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Pseudo leftists loose in college polls in Bengal

Posted by Indian Vanguard on February 28, 2007

Revolutionary path

SFI(Student’s Federation of India), the student’s wing of the pseudo-leftist revisionist party, CPIM(Communist party of India-Marxist) has been defeated in the Student’s union elections of Presidency College, Kolkata, which is one of the most prestigious college in India.

SFI was defeated by an organisation named IC(Indipendent’s consolidation) which is fighting for democracy against the tyrannical terror unleashed by SFI backed by their Social Fascist bosses of CPIM who are in power in West Bengal province of which Kolkata is the capital.
However after being defeated SFI is crying foul and is alleging fraud although the college authority who held the elections are supposed to be hand in gloves with the state govt. and the ruling party CPIM, and SFI is a front organisation of that CPIM.

For the last year CPIM has been engaged in grabbing land of poor and marginal peasants and giving those lands to Big Comprador and Imperialist bourgeoisie at a very low price.
This unmasks the pseudo-marxist reactionary nature of CPIM.

Discontent has been high among the people regarding this anti-people measure. In the following paragraphs a report by a local newspaper about the elections is being cited.

SFI defeated at Presidency election

KOLKATA, Feb. 27: The pro-industrialisation campaign run by Students Federation of India (SFI ) during the run-up to the Presidency College elections at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels apparently went against them.

With the maximum number of seats going in favour of Independent Consolidation (IC) candidates, SFI alleged false votes were cast by external supporters of IC. Mr Koustav Chatterjee, SFI Kolkata district secretary, said: “Our slogans were in favour of industrialisation and we demanded a repoll in the two seats as IC used false voters.”

Out of 73 seats, 38 seats went in favour of IC candidates and 33 seats in favour of SFI candidates and two seats still remain at a tie. Prof. Harendranath Bhattacharya, head of the Geology department at the college, said: “In these two seats, re-polling will take place tomorrow. SFI will also have to prove their allegation against IC before the tribunal.”However, Dibyajyoti Konar of IC said the pro-industrialisation publicity of the SFI had backfired and IC’s victory proved students were against the state government’s land acquisition policy.

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