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Archive for March 22nd, 2007

Cops overpower Maoists in Bankura

Posted by Indian Vanguard on March 22, 2007

KHATRA, March 21: A Maoist cadre was nabbed by police in Barikul recently. The ultra-naxalites of Bankura are going through a hard phase as the police of the area have been on the alert and have shown considerable efficiency in nabbing criminals over the past few months. At least five cadres, all members of the Maoist squad operating in Bankura, Midnapore (West) districts, were arrested during police exercises in different stretches of Khatra.

Most of them were arrested while they were on their way back home. The success of the cops has been an encouragement for the morale of the district force. But the consecutive arrest of the ultras has also ushered curiosity among many in the district about the recent trend of home-coming of the militants. Police is also trying to see the reason why the naxalites are so frequently returning to their hamlets although aware of the chances of getting trapped by patrolling police.

The arrest of the naxalites has brought relief to the CPI-M leaders of the district who would live in constant threat of a Maoist attack anytime. A CPI-M district committee member said: “We are happy that the police is overpowering the ultra forces and the cadres who have caused several bloodbaths in Bankura and the adjoining areas,”. He, however, added: “We are also wondering whether the Maoists are deliberately falling into the traps laid by the police!” The leader explained: “Most of the persons arrested are quite old. It is therefore suspected that the squad might have asked them to leave permanently as they were becoming burdens to the outfit,”.

District CPI-M secretary, Mr Amio Patra said: “It is inevitable that the naxalites have to surrender as they are gradually becoming unpopular in the districts. The section of common mass who sympathised with the outfit, have now turned a deaf ear to them. People are becoming conscious and we expect many more to surrender in the days to come.”

On 15 March, the police arrested Gorkha Singh Sardar, member of Belpahari squad of the Maoist faction from the jungle adjacent to the Dhajuri village in Barikul PS area. He was returning to his native village. The police is interrogating him to help further investigations. Gorkha was a dedicated member of the squad and was accused of murder of CPI-M zonal committee leader, Raghunath Murmu and a party member, Bablu Mudi on 9 July 2005 at Majhgeria village.

On 31 January, an action squad member of the Maoists, Mahantalal Murmu was arrested from Singurdihi village in same Barikul PS area. The police had an ambush with the Maoists while taking Mahantalal to the PS. Gorkha Singh Sardar, the latest Maoist arrested by the police was also accused of attack on the police during the arrest of Mahantalal.

On 28 February the Maoist cadre, Baneswar Singh Sardar who is also the father-in-law of Gorkha was arrested by the police from the same Dhajuri jungle stretch. He was accused of Majhgeria massacre. A Dhajuri resident, Bimala Sardar, a hardcore Maoist cadre was arrested by the police from neighbouring Ulukhdoba jungle in Belpahari PS area, Midnapore (West) on 7 February 2006. Her colleague Sulekha Mahato was also nabbed during the police invasion.

On 22 February, the police arrested Subhas Mandi, a Maoist cadre from Khayerpahari jungle in Sarenga PS area. An improvised firearm was recovered from his possession. He was accused of the murder of CPI-M district committee member, Shibaram Satpathy on 10 April 2001. Thestatesman


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