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Archive for March 15th, 2007


Posted by Indian Vanguard on March 15, 2007

Dear Friends

The situation in Bastar is at a critical stage, with
clashes on 27-28 Feb trying to force land acquisition
for Tata’s steel plant. The “manufactured civil war”
pursued by Salwa Judum continues with at least 80,000
tribal refugees in what are virtually concentration

The steel plant is planned on 2,000+ hectares of
tribal land belonging to 10 villages in Lohandiguda
block, near the amazing Chitrakot waterfall on
Indravati river. The agreement for the plant was
signed between the Chhattisgarh Govt & Tata in June
2005 – precisely the month when Salwa Judum was formed
– labelled a “people’s movement against the Naxalites”
but actually a police sponsored terror militia
forcing the evacuation of one tribal village after
another, with refugees pressurized to join SJ.

On 27 Feb police in the 10 villages to try & force
thro land acquisition arrested a number of tribal
leaders and were pelted with stones. The next day
(28th) a leading non-tribal activist who had come to
support the people was hounded out of Bastar. He was
slapped in front of the hotel manager where he had
stayed in Jagdalpur, who was warned the hotel would be
burnt if he put him up again, and all Jagdalpur’s
hotelowners have been told not to accept any guests
who may be opposing Tata. This activist was then
hounded by violent mobs threatening to burn him alive,
and also police accusing him of running someone over.
PROJECT. Please sign. This is at
the petition is called “Protect the
property rights of poor tribals”.

The next day (1st March) the Collector of Dantewara
Dustrict called a meeting of all the political parties
(except CPI who are sidinmg with the tribals),
journalists, business leaders etc, and reiterated the
message that opposition to the Tata project will not
be tolerated.

The area is outstanding for the tribal culture as well
as outstanding for nature – this part of Bastar is one
of the few places in India where wild buffaloes &
Cattle survive. The tribal culture of the Maria Gond &
other tribes is one of the world’s most beautiful &
wise of all surviving tribal cultures, written about
beautifully by Grigson & Elwin in the 1930s-40s. Their
culture survived intact at least till 2005 when the
Salwa Judum war started, which has split virtually all
the tribal villages into SJ versus Maoists. There have
been 1000s of deaths & rapes. See e.g. human rights
reports by Peoples Union of Civil Liberties (
and Asia Forum for human rights.

On 17th Feb an organisation called Rambhau Mhalgi
Prabodhini organised a day seminar in Delhi as
propaganda for SJ, at which the Chief Minister of Chh.
Raman Singh talked about Naxalism as India’s greatest
threat, and the Director General of Chh. police called
SJ “a process of purification”. Other pro-SJ academics
& journalists spoke of it as a “people’s struggle –
the most important since Independence” etc. This is
the greatest inversion of the truth I personally have
ever come across, similar to holocaust denial. The
Naxalites are undoiubtedly misguided to use violence,
but they are opposing an extreme level of exploitation
& corruption, and stand up for the rights of tribal
people, and appear alot more principled than the SJ &
State forces opposing them. Since Bastar tribals have
been opposing Tata steel plant plans for many years,
it does actually seem that SJ was largely set up to
implement Tata & other mining/metal plans. (The Chh
Govt is also recommending Tata to prospect at
Bailadila iron ore Mt range)

Please circulate news about what’s happening in the
tribal heart of India, and the terror tactics & utter
thuggery being used to promote Tata, whose steel plant
plans in Orissa at Kalinganagar caused 13 deaths in
Jan 2006, and are still being opposed there, and
similar terror tactics at Singur in W.Bengal. Please
sign the petition or take any other appropriate

orissa sakhi


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Naxals kill 50 security personnel in Chhattisgarh

Posted by Indian Vanguard on March 15, 2007

Bijapur (Chhattisgarh), Mar 15: At least 50 police personnel, including Special Police Officers (SPOs), were killed at their outpost in Chhattisgarh’s Bijapur District by Naxalites in the wee hours of Thursday.

According to sources, the attack took place at around 2 a.m. at the Rani Bodli outpost, located 525 km from Raipur.

There were about 23 Chhattisgarh police personnel and 55 SPOs at the outpost, when the Naxals attacked it, lobbing grenades and petrol bombs and firing indiscriminately.

Locals are demanding the resignation of State Home Minister Ram Vichar Netam.

According to a report titled ‘Naxal Conflict in 2006’, 749 people were killed in Naxal-related conflict in 2006. These include 285 civilians, 135 security personnel and 329 alleged Naxalites.

The highest number of killings was reported from Chhattisgarh (363), followed by Andhra Pradesh (135), Jharkhand (95), Maharashtra (60), Bihar (45), Orissa (25), West Bengal (22), Uttar Pradesh (2), Karnataka (1) and Madhya Pradesh (1).

The number of killings in 2006 has declined as compared to 2005 during which 892 people were killed.

In some of the incidents, many of the innocent victims were killed through repeated stabbing and slitting of throats in front of other hostages or villagers.

The Maoists’ victims also included Salwa Judum cadres, who have received training in self-defence and resist the Naxalites. An anti-Naxalite movement launched in Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh in June 2005– has restricted the menace of Naxalism.

The Salwa Judum campaign had resulted in 48.5 percent of the total killings, including Naxalites, in Chhattisgarh.Naxalites have been responsible for the blocking of many development initiatives in areas where they exercise control. They target labourers, officials and companies, besides governmental buildings housing security personnel.

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Denounce State terror in Nandigram, West Bengal

Posted by Indian Vanguard on March 15, 2007

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Nandigram Firing outrage spills onto city streets

Posted by Indian Vanguard on March 15, 2007

KOLKATA, March 14: Nandigram was in flames, and the streets of Kolkata ~ taken over by protestors crying hoarse against alleged police atrocities in the strife-torn village ~ shimmered in the heat. Activists of several political parties and even lawyers blocked roads, disrupted train services and set ablaze a bus to protest against the alleged atrocities perpetrated by the Left Front government and killings of villagers in Nandigram.

Citizens, particularly those returning home from offices, were caught unawares on the roads and got stranded in traffic jams as they had no idea of the impending trouble beforehand. Buses had to be diverted to other routes while police officials had a tough time maintaining law and order at important crossings where political activists gathered to stage vehement protests. Deputy commissioner (south division) Mr Ajay Kumar said a bus was set ablaze on the Kalighat bridge off Hazra crossing.

Though the whole bus was not gutted, the seats were damaged. No one was, however, injured. Later, nearly 4,000-odd supporters of Trinamul Congress and Krishi Jami Rakhsa Committee blocked the Hazra crossing from 4.30 p.m. for nearly an hour. A procession had come from Golpark Crossing to join them at Hazra. A large police contingent had to be deployed and officers had to rush to the spot from nearby police stations like Charu Market to bring the situations under control.

Vehicles travelling along Harish Mukherjee Road and Asutosh Mukherjee Road were stuck in traffic jams for a long time. The crowd at Metro stations increased significantly as most of the passengers, apprehending more trouble on the roads, tried to avail of Metro services. Around 1.45 p.m., SUCI members staged a demonstration near the north gate of the Assembly. Police said 41 people, including 18 women, were arrested from the spot.

SUCI members alleged that police had resorted to lathi charge to disperse them though police brushed aside the allegations. Activists of the Sanghati Udyog Samity, a naxal organisation, staged a demonstration near the KC Das shop in Esplanade for nearly 20 minutes. Thereafter the supporters went to College Square where they formed a human chain and blocked the MG Road ~ College street crossing for nearly 45 minutes. Road blockades were also reported from Howrah Bridge and Sealdah flyover resulting in long traffic snarls. Around 3.30 p.m., a group of advocates staged a protest in front of the Writers’ Buildings.

Deputy commissioner (head quarters) Mr Pradip Chatterjee said in most of the cases the protests were peaceful and there were no report of any untoward incident. Meanwhile train services on both Howrah and Sealdah divisions of Eastern Railway were disrupted for hours today after Trinamul congress supporters blocked railway tracks at different railway stations in protest against police firing in Nandigram. Eight local trains had to be cancelled due to the protests.

According to an ER spokesman, up Howrah-Delhi Rajdhani Express, up Coal-field Express and up Saraighat Express were diverted due to agitation staged by political parties. Twenty local trains were detained for hours at different stations. Railway tracks near Baidyabati, Sheroaphuli, Kamarkundu, Haripal, Tribeni, Kuntighat, were blocked for hours by protestors. Trinamul Congress supporters blocked railway tracks at Habra, Thakurnagar, Birati, Barasat Guma, in Sealdah division this afternoon.

Many local trains in the Sealdah-Ranaghat section were detained for hours after Trinamul Congress supporters blocked railway tracks at Chakda and Ranaghat stations. Four local trains were cancelled. Up Sealdah-Rajdhani Express, down Akal Takht, down West Bengal Sampark Kranti Express, down Kanchanjangha Express and down Jammu Tawi-Kolkata Express had to be diverted through Naihati-Bandel section. The Statesman

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We condemn the Mass killing in Nandigram

Posted by Indian Vanguard on March 15, 2007

We condemn the mass killing by the armed forces of the fascist West Bengal Government in Nandigram.

The fascist chief minister, the left front chairman and all high profile CPM leaders justified the murder as Nandigram has been out of reach to the armed forces. We would like to ask these pets of big companies why it became necessary for the armed forces to reach Nandigram? Why the people of Nandigram shouldn’t have the right to determine what will be the best for them? Who gave the authority to these running dogs of imperialism to decide what will be the best for the people of Nandigram? These shameless fascists always claim that whatever they are doing is for the betterment of the people. Now, what sort of betterment they are aiming for? What sort of development they are achieving by the murder of at least 25 people?

Their hands are stained with the blood of people.

They have been dedicated themselves to serve the interest of the imperialiam-comprador capitalists; it has been proved by their activities for the last couple of decades. So, we cannot expect anything else than killing of people, detention of democratic-progressive-revoluti onary people in this fascist regime.

We just hate this brutality.
We don’t find appropriate words to express our hatred.

We believe that this mass killing will determine us to extend our support in every possible way to the people’s resistance of Nandigram and all other parts of India.

Red salute to the martyrs of Nandigram.

Red salute to the mothers of Nandigram who gave birth of these heroes of people’s resistance.


Resistance team

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Pictures from Nandigram

Posted by Indian Vanguard on March 15, 2007

A man with a bullet wound is carried to hospital in the Indian town of Nandigram following violent protests over government plans to build an industrial park on farmers’ land. Photograph: AP

Some old picture

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