and the tasks of the new democratic state, concrete and definite conclusions were drawn, and these conclusions were incorporated into the draft documents. Thus, the Congress succeeded in centralizing the ideas and opinions through a meaningful debate on the draft of the Party Programme.

Finally, the Congress adopted by consensus this important basic document in an atmosphere of great zeal and enthusiasm.

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Let us turn every SEZ into a Battle Zone like

Posted by Indian Vanguard on March 26, 2007

Communist Party of India (Maoist)

Central Committee

March 15, 2007

  • Let us wage a united militant struggle to throw out the Social-Fascist Government in West Bengal led by Bengal Dyer Buddhadeb!

  • Let us turn every SEZ into a Battle Zone like


The massacre of at least 16 peasants (which could actually be higher than 50) and causing injuries to over a hundred people in Nandigram by Buddhadeb’s Hitlerite police force-CPI(M)’s social-fascist armed goons on March 14 brings into one’s mind the ghastly massacre in Jallianwalabagh by the bloodthirsty general Dyer during the British colonial rule. Social-Fascist Buddhadeb has taken the mantle of butcher Dyer by sending over 5000-strong police force and hundreds of armed goons of his Party to pounce upon the peaceful protestors in the proposed SEZ of Nandigram in East Midnapore in order to pave the way for transforming West Bengal into a safe haven for the imperialist MNCs, big Corporate houses, and unscrupulous land mafia. The fleeing people, including women, were chased and killed by these neo-fascist armed gangsters in a way similar to the acts carried out by Hindu chauvinist gangs in Gujarat.

Operation Bloodbath’ at Nandigram is a meticulously planned conspiracy hatched by Buddhadeb’s CPI(M) and Sonia’s UPA government at the Centre in consultation with the big industrial sharks and their imperialist mentors. The worst part of this heart-chilling episode is that Buddhadeb and Prakash Karat had repeatedly assured the people that the proposed SEZ in Nandigram would be shelved and shifted elsewhere if the people did not want it. They had assured that notification for the acquisition of 14,000 acres of land was being withdrawn. Now it has become clear that these double-dealers, like Goebbels, had only used this as a ruse to buy time, and had never any intention to shift the SEZ. Nine peasants were killed in the past few weeks prior to the March 14 massacre In order to serve the MNCs and the industrial houses the so-called Left Front government had decided to seize the multi-crop land of the peasants and build SEZs over the grave-yards of the protesting people. The blood of women and children that flowed in the fields of Nandigram thoroughly exposes the “Left” rhetoric and round-the-clock demagogy by political brokers like Sitaram Yechuri, Brinda Karat, Raghavulu and so on. They organize protests for building their vote bank where they are in opposition but kill the protesting people where they are in power.

Nandigram has proved even to a layman that the rhetoric of these social-fascists is no different from that of National Socialism of Adolf Hitler. Yechuri’s shameless defence of the gory massacre by placing the blame for the violence on the Trinamool and the Maoists is an eye-opener to all those who still believe in the socialist rhetoric of these traitors and goons in the guise of so-called Left. This social-fascist and the most trusted political broker for the imperialists and the Indian Big Business claimed that his “Left” Front government in West Bengal is trying to resolve the issue politically but “outsiders” such as Maoists were trying to incite the people of Nandigram and that the helpless policemen had to fire in self-defence. This hypocrite cannot fool the people by trying to hush up the stark fact that his Party goons and thousands of policemen were sent deliberately to massacre the peaceful protesters, that all those murdered through this state-sponsored terrorism were local peasants including several women, and that this most despicable and bizarre act was carried out to resolve a political movement through the most brutal means. This Indian offspring of Goebbels cannot fool the people through such lies and falsehood to justify the unprovoked firing on the people. The bloodbath of March 14 reveals in naked colours the cruelty and inhumanity of the so-called reforms with a human face peddled by Yechuris, Karats and the like and their fake opposition to the neoliberal policies of privatization-liberalisation-globalisation. No wonder, Ambanis, Tatas, Mittals, Essar Ruias and the imperialist MNCs and the World Bank are itching to bring these social-fascists to power at the Centre as they have proved themselves to be the most loyal servants and their social base can serve to enact social-fascism to suppress people’s struggles.

Today the reactionary ruling classes of the country are bent upon transforming vast tracts of fertile agricultural land into neo-colonial enclaves even if it means enacting blood-baths all over the country. Thousands of crores of rupees have already flown from the big business and imperialist MNCs into the coffers of the Congress, CPI(M) and other political parties. It is clear that the battle-lines are drawn for an uncompromising war between the haves and have-nots, between those who want to turn our mother-land into a haven for the international capital, the Indian big business and the handful of filthy rich on the one hand and the vast majority of the destitute, poverty-stricken masses, particularly the peasantry, on the other. There is no middle ground: either one is with the vast masses or with the filthy rich. 237 SEZs have already been approved and lakhs of acres of fertile agricultural land are being forcibly acquired by the various state and central governments. In Orissa, Jharkhand, Chattisgrah, AP, Maharashtra, Haryana, and several other states, lakhs of people are rendered homeless due to anti-people projects.

The CPI(Maoist) calls upon the oppressed masses, particularly the peasantry, to transform every SEZ into a battle-zone, to create Kalinga Nagars and Nandigrams everywhere, and to kick out the real outsiders—the rapacious MNCs, comprador big business houses, their dalals and the land mafia—who are snatching away their lands and all means of livelihood and colonizing the country. The CC, CPI(Maoist), vows to extend all support to the struggling masses, to intensify the struggle against all SEZs, and to avenge the massacre in Nandigram. The masses have the right to rebel against injustice, and how ever much Yechuris and Buddhadebs yelp about Maoist incitement, we openly declare to the world that we shall unite the vast masses and lead, participate and extend all support to the people and organizations of our country to unite and fight the imperialist onslaught through the SEZs that is being carried out through their Indian dalals in the Congress, BJP, CPI(M), Samajwadi Party, TDP, DMK, AIDMK and other political parties who are selling away our motherland. CPI(Maoist) calls upon the people of West Bengal to make the state bandh on March 16 a big success and continue the heroic struggle until the SEZs are withdrawn.



Central Committee,


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Statement on Ranibodli counteroffensive operation

Posted by Indian Vanguard on March 26, 2007

Communist Party of India (Maoist)

Central Committee

March 16, 2007

PLGA’s heroic tactical counteroffensive in Chattisgarh is a fitting answer to the brutal state-sponsored terrorist salwa judum campaign!

Revolutionary violence by the oppressed is the only means to defeat the counter-revolutionary violence of the ruling classes!!

The daring tactical counteroffensive operation carried out by the PLGA led by our Party, the CPI(Maoist), on March 16 on a police base camp in Ranibodli in Bijapur district in Chattisgarh in which 55 policemen including 39 Special Police Officers (SPOs) were wiped out is an inevitable consequence of the brutal reign of terror unleashed by the state and central governments in the name of salwa judum. For almost two years since June 2005, the BJP government in Chattisgarh and the Congress-led UPA government in the Centre had sponsored a counterrevolutionary terrorist campaign of mass murder, torture, and arrests of thousands of the adivasi peasantry, gangrapes and murder of hundreds of women, destruction of thousands of houses, foodgrains, and all property of the adivasis, killing or taking away thousands of cattle, forceful evacuation of tens of thousands of people from almost eight hundred villages and issuing threats and intimidation to anyone suspected of being a member of revolutionary mass organization or sympathetic to the Maoists in Dandakaranya, particularly in Dantewara, Bastar, Kanker, Bijapur and Narayanpur districts. Over 5000 youth were inducted into a state mercenary armed force, paid monthly salaries, and pitted against the native adivasis who are fighting for land, livelihood and liberation under the leadership of the CPI(Maoist).

The police, who are scared to fight the Maoists by themselves, use this local mercenary armed force as cannon fodder in the fight against the Maoist movement. The Naga and Mizo Battalions were specially brought in along with a huge CRPF and other special police forces to Chattisgarh who had been committing the most barbaric and inhuman acts against the adivasi population. Over 800 villages were razed to the ground; more than 50,000 people were uprooted from their homes; at least 500 people were murdered in the past two years; hundreds of adivasi women were raped; property worth hundreds of crores of rupees was looted or destroyed by the armed thugs. All these cruel attacks against an entire population are meant to establish peace of the graveyard and clear the way for the unhindered loot by rapacious hawks like Tatas, Ruias, Essars, Mittals, Jindals and imperialist MNCs. Over one lakh rupees worth of MOUs were signed by the Chattisgarh government with these corporate comprador big business houses to drain the rich mineral and forest wealth of the state. At the behest of these day-light robberers, adivasi dalals like opposition leader of the Congress, Mahendra Karma, Home Monister Ramvichar Netham of the BJP and others have been leading this counter-revolutionary war against the adivasi population.

The heroic resistance by the adivasi masses led by CPI(Maoist) had pushed the reactionary rulers to utter desperation. Their much-trumpeted objective of wiping out the revolutionary movement led by Maoists by June 2006 had not only miserably failed but, on the contrary, they themselves are being wiped out by the PLGA and Bhumkal miltia led by the CPI(Maoist). Hence, they had deployed an even larger central force which is now more than 13 battalions, recruited 10 additional battalions of state forces, and inducted even minors of 14 years of age into their mercenary police force. KPS Gill, notorious for the mass murders of youth in Punjab, was specially appointed as advisor to the Chief Minister. A carpet security system is initiated with police camps in close proximity in order to strike terror among the people. In the past five months alone over a hundred adivasi men and women were murdered by these police-mercenary armed gangs. Plans are afoot to deploy the Indian army and to resort to aerial bombardment of the villages and PLGA locations.

We, on behalf of the CC, CPI(Maoist), once again warn the state and central governments that our Bhumkal Sena and PLGA and people will carry out attacks on a much bigger scale if the murder campaign in the name of salwa judum is not disbanded immediately. We declare that the sole responsibility for such needless loss of lives of hundreds of policemen and SPOs lies squarely on the shoulders of the state and central governments. Large-scale armed retaliation by the adivasis led by our Party is inevitable if the atrocities on the adivasi people continue in the name of salwa judum. Like George Bush who can only think in terms of using more brute force to control the fire of national liberation in Iraq, the Indian ruling classes too can only think of sucking in more and more repressive forces in order to suppress the people’s war and grab the mineral wealth of Dandakaranya. However, they will only end up in further escalating the civil war in Dandakaranya. The people of Dandakaranya and our PLGA will certainly fight back the Indian army too if the ruling classes deploy it in Dandakaranya.

We do share the grief of the families of the dead policemen and SPOs but we are being compelled to wipe out the police and mercenary gangs who are obeying the orders of the ruling classes and their imperialist mentors to suppress the revolutionary movement for looting the wealth in the state. We appeal to the jawans of the central forces, particularly the Naga and Mizo battalions, to disobey the orders of the rulers and to withdraw from Chattisgarh. Already over 500 are suffering from falciparum malaria and almost 30 had died of this disease while several were forced to commit suicide under mental distress. We appeal to the SPOs who are being pitted against the adivasi people to quit the mercenary force as they are fighting an unjust war against their own brothers and sisters in the interests of the reactionary rulers. We call upon the democratic organizations and individuals and the vast masses of the country to condemn state terrorism and state-sponsored terrorism on the adivasi people of Dandakaranya, to demand immediate disbandment of salwa judum and the mercenary SPO force, to fight for the withdrawal of the notorious central forces from the region, set up a judicial enquiry into the killing of over 500 adivasis by the police-salwa judum mercenary combine, to pre-empt the government’s plans to deploy the Army, and to restore basic human rights of the people. The brutal repression by the state will only beget greater armed resistance of the people. Those who preach non-violence to the Maoists should first fight for the above-mentioned demands to put an end to state terrorism and state-sponsored terrorism.



Central Committee,


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Introducing Mahendra Karma – The Tribal Killer from the Mystical Place called "Bastar"…

Posted by Indian Vanguard on March 26, 2007

Backstabbing Mahendra Karma(right)

Mahendra Karma the political leader from Bastar has many faces to his life.Started of his political carreer as a Communist leader then joined BJP and now is the leader of opposition party Congress in Chhattisgarh.As you can see from above the only reason he is in politics is to make money that is why he is been in so many parties.

If people of Chattisgarh are to be believed he is an agent of BJP Government and the business community of the State.This is the only reason that being the leader of the opposition party Congress not even once he has spoken strongly against any of the anti-tribal State policies of the present State Government.Even though the whole of the Congress party of chattisgarh is against “Salwa Judum” he is the only one leading the “Salwa Judum” campaing against the innocent tribal population of Chattisgarh.

The “Phirang” Sonia Gandhi and other Congress Leaders sitting at Delhi knowing very well that “Salwa Judum” is a crime against humanity are not able to do anything against him since he openly threatens them that he will quit congress and join BJP.So to please Karma the Congress party at Delhi doesn’t mind if thousands of naive tribals are being killed and displaced by an agent of BJP,Tata Steel,Essar Steel and Land Mafias.

Mahendra Karma and his men have been on a land purchasing spree since the day State Government signed MOU’s with Tata Steel and Essar Steel both at Lohndiguda(Tata’s Site) and Dantewada(Essar’s Site) at throw away prices from the innocent tribals as low as two thousand rupees per acre only to be given to Tata steel and Essar Steel since he has already been paid more than 100 crores by these MNC’s to start “Salwa Judum” and to work as their Land Broker.

But Karma now realises that the Tribals of Bastar have come to know of his devilish intention.After “Ranibodli” incident even the SPO’s have started speaking against him and “Salwa Judum”.As a desperate measure he came up with a plan which is as follows:-

On 18th March 2007 the leaders of different tribal community from all over Chattisgarh were called at “Guru Tej Bahadur Community Hall” near “Raj Bhavan” on the pretext that there is a meeting to discuss “Salwa Judum”,SEZ,tribals right over forest etc.

Once all the leaders arrived at Raipur all were in for a shock of their lives.The gathering of almost two thousand tribals were hurt when they came to know that the whole meeting was organised by Mahendra Karma and his men to con the Tribal Community again in the name of “Chattisgarh Adivasis Mahapanchayat”.In his speech not once did Karma talk about Salwa Judum or the tribals killed but was presenting himself as some who cares for the tribals by bringing them under one banner under “Chattisgarh Adivasi Mahapanchayat”.

Isn’t it quite obvious that Karma feels left out in the Tribal Community since the start of Salwa Judum and that he is fearing that “Sunil Mahto” will happen to him sooner than later??How can the Tribal Community ever forgive a back Stabber like Mahendra Karma ever??

This is the same Mahendra Karma who cheated the Tribal Community in 1997 when Chattisgarh State was not formed. In 1997 the State Assembly of Madhya Pradesh had passed a resolution to bring the Bastar Region under Schedule 6 of the Constitution Of India .But Karma and Arvind Netama after recieving money from the Business Community of Bastar
objected to this resolution.How can two tribal leaders object to Schedule 6 of the Constitution of India which is meant to safegaurd the interest of the Tribals????

Since then the Tribal Community of Bastar feels cheated by Karma and there is a popular belief amongst the Tribals that like Ajith Jogi he is also not a real tribal and that he has promised the Business Community that he will convert Bastar ( A Schedule 5 Area) into a Non-Tribal Area soon.No wonder “Salwa Judum”,Tata Steel,Essar Steel and BJP are so important to Mr.Mahendra Karma… Bhumkal

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Interview with killer Mahendrakarma

Posted by Indian Vanguard on March 26, 2007

No qualms: Karma says the governments should act coherently against Naxals

‘If we can wipe out Naxalism from Bastar, the red corridor is finished’

You are an Adivasi MLA from Dantewada. Has Naxalism affected you personally?

I have lost two brothers to it and have escaped attacks several times. Whenever I go to Dantewada, especially on padyatras to spread the message of the Salva Judum, there is the risk. My family and sons still live in my native village. Recently, on March 2, I was going on a motorcycle yatra with 150 others to Jagargunda, a village on the border with Andhra Pradesh. One of the motorcycles ahead of me triggered a pressure bomb. It could have been me.

Aren’t you afraid?

This is not the sort of bogus fight that politicians are used to. In this fight, we will have to be prepared for anything. I am not new to this. I have been fighting the Naxals since 1989 when we started a jan jagran abhiyan among villagers and the Naxalites left, but soon they returned. I worked again on it when I was an independent member of the Eleventh Lok Sabha.

So what has this experience of working on the issue of Naxalism taught you?

The single greatest lesson I have learnt is never to compromise with the Naxals.

Does that mean you are against peace talks with them?

The Naxals aren’t even offering to talk.

But if they do?

They just can’t give up the gun. If they do, then perhaps we can talk.

Shouldn’t the government initiate peace talks with them?

These are the people who are against the Constitution and the democratic system as a whole. We, on the other hand, are part of this democratic system and it is our responsibility to save it from the Naxalites. You must understand that they are terrorists.

What do you think of the way Maoists have joined democracy in Nepal?

That’s what they will have to ultimately do in India.

But Naxalites say that Indian democracy has been a farce because developmental benefits haven’t reached the people.

Okay, so let us throw the ball in their court: what have the Naxals done for the people? Have they empowered common people in any way? Has the standard of living in villages controlled by them improved? Why don’t you understand that the Naxals want ‘revolution’, they want to change the system, and the tribals are the best fodder. But we who are fighting against the Naxals are also tribals. We have the same blood in us.

There are several kinds of terrorism. There is communal terrorism and local terrorism, but Naxalism is political terrorism of an international nature. Whatever be the form of terrorism, it isolates people geographically or communally. What the Naxals want amounts to secessionism. Democracy, on the other hand, is nobody’s property, certainly, not mine. I haven’t picked it up from Plato.

So what is the status of Naxalism in Chhattisgarh now according to you?

There is a big dent in it after a people’s movement against it in the most-affected district of Dantewada. But Dantewada is still the centre of Naxal activity, not just in Chhattisgarh but in the entire country. This is where the root is. This is where I suspect the central leadership of he Communist Party of India (Maoist) resides. If we can wipe out Naxalism from Dantewada, we will have wiped it out from the rest of the country. And there is only one thing that can defeat Naxalism. It is called Salva Judum. For the first time has such a people’s movement taking place. The Naxalites earlier called themselves ‘People’s War Group’. But what they are doing now is war against the people! Their very astitva (being) is being challenged.

Is it true that you are the initiator of Salva Judum?

I only gave it this name after I saw it come up on its own. Seeing a village rebel against Naxalites gave me the inspiration to lead them. They needed a political voice, which is what I gave them. I gave them leadership.

But some say that the Salva Judum was your creation with police help.

That is mere propaganda. After a month-and-a-half of the movement, the state government made the wise decision to support it.Given how alarming the problem of Naxalism is, why should the state not support it?

But if it is really a spontaneous movement against Naxalite oppression, why has it appeared only in Dantewada and not the rest of south Chhattisgarh and indeed the red corridor?

Just because others haven’t risen up doesn’t mean Dantewada’s tribals are fools. It is not Dantewada’s fault if others don’t have the courage to stand up against Naxalism.

So why don’t you take the Salva Judum movement to other areas?

Wherever we go, people stand up and join us. We have made a beginning with Dantewada. Until we don’t become a Naxalism-free state, we will not stop. If there are places where there is local leadership willing to stand up against the Naxals, we are ready to support it.

But isn’t it unfair for the state to arm tribals and pit them against Naxalites? It is widely alleged that many are forced to join the Salva Judum and relocate to camps.

The people of Dantewada want to fight. Hundreds have died at the hands of the Naxalites, but they still want to fight. They want to kill Naxalites. The state cannot fool lakhs of people. You go to Salva Judum camps and ask them. The people of Dantewada are not like the Kashmiri Pandits who left their homes when forced by the gun. We are fighters.

The Naxalites are known for violence against individuals and institutions that represent the state. Don’t you think that the creation of Salva Judum camps has turned thousands of villagers into ready targets for the Naxals?

On the contrary, wherever there are Salva Judum camps, Naxal violence and oppression of villagers has come to an end.

Many allege that the budget for these camps has provided officials an unprecedented opportunity to bungle the funds. There are even allegations against you for corruption.

As you know the Naxals can succeed in killing me any day. Do you think a man who has given his life would care for money? As for officials, we are talking of a machinery where corruption is widespread, so I would not be surprised if there has been corruption. There should indeed be an enquiry.

What do you think have been the three biggest successes of the Salva Judum?

Firstly, the Naxalite network has been undermined. They used to work with tribal villagers, and the same villagers are now on our side. Secondly, 5,000 Naxalites have surrendered and become special police officers (SPO) with the Salva Judum.

Who decides who will be given SPO status and arms?

The government decides the terms, it’s not my responsibility. But it is true that many who are associated with our peace movement have been made SPOs. Anyway, you didn’t let me tell you the third and the most interesting achievement of Salva Judum, which is that politicians have started speaking against Naxalism. Earlier they were so afraid of Naxals that they didn’t want to openly speak out against them. Only when the locals have dared that the political class has risen to the occasion.

In May 2006, you told Tehelka that Salva Judum would be able to finish the Naxals by June 2006. This is March 2007 and we have just witnessed the massacre of 68 Salva Judum and Chhattisgarh police officials in Dantewada.

We give such slogans to inspire our masses. But you will appreciate that the Salva Judum has spread to all of Dantewada by now.

Rights groups and fact-finding committees have found large-scale human rights violations and violence in the name of Salva Judum. You cannot write them off as Naxal sympathisers.

I don’t care for so-called intellectuals who can’t understand what a jan andolan is.

Has there been a single mistake committed by the Salva Judum? If you were to do it all again, is there anything you would you do it differently?

When such a jan andolan takes place there is always some upvad , some wrongs, but exceptions should not be presented as the rule.

KPS Gill said at the Tehelka summit last year that the Salva Judum was a Gandhian movement…

No doubt about that! It is a public movement for freedom just like the one Gandhi led.

But Gandhi’s was a non-violent movement, and Salva Judum is about an eye for an eye…

Do you know how many people Gandhi’s non-violence killed?

How many?

Twenty two thousand. They were killed by the British for following Gandhi’s path.

The massacre in Ranibodli on March 15, isn’t it proof that the Salva Judum campaign failed?

Not at all. This massacre was going to happen. It was decided in the ninth Congress of the CPI (Maoist). That’s when I think they also decided to killed Sunil Mahatoji of the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha. The state and Central governments should take the Naxalite decisions and plans more seriously than they do. The Naxals do what they say.

Home Minister Shivraj Patil said in Parliament the other day that Naxal-related incidents in the country had dipped by 6.5 percent in 2006, but in Chattisgarh they increased by 57 percent. And 676 have died in 22 months and most of these were in Dantewada. You still think Salva Judum has not backfired?

Do the other states have a public movement against Naxalism? Obviously, Naxals are killing more in Dantewada because they are frustrated at tribals being wooed away from them.

So the escalating deaths are merely collateral damage?

Well when there is a problem in front of you will you bravely face it or turn away? If we have to fight Naxalism, we will have to pay a price. Kisi samasya ka samadhan haath par haath dharey rehne se thodi na hota hain. Usko root se nikalna padega, sangharsh karna padega. We Indians typically accept things as destiny, leaving it bhagwan bharosay. That’s not how you fight a war. The Naxals want this war to prolong for another 20-25 years and that’s why they are killing more people.

Controversial as it is, is Salva Judum the only way of fighting Naxalism?

Well, I had Salva Judum to offer. If any learned person in the country has other solutions to offer, he is most welcome to try them.

Isn’t providing more security a simple solution?

Yes, as the Salva Judum spreads, there will be more need for security.

So at the moment the number of security forces is just fine?

It is less than adequate.

Can you please pose below the Gandhi portrait for the photographer?

(Stands up and poses.) You are making me stand in the line of Gandhi. (Chuckles.)

It is you who has Gandhi in his office.

You know there is a saying, maha-purushon ke pad-chinh dikhaeen nahi dete, kyon ki un par aaj tak koi chala hi nahin. (You can’t see the footsteps of great men because nobody has walked on them.)

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Top Naxal leader Merugu Sambaiah surrenders

Posted by Indian Vanguard on March 26, 2007

WARANGAL: Most wanted Maoist naxal leader Durgam Ramanaiah alias Dilip alias Masa alias Ravi (30) along with his wife Bellamkonda Sarakka and another senior leader Merugu Sambaiah surrendered to the police in the presence of Superintendent of Police Soumya Mishra. He was said to be invloved in the Koraput jailbreak in 2004, in the attack on the security establishments the same night and on the police station at Eturunagaram in Warangal district.

Merugu Sambaiah (55) alias Suramma alias Naganna, associated with the movement for about three decades is secretary of the West Bastar division committee and member of Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee (DKSZC). He is also one of the organisers of Maoist party mobile political academic school and carryies a reward of Rs 2 lakh on his head.

Bellamkonda Sarakka alias Kala (24), is commander of Chaitanya Natya Manch of Maoist party in DKSZC operating in Chattisgarh. Ramanaiah is currently the Central Military Commission (CMC) instructor and is responsible for conducting military training camps for the cadre and top leaders of the Maoist party. He escaped with five weapons after the jailbreak in Koraput.

Ramanaiah, a native of Tadvai mandal was attracted to party since his school days at Eturunagaram in 1993. He joined the Radical Students Union (RSU) and became a full-time member later. He worked in Nallamalla forest area, North Telangana Special Zonal Committee (NTSZC) and DKSZC, Central Regional Bureau (CRB) and Central Military Commission in various capacities. He carries a reward of Rs 2 lakh.

Ramanaiah was involved in the murder of Yellandu market committee chairman Sesharaju Goud and snatching of walkie-talkies from Kothagudem Thermal Power Station, Paloncha in Khammam district. Following ill-health and to look after his ageing parents, he decided to come out to join the mainstream.

Sambaiah who has been associated with the movement since 1975 and when the party was founded in 1980 is a contemporary of party founder Kondapalli Seetaramaiah and worked with him for long. A native of Nallabelli village in Sangam Mandal in Warangal district, Sambaiah went underground in 1980 and was shifted to Bastar in 1982 where he worked as National Park Area Committee commander.

He was arrested by the Andhra Pradesh Police at Manguru in 1984 when he came to secure weapons at Hyderabad. After his release in 1990, he organised Rythu Coolie Sangham meetings. He again went underground and became National Park area sub divisional committee member.

Sambaiah said the Maoist party failed to involve the masses and the leadership was not ready to adapt to changing times. ”In Nepal, the situation is different. Here, the top leaders are still in illusion. The masses are not with the party now,” he observed.

Sarakka alias Kala (24), a native of Medaram village, Karimnagar district joined the Maoist party in 1997 and had been active in Jana Natya Mandali as a member. An orphan, she joined the party to avoid a forced marriage at home by her relatives.

Another Maoist who gave up arms was Dara Saraiah alias Sekhar (30), native of Munipalli village, Hasanparthy Mandal in Warangal district. He is involved in the killing of a teacher Avula Kattaiah in Munipalli village in 2006.

Speaking on the occasion, Superintendent of Police, Soumya Mishra said the Maoists were only selling their dreams in the name of revolution. According to the SP, the Warangal district stood in the forefront in extending rehabilitation package to the surrendered cadre of various naxal groups in the State. Newindpress

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Anti-Posco men warn of suicide squads

Posted by Indian Vanguard on March 26, 2007

JAGATSINGHPUR, March 25: A week after the “lathi rally,” anti-displacement activists, who are opposed to the Posco steel plant, today held a Jan Garjan Samabesh and warned the government of violent resistance if the plant was forced upon them. “We will also form suicide squads,” they declared at the meeting.

The meeting was styled on lines of the pro-Naxalite Jan Ganjan Samabesh held a couple of years ago in Bhubaneswar which had been addressed by Mr Ververa Rao and others from Andhra Pradesh.

Prior to today’s meeting at Patana of Dhinikia panchayat, those the factions which are for and against the project clashed, injuring 10 persons. Leaders of the anti-project faction like Mr Abhaya Sahu said the need to reaffirm and a show of strength were due to certain recent developments, including the district administration’s notice to lift the check gates erected

He also said recent reports that the project authorities may give up Dhinikia and redraw their layout were highly misleading.

Today’s meeting was attended by people from the villages of Dhinikia, Nugaon and Gadakujnag panchyats. Anti-Posco activists declared that they would not hesitate to become radicals on lines of Maoists, if the government tried to force the issue.

They dared the police administration to use force against peaceful people’s movement and resistance. “We know how to respond to police force,” they charged. The district magistrate, Mr Promoda Kumar Mehreda, issued notice against 12 persons for lifting the entry gates within seven days and warned them of stern action.

The Posco Jana Sampark Bikash Parishad, a pro-plant outfit, however, claimed today that the Jana Garjan Samabesh had flopped and it did not evoke much of a response amongst the villagers. The Statesman

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‘Kawakhali could be another Nandigram’

Posted by Indian Vanguard on March 26, 2007

Kolkata, March 25: Kawakhali and its adjacent mouzas near Siliguri may well turn out to be another Nandigram if the state government does not backtrack on its plan to acquire land from the villagers for the establishment of a residential township. A threat to this effect was issued by the Bhoomi Raksha Committee last Friday.

A handsome compensation package by the Siliguri Jalpaiguri Development Authority (SJDA), a state government body, has failed to move the villagers from their standpoint of not allowing the government to “grab” their lands. Last Friday, led by veteran Naxalite leader Kanu Sanyal, about 500 villagers, most of whom are owners of small plots at the Kawakhali, Purajhar and Tikulikatha mouzas, raised slogans against state urban development minister Asok Bhattacharya and chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee.

“We do not want any compensation. We are going to save our lands at any cost. If the government still tries to acquire our land, it will face strong opposition and the bloody scenes of Nandigram will be repeated at Kawakhali, Purajhar and Tikulikatha,” said a villager from Kawakhali, who is also the member of the Bhoomi Raksha Committee, on condition of anonymity. After submitting

a memorandum to Neelam Meena, the chief executive officer of the SJDA on Friday, Sanyal said, “We want Asok Bhattacharya to meet the Bhoomi Raksha committee members within seven days to discuss the issue. If the minister fails to do so, anything might happen at Kawakhali and its adjacent mouzas, and for that we will not be responsible.” A couple of months back Sanyal had threatened that if the government did not stop acquiring land for industrialisation, there will be a massive movement on the lines of the Naxalbari movement of the late 60’s and early 70’s.

Political observers are of the opinion that under the banner of Bhoomi Raksha Committee concerned villagers throughout the state are preparing for such a movement. Asok Bhattacharya, however, said that land acquisition at Kawakhali will never be a problem and no force could stop the SJDA from establishing the proposed township. He did not clarify whether he would sit down with the members of the committee within a week. Today, the CPI(M) organised a mass rally of about 10,000 people in Siliguri to garner support for industrialisation, which was addressed by Bhattacharya. He said that district magistrate Rajesh Pandey would hold an all-party meeting to settle all the problems regarding the project soon.

The SJDA had decided to acquire 302 acres of land at Kawakhali, Purajhar and Tikulikatha villages near the North Bengal Medical College and Hospital at an estimated cost of Rs 2,500 crore, some six km from Siliguri, for the establishment of a satellite township by Bengal Universal Unitech.


* Two cottahs of land to each evicted landowner
* House for the poor among them
* Job in the project,
* Medical insurance to the evicted
* Community hall
* Arrangements for education of one member from each family
* Free training to those displaying an aptitude for sports
* Free training at Industrial Training Institute to those who want technical education Kolkatta News line

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